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GFE2021 41st Guangzhou Franchise Chain Exhibition
Industry: Investment / Chain / Join
Cycle: Second Annual Session
Time: 2021/03/04 - 03/06 (Thur To Sat Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Guangzhou · Guangdong China Import and Export Commodity Fair and Exhibition Hall (Canton Fair and Exhibition Hall) ChinaGuangdongGuangzhou No. 380 Yuejiang Middle Road, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province
Sponsor:Guangzhou Chain Business Association Fuzhong International Group Guangzhou Fuzhong Exhibition Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Fuzhong Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Organizer:Guangzhou Fuzhong Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Fugui Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Co-organizer:Guangzhou Fuzhong Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Fugui Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.


The 41st Guangzhou Franchise Chain Exhibition GFE2021, co-sponsored by Guangzhou Chain Management Association and Fuzhong International Group, will be held in Pazhou Pavilion, Guangzhou, from March 4 to 6, 221. All franchise chains are invited to participate in the exhibition.

Franchise franchising is a successful business model with little investment and good returns. The franchise chain franchise in developed countries occupies a high proportion in business operation. There is still a large market space for franchise chain franchise in our country. It is growing vigorously every year at the rate of 50%-60%. According to the relevant data of the Ministry of Commerce, China has become the country with the most franchise chain franchise system in the world.

As a professional franchise exhibition with large scale, large audience and high grade in South China, franchise chain exhibition has become a preferred contact platform for chain enterprises to recruit franchisers, seize the South China market and investors to find franchise projects. At the last exhibition, the major mainstream media competed to report, the crowd surged, investors gathered, and the atmosphere of investment negotiations was strong. An unprecedented upsurge of investment and entrepreneurship has been set off in China, which has been recognized by many franchise chains and investors. With the vigorous promotion of mass entrepreneurship and innovation by the whole people, the conference will surely bring more and broader business opportunities for enterprises.

The purpose of the exhibition is to help domestic and foreign high-quality chain enterprises attract investment and help investors choose good projects. We sincerely invite new and old friends to participate actively in this grand event, gather in Guangdong, and share the unlimited business opportunities brought by franchise chain franchise!


1. Food and beverage categories: Chinese and Western catering, chafing dish, coffee, bar, snack, barbecue, special drinks and other franchised chains
2. Commodity retail: tea, tea sets, fashion jewelry, jewelry, supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies, books, audio-visual and other franchised chains
3. Garments: Famous brand clothing, cloth, cloth, bags, shoes and socks, luggage and leather goods and related franchise chain agencies
4. Education and training: educational institutions, professional training institutions, educational supplies and other franchised chains
5. Infant and Child Goods: Intelligent Toys, Child Car Beds, Infant and Child Clothing, Learning Goods, Nutrition Goods and other Chartered Chains
6. Business services: color expansion printing, IT network information, ticketing services, real estate intermediaries, laundries, home furnishings, car beauty maintenance, express service, Festival service, decoration design, business consulting certification and other franchised chains
7. Health and Beauty Categories: Chartered Chains of Beauty and Hair, Body-building, Cosmetics, Health Products, Health Equipment, etc.
8. Overall Category: Law Firms, Banks and other Chain Service Institutions, Manufacturers or Suppliers of Equipment and Technology Related to Chain Stores, etc.

Costs & Precautions


the measure of area40,000 square meters


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