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2020 the fifth national salt products, packaging equipment and new materials exhibition
Industry: Food / Beverage / Wine
Time: 2020/08/26 - 08/28 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Pudong New Area · Shanghai Shanghai New International Expo Center ChinaShanghaiPudong New Area 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai
Sponsor:China Salt Industry Association
Organizer:Shanghai Xinshi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd


1、 Wonderful review
The exhibition lasted for three days, with an exhibition area of nearly 10000 square meters. It attracted more than 120 salt enterprises, seasoning enterprises and packaging enterprises from Jiangsu, Shandong and other places to participate in the exhibition. It also cooperated with food exhibition, hotpot food material exhibition, meat exhibition, seasoning exhibition, etc. to build a stage for displaying the corporate brand image and a platform for market sales. The purpose of holding the exhibition is to continue to implement the spirit of the salt industry reform plan of the State Council, implement the new measures for salt monopoly, build a stage for displaying the brand image of enterprises and a platform for marketing, and strive to promote the reform, innovation and healthy development of the salt industry. The successful holding of the exhibition will play a positive role in helping salt industry enterprises, channel providers and purchasers to connect accurately, and building a comprehensive service platform for salt industry integrating display and sales, learning and exchange, and business activities, and strive to promote the reform and innovation of salt industry and the healthy development of salt industry.
2、 Exhibition objectives
Shanghai salt Expo will be built into a comprehensive service platform for salt industry integrating trade, exhibition, exchange, learning and business, actively responding to the reform of salt industry system and accelerating the release of salt market vitality.
This salt Expo will continue to make its own characteristics, level and effect, build an international event with the highest level and strongest influence in China's salt industry, fully demonstrate the industry influence and cohesion of China Salt Industry Association, publicize salt industry brand, promote industrial integration, promote economic and trade cooperation, and serve enterprises to lead the healthy and orderly development of salt industry.
3、 Exhibition positioning
1. Grasp the first exhibition posture of the industry. The scale of this salt exhibition is expected to exceed 12000 square meters, accommodate more than 200 salt related equipment and new materials enterprises, and attract more than 30 countries and regions to visit and purchase. The salt exhibition will also be linked with food, hotpot ingredients, meat, condiments and other related exhibitions, with an overall scale of more than 100000 square meters.
2. Build a comprehensive service platform. Targeted service for salt industry, condiment industry, processing equipment industry and packaging industry to build a platform for trade, exhibition, exchange, experience and achievement transformation, including a platform for trade, information exchange, brand display, and a platform for the implementation of China's salt industry reform and innovation.
3. Gathering + conference + activity linkage, pre Exhibition + in Exhibition + Post exhibition connection, gathering Association, scientific research institutions of colleges and universities, large enterprises jointly hold seminars, enterprise symposiums, summit forums, investment promotion meetings, new technology press conferences and other various activities to enrich the content of activities.

1. Theme exhibition area:
Salt products exhibition area, daily chemical salt exhibition area, salt culture exhibition area, condiment exhibition area, packaging equipment exhibition area and packaging new materials exhibition area;
2. Summit Forum:
The six theme forums include: salt monopoly and marketing innovation forum in the new era, 2020 salt wholesale enterprise forum, China Salt Industry Packaging Technology Forum, 2020 China Soft Packaging Industry Summit Forum, 2020 China soy sauce and sauce industry innovation development summit forum, the third food ingredients and additives Summit Forum
3. Supporting activities:
14 + supporting activities include China (Shanghai) International Food Festival, opening ceremony of the 5th Shanghai salt Expo in 2020, China salt industry award ceremony, 2020 business super procurement docking conference, special enterprise new product release conference, 2020 salt industry cross regional operation and procurement fair, 2020 Shanghai salt Expo project docking conference, salt industry Star selection and award ceremony, etc
4. Festival activities
2020 (Shanghai) International Food Festival
In order to further improve the comprehensive supporting activities and international taste of Shanghai salt Expo, provide better service guarantee for the Expo, and create an international and diversified atmosphere, 2020 salt Expo will hold 2020 Shanghai International Food Festival (hereinafter referred to as "food festival") at the same time.
This food festival will set up a series of activities with rich contents and various forms of international characteristic food experience, so that domestic and foreign food lovers and exhibition site visitors can fully experience the charm of international food culture. Many elements such as local specialty food, international famous snacks, cold food, instant food, seasoning and hot pot will appear in the food festival one by one. Please look forward to it!


● salt products
Green low sodium salt, Hippophae rhamnoides iodized salt, natural sea salt, low sodium deep well salt, special salt, special salt (without iodine), deep well salt, low sodium bamboo salt, natural crystal salt, iodized refined salt, iodized bamboo salt, seaweed iodized salt, iodized crushed washing salt, low sodium salt
● packaging technology and equipment
Salt packaging materials, composite plastic packaging, plastic aluminum composite bags, various three-sided sealing, self-supporting bags, packaging equipment, packaging machinery, printing machine, vacuum packaging, film labeling machine, rapid bag making machine, inkjet printer, coding machine, packaging design scheme, packaging consultation, packaging processing technology, packaging overall solution, packaging service, etc


● salt making technology and equipment
Salt production and process, complete equipment for salt production, stainless steel elevator, mixer, conveyor, crusher, scrubber, iodine tank, dust remover, crusher, vibrating screen, drying equipment, drying equipment, evaporation system, MVR crystallization device, filtration and separation, salt collector, salt truck, auxiliary mechanical equipment and accessories enterprises: automation and control system, weighing equipment, pipe Parts / valves / pumps, testing / control equipment, variable-speed mechanical equipment, air compressor, water processor, environmental protection machinery, sensors, laboratory equipment, etc;

● (New) condiment exhibition area
Soy sauce, vinegar, seasoning salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, sesame oil, seasoning oil, soy sauce, noodle sauce, chili sauce, sesame sauce, shrimp sauce, mustard sauce, oyster sauce, fish sauce, fermented bean curd, fermented soybeans, bittern, spices, hotpot seasoning, pickled vegetables, cooking wine, other compound seasoning (sauce), etc;

Costs & Precautions

 Standard booth 9m2 (3m × 3M)Configuration: exhibition siteThree side display board (2.5m high), lintel making, one negotiation table, two chairs, nine square meters

One and two spotlights for carpet and 220V power socket;

 Bare land (36m2Starting rent) configuration: exhibition venue, security services, no facilities, except for the two costs, construction cost and bare groundThe management fee shall be paid by the enterprise itself



Specifications and requirements

Domestic enterprises

Foreign enterprise

Standard booth

3m ╳ 3m

11800 yuan / person.

$4000 / piece

Corner booth

3m ╳ 3m

12800 yuan / person.

$4000 / piece

Non-standard booth

3m ╳ 4m

13800 yuan / person.

4500 USD / piece

Indoor vacant lot


1200 yuan /m?

$400 / m2

Matters needing attention
Estimated exhibition area: 12000 square meters
Expected visitors: 15000-20000


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