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2024 Western Dual Carbon Exhibition · China Dual Carbon Exhibition · Western International Carbon Peak/Carbon Neutrality Industry Expo

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2024/12/11 - 12/13 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Chongqing Chongqing International Expo Center ChinaChongqing CityYubei District No. 66 Yuelai Avenue, Yubei District, Chongqing


Lixing Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd


Lixing Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

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2024 Western Dual Carbon Exhibition · China Dual Carbon Exhibition · Western International Carbon Peak/Carbon Neutrality Industry Expo - www.globalomp.com

2024 Western Dual Carbon Exhibition · China Dual Carbon Exhibition · Western International Carbon Peak/Carbon Neutrality Industry Expo - www.globalomp.com

2024 Western Dual Carbon Exhibition | China Dual Carbon Exhibition | Western International Carbon Peak/Carbon Neutrality Industry Expo

2024 Western International Carbon Peak/Carbon Neutrality Industry Expo

★ Exhibition Basic Information:

Exhibition time: December 11-13, 2024 Exhibition location: Chongqing International Expo Center

Exhibition area: estimated to be over 30000 square meters

Exhibition activities: During the exhibition, several professional forums and technical speeches will be held, focusing on industry hot topics and cutting-edge technologies.

Professional Audience: More than 30000 expected visitors from over 20 provinces, regions, and cities both domestically and internationally

Exhibitor: Intended to invite 500 outstanding enterprises and related units

Display scope: Focus on showcasing cutting-edge technologies, innovative products, and high-quality application solutions of outstanding enterprises in the "dual carbon" field both domestically and internationally;

Gathering numerous leading enterprises and innovative forces in the industry, jointly exploring technological innovation and industrial upgrading under the "dual carbon" goal.

Organizing Committee Executive Recruitment Unit: Lixing Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

------Welcome to the Asia Pacific industry event, committed to building a new platform for high-quality professional exhibitions and business cooperation!

Exhibition Overview:

The 2024 Western International Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality Industry Innovation Technology Expo is a grand event for technology exchange and trade negotiations among upstream and downstream enterprises in the "dual carbon" industry chain, jointly created by us and multiple units in the industry. It is also one of the earliest professional exhibitions held in the Asia Pacific region and China. Since its establishment, we have been committed to showcasing and promoting cutting-edge technologies, innovative products, and high-quality application solutions of domestic and foreign enterprises and research institutions in energy conservation, environmental protection, green and low-carbon transformation. As one of the important large-scale low-carbon technology exhibitions in China and the western region, the Western "dual carbon" Exhibitions have always played an important role in promoting the development of the industry and serving as a mission for cooperation and exchange. They provide new channels for domestic and foreign enterprises to create learning and exchange opportunities, and are also a professional exhibition and high-quality trade platform that industry professionals and related enterprises cannot miss.

The previous exhibition, with the guidance and strong support of relevant departments and exhibitors, was grandly held and successfully concluded in November 2023 at the Chongqing International Expo Center. The exhibition covers an area of nearly 30000 square meters, bringing together about 500 relevant units and research institutions, including some of the Fortune Global 500 companies from home and abroad, to participate in the exhibition. The three-day grand event attracted 32619 professional visitors and buyers, and both the number of exhibitors and visitors reached a new high in recent years. At the same time as the exhibition, technical speeches, parallel forums, and other supporting activities were held, which received high attention and recognition from attending leaders, business representatives, experts and scholars, industry organizations, trade merchants, and professional audiences. To promote practical results in all aspects, promote effective cooperation between supply and demand sides, and bring professional customers and business opportunities to participating enterprises.

Based on the above background, with the guidance and strong support of relevant departments, in order to vigorously promote the research and development of low-carbon, zero carbon, and negative carbon technologies and the development of new low-carbon industries, and to ingeniously build a high-end carbon industry exhibition and information exchange platform that deeply integrates all parties, we will work together with multiple units to hold the "2024 China (Western) International Carbon Peaking/Carbon Neutrality Industry Innovation Technology Application Expo" at the Chongqing International Expo Center from December 11 to 13, 2024. During the exhibition, multiple special exhibitions and supporting activities will also be held. At that time, it is expected to attract tens of thousands of high-level decision-makers, procurement leaders, and end user representatives from domestic industry regulatory authorities, leading enterprises in the "dual carbon" field, carbon emission and key energy consuming enterprises, large energy enterprises, research institutes, industry associations, industrial parks, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment service providers, technical service providers, agents/channel providers, etc. to visit and purchase. The exhibition aims to provide a preferred platform for technical exchange, product display, and commercial cooperation for participating enterprises and merchants.

Here, the organizing committee cordially invites dual carbon enterprises, supporting suppliers, research institutions, industry organizations, industry colleagues, and relevant units in the field to sign up for exhibition and visit!

Supporting activities planned for the same period:

2024 Chongqing International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology Exhibition

Exhibition Enterprise New Technology/Product Launch Conference

Note: Including but not limited to the above content, the final release at the exhibition site shall prevail!

Exhibition highlights:

Famous enterprises and scholars gathered together, focusing on showcasing and promoting cutting-edge technologies, innovative products, and high-quality solutions in the hydrogen energy industry chain field;

Simultaneously hold a series of supporting activities such as thematic technology exhibitions, heavyweight forums, supply chain conferences, technology seminars, and new product launches;

The conference aims to build a bridge for deep integration and docking among various parties such as government, industry, academia, research, application, and investment, to convey the voice of the industry and promote industrial development;

◆ A preferred platform for high-quality upstream and downstream enterprises to compete on the same stage, showcase new products, technologies, and applications, and shape a new brand image;

Communicate directly with your potential customers, understand the development needs of the industry, and provide customized services for the enterprise;

Utilize various event platforms held by the organizing committee at the same time to share buyer resources and develop potential customers.

★ "" Professional audience: The Organizing Committee will mainly invite business leaders, engineering technicians and purchasers from overseas trade institutions in China, CEOs of multinational companies, heads of foreign-funded enterprises, international brand agents, distributors, dealers, industry organizations (alliances), scientific research institutes, relevant departments and institutions in the western region, urban planning and design, low-carbon parks, zero carbon innovation demonstration zones, national carbon emission and key energy consumption enterprises, large energy enterprises, iron and steel metallurgy, coal mines, energy and electricity, petrochemical industry, cement building materials, construction buildings, non-ferrous metals, automobile manufacturing, rail transit, marine ships, ports and wharves, sanitation, electronics, solid waste treatment and other key fields to visit, negotiate and purchase.


Exhibition category: including but not limited to the following enterprise scope, with a focus on showcasing innovative products and technological levels of enterprises in the field!

◆ Comprehensive display of low-carbon innovative technologies, products, scenario applications, and overall solutions of domestic and foreign enterprises in the field of "dual carbon"; Zero carbon parks, zero carbon factories, carbon management, carbon emissions, carbon trading, carbon sinks, carbon taxes, carbon finance, carbon neutrality industry service providers, etc;

◆ Application and Equipment of Hydrogen Energy Technology: Application scenarios of "zero carbon" hydrogen production technology, hydrogen transportation, storage, refueling and refueling station equipment, hydrogen safety utilization, hydrogen metallurgy technology, and fuel cell systems in the terminal field; Power battery technology products, materials and production equipment, hydrogen cycle system solutions, hydrogen industry equipment overall solution service providers, etc;

5G+smart energy solution service providers, etc;

Advanced carbon capture, storage, and recycling technologies, etc;

Zero carbon new industry and intelligent energy-saving transformation, etc;

Low carbon circular industry and resource utilization technology;

Carbon and greenhouse gas emissions and monitoring technologies, etc;

Advanced biomass fuel technology, etc;

Green energy and intelligent manufacturing equipment;

◆ Other relevant units: green and low-carbon project design and operation management, research institutes, industry organizations (alliances), trade institutions, agents, channel merchants, CDM project development and consulting, investment institutions, media institutions, other "dual carbon" industry related units, etc.

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the exhibition organizer for implementation before participating in the exhibition.

2024 Western Dual Carbon Exhibition · China Dual Carbon Exhibition · Western International Carbon Peak/Carbon Neutrality Industry Expo - www.globalomp.com


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