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The 24th China (Guangzhou) International Architectural Decoration Expo (Guangzhou Building Materials Exhibition) in 2022
Industry: Construction / Decoration / Hardware
Cycle: Once a year
Time: 2022/07/08 - 07/11 (Fri To Mon Total 4 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Guangzhou · Guangdong China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall (Canton Fair Exhibition Hall) ChinaGuangdongGuangzhou 380 Yuejiang Middle Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong
Sponsor:China Foreign Trade Center (Group)
Organizer:China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Corporation
Co-organizer:China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Corporation
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In August 2017, Guangzhou Construction Expo made another brilliant achievement, with the unique style of "cross-border customized home" covering the "whole industry chain" to "provide complete solutions for the architectural decoration industry". At the exhibition site, many well-known brands have released new products and strategies, displayed new designs and technologies, and held large-scale enterprise activities. Guangzhou Construction Expo has become a well deserved "first show platform for champion enterprises".
In June 2016, China (Guangzhou) International Architectural Decoration Expo (Guangzhou Construction Expo) and Shanghai kitchen and bathroom exhibition were combined to create Shanghai Construction Expo in the National Convention and Exhibition Center
(Shanghai) completed its first show. With the scale of 100000 square meters and high-end positioning, the exhibition dazzled Shanghai beach and opened a new chapter of the national layout for the development of CCPIT! China Construction Expo 2022 (Shanghai) will be held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from March 24 to 26!
---Under such a background, the organizer of China Construction Expo, in response to the market call, decided to upgrade the abbreviations of Guangzhou and Shanghai to "China Construction Expo" from July 2015 in order to provide a higher quality exhibition platform for China's architectural decoration industry from a higher angle and with higher specifications. The two construction expositions are "harmonious but different", with unified planning, distinctive features and differentiated positioning, and jointly serve the future development of China's architectural decoration industry.
Focus on China Construction Expo 2022 (Guangzhou)
China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) is the largest and most influential industry event in the field of architectural decoration in China. China Construction Expo 2022 (Guangzhou) will take the opportunity of opening the adjacent poly Pavilion as the exhibition area D, continue to play the huge platform advantage of "champion enterprise first show platform" and optimize the exhibition area layout with the unique style of covering the "whole industry chain". At the same time, the exhibition will develop a comprehensive publicity plan, focus on optimizing the audience structure, and realize the exhibition resource sharing and optimal allocation.
Focus on China Construction Expo 2022 (Guangzhou)

Highlights of the exhibition

Show · the first show platform of champion enterprises

In recent years, China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) has led the development of the industry with its distinctive characteristics of "cross-border, customized and integrated", attracting more and more brand enterprises to regard China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) as an important platform for its annual "first show". On this platform, new products, new strategies, new designs and new technologies are released, and large-scale enterprise activities are held.

Exhibition · the whole industrial chain pattern
In this exhibition, China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) will use poly Pavilion as Zone D of the exhibition to provide a broader exhibition platform for enterprises. At the same time, in order to better interpret the unique style of the whole industry chain, the organizer added "smart home theme museum", "international hardware and engineering hardware Museum", "coating and diatom mud Museum", etc.; in order to strengthen the professionalism and integration of the theme, the organizer further optimized the theme of "customized home", "door and window system · aluminum and wood doors and windows".

As an annual event of the industry, every China Construction Expo is the focus of mainstream media and industry. In this exhibition, China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) and China Construction Expo (Shanghai) share invitation channels and publicity media, and cooperate with professional media to plan special reports, visit local stores, organize industry activities, and produce industry special issues.


Smart home: smart home system, platform and hardware, smart lock and electronic lock, smart switch and electrical products, smart central control system and photoelectric system, smart home monitoring equipment, smart door control equipment, home air purification and fresh air equipment, smart audio, home video system, access control intercom system, smart appliances, water purification equipment.
Hardware: Architectural hardware, door locks and accessories, door control hardware and accessories, automatic doors and components, window system hardware, curtain wall system and accessories, safe and related products, bathroom hardware, glass hardware, access control electronic system and accessories, partitions and accessories, furniture hardware, five metal tools, hardware mold, etc.
Customized integrated kitchen: integrated cabinet, integrated kitchen, intelligent kitchen, integrated stove; gas stove, range hood, baking equipment, water heater, disinfection and cleaning equipment, garbage disposal and all kinds of kitchen appliances; kitchen hardware, basket, sink, faucet, artificial stone, table, door panel, plate, lighting, finish and cooking utensils; product design software, engineering software, etc.
Customized home · integrated Customization: integrated ceiling, integrated wall, whole roof, integrated home, integrated roof and wall, soft film ceiling, aluminum plate / lead plate / point type / unit / metal curtain wall, curtain wall accessories, sunlight board, gypsum products, processing machinery and other "2020 Guangzhou Construction Expo".
Clothes drying system: intelligent clothes drying system and products, electric clothes drying machine, hand washing machine, floor drying rack, balcony electrical appliances and household products, household ladder, motor and electric solutions, related accessories and software products, etc.
Customized home: integrated wardrobe, cloakroom, bedroom system; living room system; dining room system; sliding door, partition door, mobile compartment, sliding door; hardware accessories, boards, coatings and other auxiliary materials of wardrobe system; product design software, engineering software, etc.
Soft decoration customization Museum: overall aesthetic space, solid decoration matching system, design space system, space scene customization system, curtain, art lighting, home accessories, etc.; sofa fabric, picture frame, home textile fabric, wall cloth, soft bag, background wall, paint, diatom mud, glue, tools, etc.
Customized home and bathroom: integrated bathroom, shower room, bathroom cabinet, bathtub, toilet, basin, bathroom hardware / accessories, bathroom mirror, water heater, heater; all kinds of wall and floor tiles, raw and auxiliary materials and production equipment.
Decorative glass, stone / Horticulture: decorative glass: glass sliding doors / doors and windows / sanitary ware / furniture / brick / mosaic / Accessories / kitchenware; art glass: art glass background wall, art glass TV background wall, art glass partition, art glass screen, art glass decoration, natural waterless powder plaster; Architectural glass: float glass, tempered glass, insulating glass, laminated glass, functional glass, low radiation glass, heat reflecting glass, vacuum glass, self-cleaning glass, etc.; stone / Gardening: granite, slate, sandstone, limestone, volcanic rock, etc.; artificial stone; MCM stone; gardening art, etc.
Machinery: construction technology, machinery, equipment, tools / accessories and materials - processing; cutting; grinding; edging; drilling; carving; sandblasting; sanding; frosting; coating; cleaning; screen printing; tempering and hot bending; inlaying; UV technology; adhesive; packaging, storage and transportation of glass products, etc. Woodworking technology, machinery, equipment, tools / accessories and materials - woodworking machinery, spraying equipment, packaging machinery, sponge plastic and PVC, chemical raw materials, furniture leather and fabric, board, wood skin and facing paper, furniture tools / cutters, etc.
System doors and windows: aluminum doors and windows, aluminum wood composite doors and windows, solid wood doors and windows, system doors and windows, sunshine room, intelligent doors and windows.
Aluminum alloy doors and windows: sliding door, heavy sliding door, swing door, hanging door, bridge broken aluminum doors and windows, sunshine room, automatic door, art glass door, ecological door.
Screen window: anti theft screen window, invisible screen window, steel mesh, indoor side hung door, aluminum alloy doors and windows, mosquito screen window, shutter, shutter door, sunshade, internal sunshade system, external sunshade roller shutter, outdoor sunshade, etc.
Door and window accessories: hardware accessories: lock, hinge, pulley, tool, machinery, type plate, door and window, sliding door, etc. Decorative accessories: glass, signs, door flowers, paint, wood paper, film, software, etc.
Wooden door and whole wood decoration: a complete set of solid wood products, solid wood customization system; original wood door, solid wood door, solid wood composite door, ecological door, molded door, bamboo door, oak door, blister door.
Villa decoration Customization: whole copper home decoration, copper door, aluminum art, iron art, villa door, armored door, stainless steel door, fire door, security door, stairs, courtyard guardrail, complete set of production and processing equipment, etc; Wood products, wood plastic products, anti-corrosion wood, wood structure, wooden house, ground paving materials, environmental protection new building materials, garden landscape, wooden door auxiliary materials, door coatings, paint chemical products, sealing materials, etc.

Costs & Precautions

Standard booth RMB 1500 / m2

Open space RMB 1200-1300 / m2
1. Standard booth: each specification is 3m x 3m;
The basic configuration includes: 1 Chinese and English lintel, 3 coaming boards, 2 folding chairs, 1 negotiation table, 2 light tubes, 1 220 volt socket (limited to 750 watts)
Lighting (electricity)
2. Open space: 36 square meters from rent; no configuration is provided; the price of open space includes construction management fee.

matters needing attention
(1) Exhibition process
1. for companies that need to be registered with the industry and commerce, the Business License should be consistent with the exhibitors and be within the validity period.
2. The exhibits should be related to the theme of the exhibition;
3. Other conditions required by laws and regulations.
(2) Booking process
1. Submit application: submit the exhibition registration form to clarify the intention of participation / visit. Download the registration form or ask the staff for it.
2. Acceptance of application: the application materials meet the requirements of the exhibition and will be accepted. (1-3 working days).
3. Booth selection: select the reserved booth according to the optional booth map.
4. Signing the contract: according to the booth price and clear their respective rights and obligations, both parties seal and sign.
5. Payment: after the booth is confirmed, payment shall be made according to the exhibition agreement.
(3) Application materials
Copy of Business License product photo exhibition application form
the measure of area: 450000 square metersscale: number of exhibitors: 2600


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