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2019 Russia International Polyurethane Industry Exhibition
Industry: Chemical / Energy / Environment
Time: 2019/04/23 - 04/25 (Tues To Thur Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Europe Russia Moscow International Exhibition Center EuropeRussia ZAO EXPOCENTR Russia, Moscow Krasnopresnenskaya nab., 14
Sponsor:Beijing zhongzhan Huitong International Exhibition Co., Ltd


Exhibition organization: Beijing zhongzhan Huitong International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Zhao Dan 13141077860 email: Zhao dan@kiecexpo.com
Exhibition introduction: the exhibition is sponsored by "mirexpo" exhibition company, and professional journals such as polyurethane technology provide strong media support for the exhibition. It is the only international exhibition with polyurethane as its main exhibit in Russia. This exhibition intuitively shows the latest scientific and technological achievements and products in the field of polyurethane. Its main purpose is to promote the development of polyurethane material industry and trade relations, strengthen the exchange of science and technology, and expand the application scope of polyurethane materials. Its professionalism has been widely recognized by the industry. Including Dow, Bayer and other international well-known companies. The exhibition is mainly aimed at the production, processing and application industries of polyurethane technology and materials. In order to have a substantial impact on the exhibitors and visitors participating in the exhibition, we invited experts and scientists in the field of polyurethane materials to discuss with us the design, operation, update, science and technology and practical experience in the production process of polyurethane material production equipment, so as to make science and technology Better use in the production process. At the same time, we will also release a large number of latest market information, so that exhibitors and visitors can fully understand the latest development trends and trends of polyurethane market.
Last review: in 2017, the exhibition area exceeded 6000 square meters, with a total of 182 exhibitors, including 109 domestic companies and 73 foreign companies from 19 countries. 15400 people visited the exhibition, 93% of them experts from different industries. It has witnessed the demand of Russian market to use modern innovative materials and technologies in different industries.
The application of polyurethane in Russia mainly involves construction, machinery manufacturing, automobile construction, railway transportation (including automobile manufacturing), aircraft transportation, pipeline transportation, electrical engineering, consumer goods manufacturing, shoe industry, medicine, furniture, chemical industry, mining industry, metallurgy and other fields. With the continuous development of these fields, the demand for polyurethane and its production equipment in Russia is growing.
At the same time, the 10th Russian composite exhibition and the 4th Russian adhesive and sealant exhibition will be held!
Market analysis:
The output of Russian polyurethane products is growing at an average annual growth rate of nearly 10%, of which 61% are soft foam plastics and 32% are rigid foam plastics, while other polyurethane products, such as coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers, account for the remaining 7%. Russian Pu manufacturers also want to increase the production of polyols and isocyanates as raw materials of polyurethane, but due to financial constraints, most manufacturers have an annual capacity of only a few thousand tons. With the development of Russian economy and the improvement of living standards, there is a great demand for automobiles, furniture and refrigerators, which provides a good opportunity for the growth of Pu market demand. Furniture coating is also a huge potential market for polyurethane.
Exhibition scope:
Polyurethane raw materials: isocyanates, polyether polyols, polyester polyols, other polyols, and active hydrogen oligomers, foaming agents, catalysts, flame retardants, foam stabilizers and other auxiliaries (solvents, plasticizers, antioxidants, stabilizers, release agents, pigments, fillers, etc.)
Polyurethane (Ban Chengpin) products: polyurethane foam (soft / hard), polyurethane elastomers, polyurethane sole soles, composite materials, polyurethane leather resin, polyurethane elastic fiber (spandex), polyurethane adhesive, polyurethane sealant, polyurethane packaging system, polyurea, polyurethane coatings (solvent based polyurethane coatings, solvent free polyurethane coatings, waterborne polyurethane) Coating, polyurethane paint) and other specific polyurethane products
Polyurethane equipment: polyurethane high (low) pressure filling foaming machine, horizontal continuous foaming equipment, spraying foaming machine, sponge cutting mechanical facilities, regenerative sponge mechanical facilities, polyurethane mold, continuous sandwich board production line, mixing facilities, etc
Research and development of new products, new technologies, new processes, new applications;


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