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2021 Asia landscape industry expo & Asia landscape design, facilities and supplies exhibition
Industry: Agriculture / Forestry / Animal Husbandry / Fisheries
Time: 2021/05/10 - 05/12 (Mon To Wed Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Guangzhou · Guangdong China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall (Canton Fair Exhibition Hall) ChinaGuangdongGuangzhou 380 Yuejiang Middle Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong
Sponsor:Guangdong Provincial Association of landscape architecture and ecological landscape, Guangdong Hong Kong Economic Cooperation and Exchange Promotion Association, Guangdong Hongwei International Exhibi...
Organizer:Guangzhou Hongwei Exhibition Service Co., Ltd


The Asian landscape industry expo, formerly known as Guangzhou international landscape and beautiful human settlements Expo, was founded in 2008. Since its establishment, it has attracted more than 2000 global famous brand enterprises such as palm, Pubang, Tiehan, Lingnan, Guangzhou greening, Guangzhou flowers and trees, Steele, etc., and has served more than 300000 professional visitors at home and abroad. With the rapid development of landscape industry and the continuous upgrading of globalization strategy, in order to provide a convenient, broad and efficient platform for business cooperation and product promotion, Guangzhou international landscape and beautiful human settlements Expo has been officially upgraded and renamed as Asia Landscape Industry Expo since 2019.
Since its establishment, with the theme of "beautiful living, sustainable power", after more than 10 years of development, the Asia Landscape Industry Expo Asia landscape design, facilities and supplies exhibition has become China's leading landscape, urban construction, landscape design and landscape supplies exhibition event. Actively promote the construction of excellent enterprises and innovative ideas of landscape, green technology and human settlements.

Review of the last session
The 12th Asian landscape industry expo has been solemnly held in Guangzhou Pazhou Canton Fair exhibition hall from August 3 to 5, 2020, including Guangzhou green, Guangzhou flowers and trees, Guangzhou Yuanjian, kangpan, Mudong, impression childhood, Guolin, Qingmu, Hongyu lighting, farawo, Jingsu, shenconcrete, Kaile, Ruijing, Taisi, Qingzhou, Wanshi, Shiming, Mengyuan, lvshutan, senyi design, Baishi More than 600 industrial enterprises, such as shite, Fengyu, mingyuebaoli, Jiya sculpture, Changda sculpture, liangmeicheng, Chuanmiao, lain, Ruikang, aoduo wood plastic, Junxiong, Honggeng, etc., gathered together to compete in the same competition and show their unique brand charm. Their excellent products and leading technology show the elegant demeanor of the industry and concentrate the latest trend. The exhibition covers an area of 40000 square meters, with about 2000 booths and 36820 visitors. It has become an exhibition of landscape architecture, urban construction, landscape design and garden products, as well as a business event in Asia.
The 12th Expo 2020 focuses on landscape planning and design, landscaping, tourism planning and development, three-dimensional greening, landscape building materials and facilities, wood plastic, outdoor lights, landscape lighting, simulation landscape, sculpture, outdoor recreation facilities, outdoor facilities, garden ornaments, family gardening, gardening tools and other products, covering the landscape industry chain. It has attracted a large number of visitors and buyers to visit and purchase. The crowd surged on the scene. The audience communicated and discussed with the exhibitors about their favorite products. Many buyers shuttled between the booths to purchase their favorite products. The scene was very popular and lively, with more than 15000 visitors on the first day.
Inheriting the success of 2020, the 13th Asian landscape industry expo 2021 Asian landscape design, facilities and supplies exhibition will be held in Guangzhou Canton Fair from May 10 to 12, 2021. The Asian Architectural Technology Alliance Association, German Landscape Industry Association, Australian horticulture and Landscape Industry Association, Guangdong landscape and Ecological Landscape Association, and Guangdong Hong Kong Economic Cooperation and exchange will be held Promotion Association, Guangdong Hongwei International Exhibition Group and other organizations will continue to work together with industry enterprises to make the exhibition an efficient business platform for displaying landscape, landscape design, landscape facilities, brand display of supply enterprises, trade negotiation and procurement exchange, and a grand event for international exchange and cooperation, and continue to build "the first Asian landscape exhibition".
"Golden mountain and silver mountain is better than green water and green mountain". China's ecological civilization construction is a long-term struggle process, and the landscape industry is an important help to build a green ecological city. I believe that with the cooperation and support of the organizers and people from all walks of life, the Asian landscape industry expo will continue to grow, bring more opportunities for the industry and market, and guide the trend of the industry!

Simultaneous activities:
1. Held at the same time: cultural and Tourism Industry Expo, scenic spot Expo, residential industry expo, swimming pool spa exhibition, etc
Forum on landscape design and ecology


1. Achievement exhibition area (celebrities, enterprises and projects)
2. Landscape planning and design, tourism planning and design, architectural design, garden design, villa design, sports venue design, golf venue design, home gardening design and construction;
3. Theme park, amusement park, outdoor facilities, playground equipment, leisure and entertainment equipment, unpowered amusement facilities, fitness, water park, children's Park and other equipment;
4. Garden and leisure furniture series: wood, iron, aluminum, rattan, bamboo, glass, marble, granite, outdoor furniture, garden furniture, leisure furniture, sun umbrella, sunshade, tent, etc. for garden, park, outdoor, residential area and villa;
5. New garden, garden, Waterscape, fountain, fog making, water treatment landscape technology and facilities at home and abroad: court, corridor, chair, bridge, sound, underwater lamp, lawn lamp, all kinds of landscape lighting products, lawn horn, building steel structure, membrane structure, sunshine room, greenhouse, etc;
6. Garden ornaments, garden ornaments, garden ornaments, sculpture, ornamental stone, garden stone landscape; outdoor signs, signs, garbage cans, etc;
7. Flower box, PVC flower box, aluminum alloy flower box, anticorrosive wood flower box, plastic wood flower box, mobile flower box, outdoor flower box, various landscape flower pots, etc;
8. Garden antiseptic wood and antiseptic wood structure, plastic wood, wooden house, arbor, flower rack, flower Gallery, fence, guardrail, trestle, etc;
9. Outdoor pavement, green building materials (roof, floor tile, facade, etc.), eco-friendly decoration materials, floor, permeable brick, permeable floor, etc;
10. Three dimensional greening, greening wall, roof greening, balcony planting materials and design and construction technology, landscaping: garden, courtyard, balcony landscaping, etc;
11. Simulation landscape: artificial lawn, simulation plant, simulation plant wall, simulation tree, simulation sculpture, simulation animal, etc;
12. Greening seedlings, flowers, flowerpots, vases, simulation flowers, plant lamps, bonsai, supports, tree supports, tree protection materials, etc;
13. Gardening tools, garden machinery, sprinkler irrigation, irrigation facilities, fertilizer, nutrient solution, etc;

Costs & Precautions

Domestic exhibitors:
Luxury booth 3mx3m: RMB 13800 / piece (domestic exhibitors) 3mx3m: USD 3200 / piece (overseas exhibitors)
Standard booth 3mx3m: RMB 9800 / piece (domestic exhibitors) 3mx3m: USD 2500 / piece (overseas exhibitors)
Additional 500 yuan per double opening booth
Open space (36m2 from rent): RMB 980 / m2 (domestic exhibitors) USD 250 / m2 (overseas exhibitors)
Note 1: for any special booth, the conference management group will charge RMB 50 / m2.
Note 2: the standard booth is equipped with three white panels (2.5m high), one negotiation platform, two folding chairs, two fluorescent lamps, Chinese and English lintels, and the booth is covered with carpet. In addition to the above configuration, the luxury standard booth is decorated in a unified and luxurious way to effectively reflect the overall strength and image of the exhibitors; the effect drawing is available. Note: customers can provide other facilities by themselves or apply for renting in advance. The open space booth does not have any facilities, and is designed and decorated by the exhibitor.

Advertising expenses
Advertisement of Exhibition magazine: (the advertisement layout is designed by the advertisers themselves)
Front cover: RMB 18000; back cover: RMB 15000; front cover: RMB 10000; back cover: RMB 10000
Cover three: RMB 9000; cross Edition: RMB 9000; Inner Color: RMB 5000; inner Black: RMB 3000
On site advertisement of the exhibition:
拱门:RMB12000元 /个     礼品袋:RMB2万元/5千个    门票:RMB 12000元/2万?
参观证广告:RMB 3万元/1万个   参观指南广告:RMB3万元/3万?


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