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The 22nd Northeast Four Provinces Animal Husbandry Expo in 2024

Agriculture / Forestry / Animal Husbandry / Fisheries


2024/08/09 - 08/10 (Fri To Sat Total 2 Days)    Error Correction


Shenyang · Liaoning Shenyang International Exhibition Center ChinaLiaoning ProvinceShenyang Citysujiatun district No. 9 Huizhan Road, Sujiatun District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province


Liaoning Feed Industry Association, Shenyang Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Association, Shenyang Huide Exhibition and Exhibition Co., Ltd


Shenyang Huide Exhibition and Exhibition Co., Ltd

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The 22nd Northeast Four Provinces Animal Husbandry Expo in 2024 - www.globalomp.com

The 22nd Northeast Four Provinces Animal Husbandry Expo in 2024 - www.globalomp.com

The development of animal husbandry in 2023 is steadily improving, transitioning from stability to progress, especially with the accelerated recovery of pig production, which is better than expected; The animal husbandry industry in Northeast China is developing towards larger scale, standardization, pollution-free, and industrialization, with new technologies and products from the animal husbandry industry gathering in Northeast China. The 2024 Northeast Four Provinces Livestock Exchange and Trading Conference is scheduled to be grandly held from August 9-10, 2024 at the Shenyang International Exhibition Center.

The organizing committee of the conference will adopt the operation mode of industry hosting and professional exhibition companies. Relevant units will invite major farmers, breeding communities, president of breeding cooperatives, slaughterhouses and processing units, and distributors from Northeast China to participate in negotiations and purchases through administrative documents, enterprise organization, and new media promotion. At the same time, by combining various promotional channels such as county, town, and village road billboards, professional media coverage, as well as measures such as key area grouping, key route pick-up and drop off, and VIP services, we will launch a strong campaign and promote vigorously. It is expected that the total number of professional visitors will exceed 30000, making it the most important window for domestic and foreign animal husbandry and related industry enterprises to expand their market, exchange and cooperate in the Northeast region. It is also the largest procurement platform and annual event for animal husbandry and breeding enterprises.

You and your company shine their swords in the north, and there will always be gains!


1. Domestic and foreign breeding of livestock and poultry, commercial livestock and poultry breeding, seedling and semen breeding, genetic breeding, scientific and technological achievements in livestock and poultry breeding, practical technologies, etc.
2. Animal medicine, vaccines, animal health products, and animal medicine production, processing, packaging machinery, equipment, materials, veterinary equipment, etc.
3. Feed and feed related products: feed raw materials, feed additives, pre mixed feed, concentrated feed, formulated feed, special feed, feed processing machinery and accessories, feed product quality testing instruments and equipment, microcomputer control systems and software and hardware.
4. Animal husbandry production and breeding related (feeding equipment, ventilation equipment, temperature control equipment, environmental control equipment, harmless disease and death treatment equipment, manure treatment equipment, quality testing instruments, standardized breeding farm design and engineering construction, breeding greenhouses and accessories, Internet of Things control systems and software and hardware), etc.
5. Aquaculture exhibition area: Aquatic seedlings, fishery medicine, aquatic feed and additives, etc.
6. Dairy product exhibition area: Dairy veterinary medicine, feed and equipment, dairy products.
7. Grassland industry and its deep processing products, grass seeds, silage and bacterial strains, grass machinery, grass industry technology, etc.
8. Animal husbandry and environmental protection exhibition area (livestock and poultry manure, drinking water, feed, air treatment equipment and software management, dedicated transportation and storage equipment for manure, manure return and spraying vehicles), biomass energy equipment.
9. Packaging and transportation: Livestock and poultry production materials, packaging machinery, related transportation equipment, and specialized vehicles for livestock and poultry products.
10. Meat and finished products, fresh and divided meat, halal meat products, dairy and egg products, and livestock product processing machinery.

Costs & Precautions

Standard booth: 5000 yuan/piece (standard booth includes three 2.45-meter high display boards, one table and two chairs, two spotlights, and one 220V 5A power socket)
Double opening booth: 5500 yuan/piece (3m) × 3m, equipped with standard booth)
Micro variation: 14800 yuan/group (6m) × 3m, 18 ㎡ including standard scaffolding decoration)
Special decoration and clean space: 600 yuan/square meter (starting from 36 square meters, exhibitors will bear the special decoration and electricity costs)
Mechanical open space booth: 4000 yuan/9 square meters (providing one table, two chairs, and one water injection knife flag with the company name)
For the convenience of special decoration enterprises to participate in the exhibition, the conference has launched a one-stop service for special decoration booth decoration, including truss decoration standard scheme design, construction, carpet, lighting fixtures, ordinary electricity (220V/10A), and special decoration management fees. The charging standard is 2300 yuan/9 square meters.

The 22nd Northeast Four Provinces Animal Husbandry Expo in 2024 - www.globalomp.com


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