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Congratulations on the grand opening of the 21st China International Industrial Expo 2019 in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center!

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The 21st China International Industrial Expo 2019 opened in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center on Septem


   Congratulations on the grand opening of the 21st China International Industrial Expo 2019 in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center on September 17, 2019! Number from all overControl machine tools, industrial automation manufacturing enterprises, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, robot and aerospace equipment manufacturing enterprises and related product suppliers came to participate in the exhibition. The exhibition attracted purchasers and a large number of visitors from all over the world to come to see the goods on site! Cotv global live broadcast, large-scale exhibition for your live release!  


Scope of exhibits

(1) CNC machine tools and Metalworking Exhibition

Exhibits: metal cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools, special machining machine tools, CNC systems, digital display devices and machine appliances, machine parts and auxiliary equipment, abrasive Abrasives, cutting tools, jigs and related products, inspection and measurement equipment

(2) Industrial Automation Exhibition

Exhibits: comprehensive solutions, production automation, process automation, electrical system, industrial automation information technology and software, micro system technology

(3) Energy saving and environmental protection technology and Equipment Exhibition

Exhibits: energy saving technology and solutions, air treatment and flue gas purification technology and equipment, industrial clean technology and equipment, green manufacturing, circular economy and comprehensive utilization of resources

(4) Information and Communication Technology Application Exhibition

Exhibits: Smart City solutions, industrial Internet & Industry 4.0 solutions, enterprise informatization solutions, cloud computing and big data, software and information services, network and communication equipment, sensor equipment, intelligent terminal, storage equipment, new display, information security, test and measurement

(5) New energy and electric power exhibition

Exhibit categories: solar power generation technology and equipment, wind power generation technology and equipment, nuclear power generation technology and equipment, power, electrical measurement and control instruments, electrical automation technology and equipment, power transmission and distribution equipment and accessories

(6) New energy and intelligent network auto show

Exhibit categories: new energy vehicles (passenger cars / commercial vehicles), new energy buses, key parts of electric vehicles (batteries, motors, electric controls, etc.), infrastructure and related supporting products (chargers, charging piles, power exchange devices, etc.), intelligent electric network technical equipment related to electric vehicles, etc

(7) Robot Exhibition

Exhibit categories: industrial robot, system integration application, core components, service robot, special robot

(8) Science and Technology Innovation Exhibition

Exhibition categories: two parts of enterprise, science and education system, mainly exhibiting the scientific and technological innovation achievements of enterprises, scientific research institutions and colleges and universities, exhibition areas of innovative science and technology, exhibition area of Chinese Academy of Sciences, exhibition area of colleges and universities, industrial design innovation exhibition, space information industry and Beidou Navigation Technology Application Exhibition, special exhibition of intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project, etc

(9) Aerospace Technology Exhibition

Exhibit categories: aircraft operator, aircraft manufacturer, airport, system / equipment supplier, parts supplier, aviation technology application


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