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2021 the 19th China (Wenzhou) International glasses Exhibition
Industry: Other Industry
Time: 2021/09/17 - 09/19 (Fri To Sun Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Wenzhou · Zhejiang Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center ChinaZhejiangWenzhou No.1, Jiangbin East Road, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province
Sponsor:Zhejiang glasses industry association, Shanghai Dena Exhibition Co., Ltd
Organizer:Wenzhou optical chamber of Commerce, Zhejiang Dena Exhibition Co., Ltd
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On September 17-19, 2021, the 19th China (Wenzhou) International Optical Exhibition (wof-2021) will be held in Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center!

Since the first exhibition was held in 2003, China (Wenzhou) International Optical exhibition has accompanied the people in the optical industry for 18 years, and has now become one of the four major international optical trade exhibitions. It is a professional, brand and international exchange platform for the industry. China (Wenzhou) International Optical exhibition will continue to rely on Wenzhou's "China Optical production base" and "National Foreign Trade Center" The advantages of "professional model base for transformation and upgrading of international trade" connect the glasses industry clusters and professional markets all over the country, attract professionals at home and abroad to participate in the exhibition, and let industry practitioners share business opportunities.

Yunzhan Zhilian New World Co., Ltd

In 2021, wof will focus on the major issues faced by the industry and actively explore the new momentum brought by the integration of different industries and the glasses industry. Therefore, this year, with the theme of "cloud chain / mutual integration / intelligent manufacturing", it will focus on the use of Internet + and information technology to promote the digital transformation and interactive integration of the industry, and accelerate the construction of the e-commerce ecosystem of the glasses industry Liyun exhibition platform (online optoelectronics. CN) helps the industry chain to double cycle inside and outside. Through online and offline dual drive, big data and intelligence, it enlivens the industry, improves the exhibition efficiency, and cultivates new economic momentum.

It is estimated that the exhibition area will be 31800 square meters, with 500 + exhibitors and 20000 + professional visitors. We will try our best to build a one-stop docking platform for the whole industry chain such as glasses trade, technology sharing and cooperation negotiation.

Go hand in hand in attracting exhibition and investment

In terms of exhibition recruitment, the organizing committee will not only stabilize the enterprises in several major production bases in China, but also actively develop new industrial clusters and expand the reserve of exhibition resources; in terms of international buyer invitation, the organizing committee will further strengthen cooperation with foreign-related social platforms, professional organizations and foreign trade import and export companies, and actively participate in global mainstream optical exhibitions to visit France China, Hong Kong, Italy, the United States and other countries and regions, organize exchanges and cooperation, and invite professional visitors to inject strong international new energy into Wenzhou International Optical exhibition.

Service quality, keep improving

The exhibition continued to provide more quality services: for overseas buyers, it provided "free five-star hotel accommodation, sponsored overseas buyers" activities, and added Chinese and Western catering points. At the same time, it also provided translation, shuttle bus and other services, so that business people can travel without worry; in terms of booth construction, it launched hardcover booth scheme, providing a variety of exhibition platforms for exhibitors; in addition, it also provided a new exhibition platform In the aspect of news and publicity, a "news center" is set up to provide a publication display platform and news broadcasting office for the majority of media friends.

Wof 2021 will have a brand new exhibition appearance, a richer range of exhibits, more accurate publicity and audience organization, and more perfect exhibition services Welcome domestic and foreign exhibitors and visitors, look forward to your visit!


Optical frame, sunglasses, sports glasses, children's glasses, presbyopic glasses, lenses and hair germ, glasses packaging, raw and auxiliary materials and accessories, special tools, manufacturing equipment, optometry and glasses matching equipment and equipment, contact lenses and nursing products, glasses electroplating equipment and materials, etc.

Costs & Precautions

Please contact with the organizer before the exhibition.


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