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Guangrao International Expo Center

Address:997 Le'an Avenue, Guangrao County, Dongying City
Area:65800 M²
Location:China-Shandong Province-Dongying City-Guangrao County


Guangrao International Expo Center is located in the East New District of Guangrao County. It is a key project of Guangrao County in 2013 and 2014. It covers an area of about 13.44 hectares, the main body covers an area of 6.2 hectares, the total building area is about 65800 square meters, the main body has one floor, part has three floors, the total building height is 31.6 meters, including the exhibition hall of 44000 square meters, a tire Museum and auxiliary rooms such as conference, catering and storage. The structural form is steel structure, the foundation is prestressed pipe pile, the heating and ventilation system is ground source heat pump, and the water, electricity, weak current, air conditioning and other systems are controlled by zones. It has the functions of professional exhibition, conference training, Museum exhibition, public cultural leisure, etc.
The exhibition hall is the largest single storey modern exhibition hall in Shandong Province, with convenient transportation. It is 8km away from Dongqing Expressway and 20km away from Jiqing expressway. It can undertake large-scale exhibitions, conferences and other activities at home and abroad. The completion and use of the exhibition hall is of positive significance to drive the construction of Guangrao County and even the city, promote the prosperity of exhibition industry, promote the transfer of economic structure, and speed up the development of modern service industry.
The exhibition hall is designed by Tianjin architectural design institute, contracted by Shandong Jinyu construction group company and funded by Guangrao economic development investment company.
The layout of the Expo Center is in the shape of "I", which emphasizes the central axis layout of the space. The central hall is located in the "I" shaped center, with an oval shape. The clear height of the hall is more than 20 meters, the space is open and grand, and the layout of functional rooms is reasonable, which can meet the landing organization and service guarantee of large-scale activities. Six exhibition halls are symmetrically distributed on both sides of the central hall, four large exhibition halls, one exhibition hall covers an area of more than 10000 square meters, two small exhibition halls, and one exhibition hall covers an area of about 1400 square meters It can meet the site requirements of different scale exhibitions. At the same time, in order to achieve the goal of "low-cost operation and high-efficiency operation", the venue is also equipped with multi-functional rooms, comprehensive business area, conference center, tire Museum and other functional areas, which enriches the use function of the venue and improves the use efficiency of the venue.
There are about 800 parking spaces outside the venue, which are arranged on the East and west sides of the building and on both sides of the outdoor exhibition field, mainly in the form of tree lined parking and green parking; the unloading square is designed in the middle of the building to facilitate the distribution of exhibition goods; the ring road is set around the venue to integrate the entrance and exit of the venue, road opening, parking lot, unloading area and other areas, so as to facilitate Organization of traffic flow lines with different functions.
The Expo Center adheres to the design concept of "green, economic and energy saving", and the air conditioning system adopts energy-saving and environmental protection ground source heat pump; the water, electricity, weak electricity, air conditioning and other systems take into account the functional distribution and use frequency of the venue and adopt zoning control, reducing the operation cost and energy consumption; the outdoor design adopts a large number of rainwater inspection wells and water storage roads (parking lots) to conserve rainwater It is used for site greening and greatly reduces the consumption of water resources for landscape maintenance.




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