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Moroccan home appliances show 2019
Industry: Home / Appliances / Commodity
Time: 2019/12/16 - 12/18 (Mon To Wed Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Africa Morocco Casablanca International Convention and Exhibition Center AfricaMorocco Tiznit street, facing Hassan II Mosque
Sponsor:Dubai Mie Group Wuhan Branch - Wuhan Huizhan Technology Co., Ltd


European back garden Morocco
★ the kingdom of Morocco is located in the northwest of Africa, adjacent to Algeria, Western Sahara and the Atlantic Ocean, facing Spain across the Strait of Gibraltar in the north, and the gateway of the Mediterranean into the Atlantic Ocean. It covers an area of 446500 square kilometers, with a total population of 33.22 million and a per capita GDP of US $2832. With superior geographical location, convenient transportation, developed shipping and rich natural resources, it is known as the gateway of West Africa.  
Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Morocco, relations have been friendly and stable. Since the implementation of the "one belt and one way" policy, China has gradually become a strategic support point. In 2016, Morocco granted a visa free policy to Chinese citizens, which is more conducive to China Morocco cooperation and trade exchanges. With the liberalization of Morocco's market and the gradual opening of its policies, Morocco's key industries have huge market potential and broad space for cooperation.
Market background: with its unique geographical location and excellent investment environment, Morocco will become China's "one belt and one road" bridge to Africa. It is a country worthy of attention for Chinese enterprises to "go out". There is a better investment environment with political stability, economic growth, complete facilities and transparent market. Morocco is a developing country with a major agricultural economy and a medium-sized income. It is the fifth largest economy in Africa and the third largest in North Africa. China Morocco economic and trade cooperation involves energy, minerals, infrastructure, industry, investment and other key areas, and has entered a period of continuous development.

Analysis of Moroccan electronic appliance market
North Africa: an emerging market with excellent business opportunities
North Africa is the richest region in Africa, because it has rich natural resources, can produce and export a large amount of crude oil every year, and can maintain a considerable amount of foreign exchange income. In particular, North Africa is close to the Middle East market where free trade policies are implemented. Goods entering the North African countries can radiate to the Middle East countries. Therefore, this potential market is more concerned by businesses around the world. Morocco: a path to 55 countries, by virtue of its superior position, makes it the first Southern Mediterranean country to benefit from the EU. 1 billion consumers. Morocco, regarded by many as a link between the United States, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, is a fast-growing, resilient and secure market. According to the survey of China Africa Trade Research Center, in the past few years, the rise of African electronic products industry is surprising, and provides a great opportunity for global enterprises to gain a foothold in this booming industry. At present, the electronic products market in Africa is experiencing explosive growth, and its market demand is also growing exponentially.
Diversified electronic products stimulate the rapid development of Moroccan electronic market
Morocco's electronic product market has developed rapidly in recent years. In 2017, the number of registered users of consumer electronic products increased significantly, mainly involving high-tech smart phones and portable electronic products, such as tablet computers, bracelets, etc. The rapid development of Moroccan Internet, the rapid expansion of electronic products and the diversification of electronic application products all stimulate the market purchasing power. The portable smart phone, with its more and more perfect technology and the characteristics of different brands, attracts more and more buyers. It is understood that with the improvement of health awareness of middle and high-income groups in Morocco, people began to pay attention to daily fitness, exercise and physical condition, so the demand for electronic products like bracelets or mobile sports software is growing.
In recent years, foreign brands have dominated the Moroccan electronic product market. Due to the limited production and manufacturing capacity of electronic products in Morocco's domestic market, local electronic products companies are unable to directly produce finished products, and Moroccan customers believe that the quality of foreign brands is high.
China's consumer electronics companies have entered and led the local market
Chinese mobile phone suppliers such as Huawei, oppo, Lenovo, ZTE, Chuanyin, Alcatel and other brands have entered and led the African market. The mobile phone mode of dual card and dual standby in China is also popular in the African market. In addition to professional electronic products retailers, supermarkets, large supermarkets and authorized retailers are also offering discounts to attract customers. Online retailers see business opportunities. With the improvement of network services, online shopping is also constantly improving the purchasing power of electronic products market.
All in all, for domestic manufacturers, Africa's most attractive market space is huge: about 15% of the world's total population. The urban population accounts for about 26% of the population of the whole continent. The most important thing is that the number of mobile phone users exceeds 200 million. Even in the economic crisis, the growth rate reached 14.8% in 2009. While the mobile phone market in China is gradually saturated, the regions and countries represented by Africa have become the most powerful driving market in the world. Consumers' cognition is mature, brand guidance is strengthened, and brand orientation is inevitable. At present, 70% of the African market channels are open channels, and the operators are relatively weak, which also makes the mobile phone manufacturers who do their own channels and brands have a greater space to play.
In the African market, mobile phone is undoubtedly the best selling category. At present, the first batch of Chinese manufacturers entering the African market should come from Shenzhen. After 2013, a large number of Chinese mobile phone brands entered the market. At the same time, it also promotes the development of local e-commerce and brings about great changes.
At present, in terms of the African market, there are three types of products that are popular:
The first category is consumer electronics, such as mobile phones, especially low-end well-known machines, which cost $100, and headphones, music and Africans are closely related. Basically, all Africans are singing and dancing. They are very particular about this category. In addition, there are intelligent clothing, photography and other products. At the same time, Africa is also a tourism market with office equipment.
The second category is fashion related products. The whole African continent used to be a European and American colony, and they also have a good taste for fashion products. For example, watches, especially some fashionable ones, are basically hand-in-hand for Africans.
The third category is electrical appliances, because there is no industrial technology in Africa, and all electrical appliances are basically imported. At present, the electrical appliance market in Africa is a single brand, the electrical appliances are very expensive, and the pricing is very arbitrary, which provides an opportunity for Chinese enterprises and Chinese sellers.
Production of Moroccan household appliances
It is understood that at present, the penetration rate of home appliances in Morocco is relatively low, and only some urban families have televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. Home appliance industry is a relatively small industry in Morocco, dominated by private enterprises, mainly relying on imports. At the same time, according to lorenza della, an analyst at Eurovision international, a consumer electronics research institution, the Moroccan household appliances market maintained a growth rate of 3% even in 2009, when the recession was most severe. In Morocco, the so-called production of household appliances is mainly the assembly of imported parts. Due to the different categories, there are official statistics on the production of household appliances, including refrigerators, washing machines and gas stoves. In the past few years, most of the household appliances in Morocco market are Japanese and Korean brands. With the improvement of the quality of China's household appliances, the high quality and low price and the good impression of the local people on the Chinese people, the Chinese household appliances industry is more and more popular in the local area.
A large number of household appliances still need to be imported
From the general trend of development, although the Moroccan government has issued a series of policies to encourage investment and economic development since the 1990s (such as the promulgation of the new investment law, the reduction of consumer credit interest rate, national housing projects, etc.), the stimulus effect on the household electrical appliances production industry is slow. Since 1994, the output value of home appliance industry has been declining year by year, and by 1998, the output value had dropped by 50%. Only after 1999 did it begin to grow again. Morocco's home appliance assembly production is relatively concentrated; although there are many enterprises in the whole industry, only 2 or 3 enterprises touch refrigerators and washing machines in a large range.
The import of household electrical appliances still occupies an important position in the Moroccan household electrical appliances market. TV sets and air conditioners are all imported as a whole machine, while refrigerators and washing machines are imported as a whole machine as well as spare parts. According to the import value of different varieties, the import of TV receivers is the most important part, followed by refrigerators, air conditioners and washing machines.   
Two channels of Moroccan home appliance sales
The main sales channels are large supermarkets, such as Makro and marjme, which have a considerable range of home appliance sales areas. The other type is specialty stores, which can be divided into three types: integrated specialty stores, single category specialty stores (such as home refrigeration equipment Monopoly) and single brand specialty stores (such as Sony specialty stores).
Voice of business exhibitors
Qingdao Aucma
Aucma is a well-known brand in the industry. Before that, they mainly sold in domestic, European, American, Japanese and South Korean markets and Southeast Asian markets. This trip to Morocco is an important market layout of Aucma in East Africa after Kenya and Nigeria. During the exhibition, I met more than ten professional procurement inquiries with high accuracy, and also was invited to visit the main home appliance market in Morocco in depth. The person in charge said that in the market share of freezers and home appliances in North Africa, China's product share is relatively low and its price advantage is obvious. In the future, it will focus on publicity and product research and development in this market.
Scope of recruitment
Large household appliances: refrigerators, freezers, wine cabinets, ice makers, air conditioners, washing machines, clothes dryers
Kitchen and bathroom appliances: range hood, stove, dishwasher, disinfecting cupboard, gas water heater, electric faucet, electric water heater, solar water heater, hair dryer, Yuba, dry cell phone, exhaust fan, soymilk machine, juicer, coffee machine, water dispenser, electric rice cooker, microwave oven, electromagnetic furnace, electric pressure cooker, electric oven, bread machine, ice cream machine, yogurt machine, egg boiler, dozen Egg machine
Personal care appliances: hair dryer, shaver, curler, electric toothbrush, beauty instrument, massage chair, massager, various measuring instruments
Consumer electronics: mobile phone, smart bracelet, TV, home theater, projector, audio, recorder, digital camera, DV, tablet computer, video game machine, MP3 / MP4 player, learning machine, mobile memory, battery, mobile power supply, charger, data line, mobile phone shell, satellite communication technology, communication cable and optical cable and other communication products and accessories
Computers, hardware and software and peripheral products: personal computers, netbooks, tablets, monitors, computer racks, speakers, keyboards, mice, headphones and remote controls, wireless devices, data storage devices, etc
Office automation equipment: printers, copiers, fax machines, scanners, multi-functional printers
Other electronic products: water purifier, vacuum cleaner, hanging ironing machine, electric mosquito repellent, air purifier, money detector, counting machine, flashlight, emergency light, electric fan, cold fan, humidifier


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