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2021 the 7th China (Beijing) International Buddhist supplies Expo
Industry: Other Industry
Time: 2021/11/25 - 11/28 (Thur To Sun Total 4 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Chaoyang District · Beijing China International Exhibition Center - old museum ChinaBeijingChaoyang District 6 North Third Ring Road East, Beijing
Sponsor:China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation, Beijing Sunshine Xinlong Group Corporation
Organizer:Beijing Huagang Exhibition Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhongsheng Boya International Exhibition Co., Ltd
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The 7th China (Beijing) International Buddhist supplies Expo (Beijing Buddhist Expo) will be held from November 25 to 28, 2021 in China International Exhibition Center (jing'anzhuang Pavilion).
The exhibition will continue to uphold the tenet of "carrying forward traditional Chinese culture, promoting cultural exchange and innovation", and strive to create a high-end platform for the industry integrating the circulation of Buddhist supplies, aloes exhibition, vegetarian exhibition, Buddhist cultural exchange and traditional cultural learning.

Relying on the strong cultural atmosphere of the capital, the exhibition will focus on the display of Buddhist statues, aloes and incense, healthy vegetarian, Zen tea, healing and health care and other cultural and artistic products, aiming to create an Expo with unique cultural connotation in China. Through the display, exchange and circulation of Buddhist cultural works of art, the Beijing Buddhist Expo vividly demonstrates the unique charm of Chinese Buddhist culture, promotes the prosperity and development of social culture, and promotes the economic and cultural exchanges between China and countries along the the Belt and Road Initiative, especially Buddhist countries along the belt and road.

The exhibition area of 2021 Beijing Buddha Expo will exceed 20000 square meters, with nearly 500 exhibitors expected. With more than ten theme activities during the exhibition, tens of thousands of visitors were able to experience the profound Buddhist culture.

Wonderful activities

Activity 1: sharing and listening
Activity 2: the 6th Beijing vegetarian culture festival
Activity 3: tea ceremony performance and incense ceremony performance
Activity 4: kangmeng traditional Chinese medicine free clinic


Buddhist statues, incense, Buddhist utensils, candles, mahogany furniture and ornaments, lamps, monk clothing embroidery, paper products, Buddhist calligraphy and painting audio-visual, Buddhist utensils and Tantric utensils, all kinds of natural organic vegetarian, tea and tea utensils, purple sand works of art, temple architecture and conservative comprehensive construction, folk custom utensils series, festive utensils series, tourism crafts series, Temple Cultural Relics Tourism Promotion meeting; scenic spot tourism promotion; scenic spot, catering, accommodation, entertainment promotion; scenic spot specialty, handicraft, industrial products promotion

Special exhibition area
Exhibition area of Buddhist articles, Buddhist niches and ancient furniture, temple culture, charity, vegetarian diet, Zen life, aloes and incense culture, Zen tea and purple sand art

Special exhibition group
Exhibition in India, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam and Taiwan

Costs & Precautions

Indoor bare floor

1. Exhibition space; air conditioning fee; lighting fee; security fee; cleaning fee;
2. Brief introduction of exhibitors and their exhibits will be published in the exhibition journal;

Domestic 1000 yuan / m2
Foreign $260 / m2

Standard booth

3. Three side panel; one consultation table; two chairs; three lights; lintel; one power socket (5A / 220 V); carpet

Domestic 9800 yuan / 9 M2
Foreign $2800 / 9 M2


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