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China Yiwu International Textile and garment industry expo 2019 opened in Yiwu International Expo Center on May 16, 2019!

Publish Time: 2019-05-17   Hits: 438687 Editor: zixun1
The 2019 China Yiwu International Textile and Garment Industry Expo opened in Yiwu International Expo Center from May 16



The 2019 China Yiwu International Textile and Garment Industry Expo opened in Yiwu International Expo Center from May 16 to May 18, 2019! Enterprises from all over the country, such as textile raw and auxiliary material manufacturers, needle textile fabric manufacturers, needle textile machinery manufacturers, textile printing and dyeing manufacturers, needle textile fabric suppliers, clothing manufacturers and clothing design creative companies, etc., have come to participate in the exhibition. The exhibition has a large scale, wide influence, and attracts a large number of domestic and foreign textile industry enthusiasts, purchasers and visitors to see the samples Order, negotiate cooperation and visit. Cotv global live broadcast, large-scale exhibition for your live release!

Exhibit scope: seamless underwear machinery, knitting and hosiery machinery, flat and warp knitting machinery, knitting and hosiery sizing, packaging machinery, yarn winding, wrapping and twisting machinery, cutting, laser and CAD / CAM system, sewing machine, embroidery, embroidery, quilting machinery, sewing, distribution and ironing machinery, ribbon and zipper molding machinery, trademark printing machinery, printing equipment , printing materials, printing products; other products: yarn and knitting raw materials, underwear, bra, swimsuit, beach wear, sportswear, housewear, socks, gloves, scarves, hats, curtains, fabric and knitted home textiles, lace, webbing, embroidery, zipper, thread belt, label, button, hanger accessories and other exhibits, which are released on-site by cotv global live broadcast and large-scale exhibition network!  


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