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One belt, one road, China's top twenty-fifth China Invention Exhibition and 2021 BRICs countries' skills development and technology innovation competition opened on -12 December 10, 2021 at the Intern...

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One belt, one road, China's top 2021 China's twenty-fifth National Invention Exhibition and the BRICs development and technology innovation competition opened in -12, December 10, 2021, at the Interna...



2021 the twenty-fifth China invention one belt, one road BRICs technology development and technology innovation competition opened in -12 December 10, 2021. Scientific and technological innovation enterprises, manufacturers of invented technology products and suppliers of related technology supporting products from all over the world came to the exhibition to exhibit the characteristics of many achievements and high technical content of technical products, attracting buyers and a large number of visitors from all over the world to visit, negotiate, purchase and join in. Cotv global live broadcast, China open headlines, live release of Dahao Expo!


The 25th National Invention Exhibition



One belt, one road and the BRICs technology development and technology innovation competition will be held in Foshan 10 to 12 December at Tan Zhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition will show over 2300 inventions and the exhibition area will be 10 million square meters. The competition will be held in 10.

This year's national invention exhibition focuses on demonstrating the achievements of invention and innovation in strategic emerging industries such as digital economy, health, energy conservation and environmental protection, high-end intelligent manufacturing, biotechnology, new materials, new energy and new generation information technology. The theme is "invention and innovation, self-reliance and self-improvement", with special emphasis on the national strategic scientific and technological forces and the achievements of self-reliance and self-improvement scientific and technological innovation. It has one belt, one road, one with 7 national defense products, the other is the National Innovation Zone for mechanical and metallurgical building materials, the other is the innovation and innovation of energy saving and environmental protection, the health of the youth, the invention and innovation of youth, the comprehensive exhibition of Guangdong, Hongkong and Macau, and the comprehensive development of the national high-tech innovation, the three areas of the development of the intellectual property and development of technology and the technological innovation competition of BRICs.

"The achievements of the national scientific and Technological Innovation Exhibition in Foshan will be the highlight of the tenth five year plan." The relevant person in charge of the National Invention Exhibition said that the National Invention Exhibition specially solicited a number of projects representing the transformation level of scientific and technological achievements in various fields and regions from the national high-tech development zones in various regions of the country. At the same time, the exhibition also brings together the latest inventions and innovative achievements of the national machinery, metallurgy and building materials industry.

Combined with the national "carbon peak and carbon neutralization strategy", this year's exhibition will set up a special area for energy conservation and environmental protection to show China's invention and innovation achievements in the field of energy conservation and emission reduction, and actively promote the realization of the "double carbon" goal and the further development of environmental protection. In addition, this year, we will continue to set up a special area for intangible cultural heritage wisdom and innovation development, promote the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage with scientific and technological innovation, and vigorously carry forward the traditional culture of the Chinese nation. It is worth mentioning that in order to promote the two-way transformation of invention achievements, the innovation competition of "I am an inventor" held for the first time in the invention exhibition. The Organizing Committee Office specially set up a new achievement transformation team to collect and sort out the technical needs of innovation subjects in Foshan and the advanced technologies of exhibitors, so that excellent invention and innovation projects can realize transformation, landing and blossom and bear fruit by organizing signing activities and project roadshow docking meetings.

What are the characteristics of this national invention exhibition? The relevant person in charge of the Organizing Committee of the National Invention Exhibition said that the special area for the exhibition of scientific and technological achievements in the Great Bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao established by the exhibition is a major feature. "The exhibition area will make a centralized display of the most distinctive scientific and technological innovation enterprises and invention and innovation achievements in the '9 + 2' cities of Dawan District, so as to further promote the collaborative innovation and industrial cooperation development of Dawan district." According to the person in charge, the exhibition area will be maintained at the scale of 5000 square meters, and 13 exhibition groups will be set up, with 300 units and 400 projects participating in the exhibition.

Foshan Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center is located in the core area of Guangfo pole in Dawan District, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. It is an exhibition complex integrating exhibition, conference, commercial activities and other functions. Relying on the solid industrial foundation of Dawan district and Foshan trillion, Foshan Tanzhou exhibition accurately positioned the industrial exhibition hall. (Foshan Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center / contribution)

The success of this scientific and technological invention exhibition is due to the strong support of the majority of viewers and netizens and the strong participation of the majority of exhibitors, as well as the hard work of the organizers. This exhibition has been successfully held for many times and has a great influence in the industry. Through the exhibition, it can better promote the Innovation Exhibition and technical exchange of enterprises, drive the commodity supply and demand transaction, boost the healthy and scientific development of the industry, and bring better face-to-face communication and trading opportunities for exhibitors and buyers. At the same time, the exhibition is a good interactive communication platform for promoting business and meeting friends through exhibition. Dahao Expo sincerely welcomes you to sign up for the next exhibition in advance. In order to facilitate you to understand the holding time and place of exhibitions around the world, Dahao Expo has displayed in detail and in advance on the platform page, including the time, place, contact number and other information of exhibitions covering exhibitions around the world. Please contact the organizer in advance for details. The global live broadcast of cotv China Dahao Expo column team sincerely serves you. I wish you a happy visit, a happy exhibition and a better and better exhibition!


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