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The 22nd National Hospital Construction Conference in 2021
Industry: Construction / Decoration / Hardware
Cycle: Once a year
Time: 2021/06/19 - 06/21 (Sat To Mon Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Shenzhen · Guangdong Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (New Hall) ChinaGuangdongShenzhen 1 Zhancheng Road, Fuhai street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen
Sponsor:Hospital building and equipment branch of China Medical Equipment Association
Co-organizer:Shenzhen Huijian Medical Engineering Co., Ltd


From June 19 to 21, 2021, the 22nd National Hospital Construction Conference and China International Hospital construction, equipment and Management Exhibition (chcc2021) will be held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao'an District).

CHCC has been deeply engaged in the development of the industry for more than ten years, and has held 21 sessions in succession. It has accumulated thousands of domestic and foreign industry leaders, experts and scholars, more than 1200 medical construction suppliers, more than 9000 representatives and more than 50000 professional audiences. It has built a "double engine" strategic platform with extensive industrial coverage and academic depth research and development for the government, industry, University, research and user in the field of hospital construction.

Theme of the conference
The future has come -- welcome the new era of beautiful hospital construction in the 14th five year plan

Time and place
Exhibition time: June 19-21, 2021
Venue: Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center

Guidance unit:
China Medical Equipment Association
China Medical construction integration Alliance
Hospital architecture and equipment branch of China Medical Equipment Association
Building medical platform
Co sponsored by:
Medical cleaning equipment and engineering branch of China Medical Equipment Association
Guangdong Hospital Association
Shenzhen Hospital Managers Association
The First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat sen University
Shenzhen People's Hospital
Shenzhen Hospital, University of Hong Kong
Nanfang Hospital of Southern Medical University
Shenzhen Hospital of Southern Medical University
General Hospital of Shenzhen University
Shenzhen Baoan District People's Hospital
Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association
China Medical Equipment Magazine
Chief strategy of architectural art magazine:
Shenzhen Dashi intelligent Co., Ltd
Strategic cooperation:
Wuhan Huakang Century Medical Co., Ltd
Jiangsu Huanya Medical Technology Group Co., Ltd
Co Organizer
Shenzhen Huijian Medical Engineering Co., Ltd
Support unit:
Changchun Zhucheng Industrial Co., Ltd
Logistics robot of Noah hospital
Beijing Sanwei Hairong Technology Co., Ltd
Tianjin Longchuan purification Engineering Co., Ltd
Xi'an Siteng Environmental Technology Co., Ltd
Shandong Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd
Guangzhou Zhisheng GUANMEI Furniture Co., Ltd
Shandong Xinhua Medical Equipment Co., Ltd
Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliance Co., Ltd
Aixin smart medical technology development (Suzhou) Co., Ltd
Industry cooperation:
Fujian Hospital Association
Hospital Construction Management Committee of Guangdong Hospital Association
Institute of health engineering management, Binzhou Medical College
Guangdong laboratory design and Construction Technology Association
Hebei Medical construction integration Alliance
Logistics Management Professional Committee of Jiangsu Hospital Association
Hospital architecture and Planning Management Professional Committee of Jiangsu Hospital Association
Jiangxi hospital architecture and Equipment Association
Planning and architecture committee of Shandong Hospital Association
Hospital logistics management development branch of Shaanxi health industry supervision Association
Shanghai Laboratory Equipment Association
Shenzhen HVAC Industry Association
Hospital architecture and equipment professional committee of Shenzhen Hospital Managers Association
Interior design branch of Chinese Architectural Society
Flexible floor branch of China Building Decoration Materials Association
Static transportation industry branch of China Transportation Association
Medical gas and engineering branch of China Gas Association
China Association of social welfare and elderly care
Alliance of heads of China Medical Construction and Infrastructure Department
China Medical Equipment Association maternal and child medical equipment and technology professional committee
Smart hospital branch of China Medical Equipment Association
Medical gas equipment and engineering branch of China Medical Equipment Association
Hebei Medical Architecture Society
Logistics Management Professional Committee of Gansu Hospital Association
Guangdong Provincial Hospital Association Hospital Information Professional Committee, Shenzhen Hospital Managers Association infection prevention and occupational protection special committee
Health transport capacity Committee of Shenzhen Hospital Managers Association
There is also a construction and equipment professional committee of Shenzhen Hospital Managers Association

Highlights of the conference
Global vision
Healthy silk road to build an international hospital community
Based on the framework of the "the Belt and Road Initiative" initiative, the National Hospital Construction Congress (CHCC) takes the opportunity to promote the construction of a new global health strategic partnership between who and China. From a global perspective, it will invite more than more than 30 countries and regions, tens of thousands of hospital construction industry followers, work together to build an international hospital construction community and lay an open and innovative way "Healthy Silk Road".

Industrial upgrading
Joint efforts to open a new pattern of medical and health industry
The arrival of 5g era has once again opened the door of smart hospital construction. China's hospital construction and equipment industry has entered the fast lane of secondary upgrading, accurately connecting the industry end, building modern hospitals, systematically integrating the industry end, and comprehensively upgrading services. A green, healthy and ecological network is extending along the extreme direction.

Activities and circles
Focus on building "5" big circle layer of hospital construction
Chcc2021 adheres to the purpose of serving the circle and connecting the industry. Through eight knowledge system planning and o2o2o (online to offline to online) operation mode, chcc2021 gathers top experts, scholars and senior managers in the five fields of design, architecture, logistics, intelligence and industry to provide closed-loop interaction and complete solutions for new, reconstructed and expanded hospitals.

Academic Highland
Accurate benchmarking, predicting and leading the direction of the industry
Under the historical opportunity of wisdom fusion and industry transformation, driven by technology and market, the industry needs overall innovation. From top-level planning to construction and implementation, we provide multi-dimensional knowledge system of supporting construction, medical engineering, equipment, pension, etc. to meet all professional needs of modern hospital construction managers. To provide a one-stop, diversified platform for business negotiation and docking.

Hot spot and market
Focus on the development trend of hot areas to meet the requirements of rigid demand market
Focus on such hot areas of health and health development as Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay area, Beijing Tianjin Hebei integration, the Yangtze River economic belt, the linkage development of the northwest region of the the Belt and Road Initiative, and cooperation between the southwest border and Southeast Asia. The conference will be held in Shenzhen, the core city of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao economic belt, closely follow the development trend of hot areas, and detonate the market of more than 200 billion reconstructed hospitals.

Platform · enabling
Give full play to the value of the platform, link multiple resources, and empower the industry
In 17 years, 22 sessions, with an average annual growth of 30% -- the National Hospital Construction Conference (CHCC) has demonstrated the legend of the perfect combination of academic and commercial activities, and has continuously maintained the number one brand activity in the global hospital construction industry. This session of "CHCC" puts more emphasis on the nature of the platform, and cooperates with more industry organizations, local resources, and high-quality enterprises to hold customized forums and activities at the same time, so as to build an ecological platform for joint construction and sharing, cross-border integration and symbiosis.


VIP exhibition area
Clean room, special ward engineering and supporting equipment exhibition area
Smart hospital system solutions exhibition area
Rehabilitation and Aging Industry Exhibition Group
Hospital soft decoration and furniture parts exhibition area
Hospital door, window and hardware system area
Exhibition area of medical gas engineering and supporting equipment
Consultation, planning and design exhibition area
Indoor environment decoration and decoration design exhibition area
Exhibition area of hospital operation support and logistics service support system
Anti epidemic technology and infectious disease hospital construction zone
Exhibition area of medical water system and supporting equipment
Exhibition area of building materials and construction equipment
Shenzhen Health Science and Technology Innovation Exhibition
Medical laboratory system construction and supporting equipment exhibition area
Exhibition area of green hospital building, hospital energy saving transformation and operation and maintenance service
Exhibition area of medical logistics transmission system and supporting equipment
Pre hospital first aid equipment, equipment and transportation room exhibition area
Exhibition area of excellent hospital design cases and personal show of cutting edge designers

Costs & Precautions

Please contact with the organizer before the exhibition.


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