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Turkey International Polyurethane Industry Exhibition 2019
Industry: Chemical / Energy / Environment
Time: 2019/11/09 - 11/11 (Sat To Mon Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Asia Turkey CNR Expo, Istanbul, Turkey TurkeyIstanbul CNR EXPO Fuar Merkezi 34830
Sponsor:Beijing zhongzhan Huitong International Exhibition Co., Ltd
Organizer:Beijing zhongzhan Huitong International Exhibition Co., Ltd


Organizing exhibition: Beijing zhongzhan Huitong International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Zhao Dan 13141077860 email: Zhao Dan simple HTML voku at kiecexpo.com
Exhibition introduction:
Putech Eurasia is an important polyurethane exhibition in Eurasia and the largest polyurethane composite platform in Eurasia. Putech Eurasia 2019 is the sixth one this year, which was held in hall 9 and hall 10 of Istanbul Exhibition Center on November 9-11, 2017. The three-day event will bring together industry professionals from all over the world. The exhibition will display polyurethane chemical products, polyurethane mechanical equipment, polyurethane system house, polyurethane coating and adhesive, polyurea application and rim integral polyurethane system, etc. The third composite material industry and production technology exhibition, 2017 Eurasia composite material exhibition will also be held at the same time.
In 2015, putech Eurasia and Eurasia composite materials exhibition had a total exhibition area of 20000 square meters, with 69 featured international exhibitors from more than 20 countries and 295 companies representing 39 countries. 5318 industry professionals visited the 3-day exhibition. Among them, 823 participants were international industrial professionals from 69 countries. The number of visitors increased by 20 × simple × HTML × DOM × voku × percent. New agreements, new initiatives, new business partnerships.
2017 putech Eurasia and Eurasia composite exhibition will maximize opportunities from all over the world. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about new products, see and experiment with new production equipment and technologies. Putech Eurasia and Eurasia composite exhibition have become one of the important exhibitions in polyurethane and its composite industry in the world.  


Raw materials additives, foaming agents, catalysts, chain extenders, coloring agents, crosslinking agents, fillers, flame retardants, isocyanates, polyols, enhancers, surfactants, polyurethane products / systems, adhesives, coatings, composites, elastomers, soft foams, footwear, hard foam, sealants, special products, materials / semi-finished products, elastomers, paving, polyamine Ester dispersions
Application of polyurethane, application of polyurea, processing machinery, system and equipment, additive manufacturing, calender, cleaning, cutting, data processing, dispensing equipment, extrusion, foaming line, glass fiber cutting, processing and robot, high and low press, laboratory and testing, composite line, molding, mold, packaging, processing equipment, pump, circulating reactor, • rim and RRIM, Plastic, spray, storage tanks, tools and components
Consulting, environmental protection, health and safety, recycling, research and development, warehousing and logistics

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  • Company:Beijing zhongzhan Huitong International Exhibition Co., Ltd
  • Telephone:13141077860
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