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Beauty business Malaysia 2019
Industry: Jewellery / Jewelry / Beauty
Time: 2019/03/25 - 03/27 (Mon To Wed Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Asia Malaysia AsiaMalaysia Crown prince World Trade Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Sponsor:Beijing Meibo Global Culture Communication Co., Ltd


In 2018, the 7th Malaysia beauty salon is expected to have an exhibition area of 7300 ㎡, attracting more than 200 exhibitors from all over the world, more than 250 brands, 8632 visitors and buyers. In addition, 20 media outlets competed for the first report, which has been praised by many circles of the industry.
The main exhibition categories of the 7th 2018 exhibition are:
Beauty products: perfume, perfume, make-up and skin care cosmetics, natural beauty products, dental care products, hygiene products, daily chemicals, cleaning products, beauty salon professional cosmetics, beauty equipment, SPA products and treatments, cosmetology products, essential oils and beauty gifts, etc.

The only purpose of organizing professional beauty trade shows is to create a stable platform, and the owners of beauty enterprises can rely on the latest products and appropriate sources of business partners. It also focuses on improving industry skills - bringing together different elements to improve skills, quality and professionalism in the beauty industry. Professional beauty business fair is a strict business to business trade activity, mainly for product distributors, pharmaceutical companies, research and development institutions, ingredients and product packaging suppliers, salon and retail store owners and beauty professionals, etc.
Malay people prefer imported cosmetics and maintenance products, showing a high demand for imported products, and the beauty market has a strong development space. With the increasing demand for cosmetic products and services, the division of labor and diversity of services in the beauty industry also promote the development of the industry. In recent years, with the gradual improvement of living standards of Malaysian people, the pursuit of beauty has also been fully experienced. They will spend most of their income on personal beauty needs every year, and the market prospect cannot be underestimated. New media, the rapid changes in the Internet market also play a role in the development of the beauty industry.
Exhibition scope:
Beauty products: perfume, perfume, make-up and skin care products, natural beauty products, baby skin care products, dental care products, hygiene products, BAAs, daily chemicals, cleaning products, beauty salon professional cosmetics, beauty equipment, SPA products and treatments, cosmetology products, essential oils and beauty gifts, etc.
Nail products: nail care, nail tools, nail tablets, nail polish, foot care products, nail SPA care;
Cosmetology equipment: spa equipment, various cosmetology instruments, cosmetology medical instruments, whole, laser, make up, medical cosmetology;
Hairdressing products: hair dryer, electric splint, hairdressing tools, professional hair care products, equipment and beautician care appliances, wig, beauty bags: shower heads, perfume bottles, lotion bottles, make-up bottles, hoses, etc.
Beauty and health: weight loss, health and nutrition, image consultant, aromatherapy, skin health
Exhibition fee:
1. Booth fee: 22800 / 9m ² (starting area: at least 9 m2)
(2.5m high white bezel, lintel (company name and booth number), 1x 13A / 230V
Single phase power socket, needle punched carpet, 1 lockable cabinet, 3 folding chairs, 1 round table, 1 wastebasket, 2 fluorescent lamps, daily cleaning service)
2. Personnel cost: 10800 yuan / person (Shanghai round trip)
(return to Guangzhou) 9800 yuan / person
(air tickets, visas, five-star hotels, local transportation, meals, scenic spots, guide services)

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