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The 17th China Qingdao International Furniture and Woodworking Machinery Association in 2020
Industry: Home / Appliances / Commodity
Time: 2020/05/17 - 05/20 (Sun To Wed Total 4 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Qingdao · Shandong Hongdao International Exhibition Center ChinaShandongQingdao Huohuo Road, Chengyang District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province
Sponsor:China Forestry Machinery Association, Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association, Shandong furniture association, Qingdao Woodworking Machinery Association, Qingdao Furniture Association
Organizer:Jinan deruijia Exhibition Co., Ltd


Qingdao International Furniture Exhibition, CO sponsored by Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association, Shandong furniture association, Qingdao Woodworking Machinery Association and Qingdao Furniture Association, has become the first exhibition in Jiangbei of China's furniture industry after more than ten years of development. With continuous innovation and improvement in exhibition scale, quality, effectiveness, image and experience, it has not only become the leader of similar exhibitions in the north, It also leads the upgrading and development of the furniture industry in the whole northern region.


Features and highlights:

Qingdao International Furniture Exhibition has always been adhering to the characteristics of the whole industry chain display. After more than ten years of accumulation and development, it has become a grand industry event including the upstream and downstream contents of the industry chain, such as solid wood furniture, soft furniture, customized furniture, solid wood semi-finished furniture, woodworking machinery, raw and auxiliary materials, and each display category has its own scale and characteristics, which is the whole furniture industry The upgrading and development of the whole chain provides systematic and one-stop solutions.

Brand solid wood furniture:

All along, the northern solid wood furniture industry has developed rapidly with obvious advantages. Qingdao International Furniture Exhibition has nearly 500 excellent brands from the northern solid wood furniture manufacturing circle, which perfectly shows the latest achievements of innovative design and quality improvement, and deduces the colorful of China's largest solid wood furniture exhibition.

Soft sofa / bedding:

Nearly 100 brands of upholstery furniture from all over the country, adhering to the international vision, adopting professional design, perfectly combining the international model with the domestic market, have a sense of technology, multi-function and new materials emerging in an endless stream.

All room custom furniture:

There is no place in life without customization. Customization has become a trend. At Qingdao International Furniture Exhibition, brands from all over the country provide integrated home solutions from panel customization to whole wood customization, from single product customization to whole house customization, from mass market to high-end demand.

Solid wood semi-finished furniture:

Solid wood semi-finished furniture (white stubble furniture) is a unique category of Qingdao International Furniture Exhibition in the same kind of exhibitions in China. It is an independent exhibition hall with unified image. It is a specific embodiment of Qingdao International Furniture Exhibition to promote the industry to a highly specialized division of labor and cooperation direction. The products of the exhibition are specially for the national brand finished furniture enterprises.

Woodworking machinery and intelligent manufacturing:

The world has entered the fourth industrial revolution era. As a traditional industry, furniture manufacturing industry, the upgrading of manufacturing capacity and technology is urgent. Woodworking machinery has always been an advantageous category of Qingdao International Furniture Exhibition, with a large scale. It has collected all kinds of equipment and tools from home and abroad, covering the whole process of furniture production, and has become an important platform for national furniture enterprises to understand the cutting-edge technology and select high-end equipment. In the exhibition mode, the woodworking machinery hall of Qingdao International Furniture Exhibition is built by a team of foreign designers. It is uniform, magnificent and leads the world trend! At the same time, the national first real wood furniture intelligent manufacturing experience factory also successfully landed at the exhibition.

Furniture raw and auxiliary materials, new materials and new processes:

Qingdao international furniture exhibition also covers a wide range of raw and auxiliary material products such as board, paint, leather, cloth art, adhesive, hardware, etc. it is green, environmental friendly, scientific and technological innovation, providing one-stop supporting services for furniture enterprises, and promoting product innovation of furniture enterprises through the promotion and application of new materials and new processes.

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