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March 2019 20th North America Canada international professional convenience store retail goods, gasoline retail equipment and car washing equipment trade exhibition
Industry: Other Industry
Time: 2019/03/05 - 03/06 (Tues To Wed Total 2 Days)    Error Correction
Address: North America · Canada North AmericaCanada Toronto, Canada
Sponsor:Beijing Oriental Ruiji International Exhibition Co., Ltd


March 2019 20th North America Canada international professional convenience store retail goods, gasoline retail equipment and car washing equipment trade exhibition
-- covering the convenience store retail industry in gas stations in Canada and the US Canada Border Area
1、 Exhibition time: March 5-6, 2019 (annual session)

2、 Venue: Toronto, Canada

3、 Contents:
This exhibition is the only most professional and largest convenience store retail (food, beverage and car supplies) and oil retail equipment pure trade exhibition in North America, Canada and the northern border area of the United States. It is highly professional.

● chain convenience stores selling goods: all kinds of food, drinks, fast food, candy, nuts, chocolate, daily necessities, batteries, convenience store food, grain and oil, tobacco and alcohol, automobile supplies, etc;
● convenience store payment equipment: cash register, commercial POS machine, hand-held terminal, hand-held POS machine, network POS machine, bill printer, kiosk keyboard, mobile payment, non cash payment system; cash register / refunder, Bill identifier, cash counter and cash divider, cash register software and management system, infrared scanning, laser scanning, laser platform, RFID, barcode printer;
● unmanned stores and convenience stores: all kinds of intelligent vending machines; all kinds of kiosks and solutions, intelligent identification, intelligent cashier, non cash payment system, touch screen integrated machine;
● convenience store equipment: shelves, convenience store doors, refrigerated cabinets, aluminum alloy doors and windows, convenience store equipment and facilities, gas station fast food restaurants and equipment;
● retail and equipment of gasoline and oil products: gas dispenser, special rubber tube, oil gun, flow meter of gas dispenser, charging and settlement system and maximum management system of gas filling station, gasoline oil products, vehicle urea, oil and gas storage and transportation complete equipment and relevant accessories, billboards, light boxes, etc;
● car washing equipment (convenience stores and car washing rooms are standard equipment in most gas stations in Europe and America);

The difference between this professional theme exhibition and ordinary retail Exhibition:
★ different purchasers: the retail of oil products in the world is basically franchised or directly operated by state-owned oil companies, so the retail industry (oil products and convenience stores) in gas stations is an independent retail network system, which is generally owned by oil companies or professional oil monopoly companies (such as Sinopec's Yijie, PetroChina's Kunlun) Hospitality, etc.);
★ oil sales companies and oil monopoly companies of oil companies as purchasers will not participate in comprehensive retail or food exhibitions as purchasers. They will only participate in such professional exhibitions with strong professionalism, because only such professional exhibitions can provide these large purchasers with special equipment for oil retail, convenience store equipment and articles (food, beverage and car supplies, etc.).
★ the network of gas stations in various countries is huge and covers a wide range, so this retail network has huge potential and strong stability. This is also why the giants that advocate new retail in China (such as JD, Alibaba, SF, etc.) actively cooperate with the major oil giants to cooperate with gas stations and stores, as do other European and American countries in the world.

4、 Exhibition data: (once a year) 2018 (the largest professional exhibition in Canada)
Number of exhibitors: 237 exhibitors (more than 90% of enterprises are continuous exhibitors)
Professional visitors: 6563 (the exhibition is only open to professional visitors, all professional visitors need to buy tickets ($35 CAD / person) to enter)
5、 Exhibition introduction:
This exhibition is held by the largest and most professional retail service group in Canada. It has been successfully held for 19 times. It is the only and most professional trade exhibition of retail goods (food, beverage and car supplies) and equipment, gasoline retail equipment and car washing equipment in North America and Canada. It is held for the first time every year. It's very successful in the professional field, and it's very famous in the whole North America. Toronto, located on the northwest Bank of Lake Ontario, is one of the southernmost cities in Canada, close to the north and border of the United States, so the professional audience of this exhibition is not only the professional audience of Canada, but also many professional visitors from the north of the United States. The exhibition is only open to professional visitors, and visitors need to buy tickets to enter the exhibition hall ($35 CAD / person), which can ensure the quality and professionalism of professional visitors.

This exhibition is an excellent platform for Chinese convenience stores and retail goods and equipment manufacturers to expand their exports in Canada and North America. The exhibition gathers excellent retail and convenience store goods and equipment suppliers from many countries in the world. The exhibition is only open to professional visitors. The professionalism of the exhibition ensures the quality and professionalism of professional visitors. Basically, enterprises have participated in this exhibition for several consecutive times, and achieved very good results.
The professional audience comes from major retail chain purchasers (including supermarket chains, convenience stores, fast food groups and various gasoline retail (gas station chain) groups, such as couche tard, the largest retail chain group in North America) in Canada and the northern border area of the United States.

The exhibition will be officially introduced into China in 2019. As the exclusive promotion organization in China, our company has the full power to represent the organizer to do promotion and exhibition work in China.
At that time, the world's trade fairs were all developing in a more specialized direction. Only when the trade fairs were highly specialized in the industry, they would have better effectiveness for the exhibitors, ensure the absolute professionalism of the exhibitors and the audience, realize the direct connection between the sellers and the buyers, and ensure the success rate of the trade.
Our exhibition is just in line with the key point of strong professionalism, which is very suitable for the active enterprises in this industry to participate in the exhibition.
Deadline for registration: the sales of the exhibition are very hot, and the number of consecutive exhibitors reaches 85%, and there are not many organizers for Chinese enterprises, which is very limited, until the booth sales are completed.

Our company is the exclusive official promotion organization in China recognized by the organizer of the exhibition and is fully responsible for the domestic recruitment of the exhibition
Work. The booth is very limited. Please register as soon as possible.

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