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2024 China (Xi'an) Advanced Manufacturing and Digital Industry Expo July 18-20

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2024/07/18 - 07/20 (Thur To Sat Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Shaanxi Xi'an International Convention and Exhibition Center ChinaShaanxi ProvinceXi'an CityBaqiao District 1399 Huizhan 1st Road, Baqiao District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province


National Military and Civil Dual Use Technology Trading (Shaanxi) Center Shaanxi Digital Economy Development Association Shaanxi Guosheng JMRH Enterprise Chamber of Commerce Xi'an Science and Technolo...


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2024 China (Xi'an) Advanced Manufacturing and Digital Industry Expo July 18-20 - www.globalomp.com

2024 China (Xi'an) Advanced Manufacturing and Digital Industry Expo July 18-20 - www.globalomp.com

Scale of the conference

6 major exhibition halls, 72000m2 exhibition area, 1500 exhibitors, and over 20 themed events


Conference Introduction:

Shaanxi Province has a strong industrial foundation in the field of advanced manufacturing, with leading technologies and high-end products in industries such as aviation, aerospace, automotive, electronics, and equipment. This determines that our province has unique advantages in strengthening advanced manufacturing. Shaanxi will build a national leading high-end equipment industry base, develop digital, flexible, and integrated intelligent complete sets of equipment, and promote aviation, power equipment, high-end CNC machine tools and other fields to reach the national leading level; Building a national advanced electronic information industry base, accelerating the construction of key projects such as integrated circuits, intelligent terminals, and new flat panel displays. At the same time, industrial digital transformation is an inevitable choice to seize the opportunities of a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, a key path to building a strong manufacturing and network country, an important support for building a dual circulation development pattern, and to continuously prosper the industrial development ecology, Unite efforts to promote the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry.

Overall goal:

We will actively prepare to host the second China (Xi'an) Advanced Manufacturing and Digital Industry Expo and China (Xi'an) Military Science and Technology Industry Expo in 2024, continue to promote the upgrading of the exhibition's "internationalization, specialization, and informatization", improve the exhibition brand, service quality, and exhibition display level, and more accurately interpret advanced industrial models such as "industrial interconnection and industrial Internet of Things", We will further showcase advanced manufacturing, high-end equipment, industrial automation, next-generation information technology, national defense informatization, new materials and other service models and high-end products in a more in-depth manner, continuously promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system with Shaanxi characteristics, and build important manufacturing bases for high-tech industries in the country. Strive to make AMTD2024 a high-level, high-quality, and high-quality manufacturing event


1) Intelligent Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition Area

High end CNC machine tools, automation equipment, industrial robots, drive systems and components, machine vision, intelligent manufacturing technology and equipment, digital application platforms, human-machine interface devices, fluid transmission equipment, laser equipment, industrial explosion-proof products, vacuum products and applications, pressure vessels and special boiler equipment technology, servo systems, motion control systems, 3D printing and special machining, micro and special electromechanical, etc.

2) Exhibition Area for Aerospace Technology Equipment and Applications

Aerospace engine design and manufacturing, molds, die-casting, laser, welding, spraying and final assembly, civil drone industry chain, new technologies and materials, aircraft airworthiness and testing equipment, aviation metrology testing and standardization, aerospace maintenance and repair equipment; Air traffic control equipment and command scheduling, spacecraft design and manufacturing, satellite and ground detection equipment; Many fields related to science popularization, industrial parks, and aerospace technology and equipment.

(3) New Material Exhibition Area

High strength, high modulus, ultra light, anti piercing and anti cutting, anti radiation, high temperature and low temperature resistance, flame retardant, super thermal conductivity, ablation resistance, shock resistance, energy absorption, wave absorption, super wear resistance, super corrosion resistance, magnetism, superconductivity, insulation, compression and sealing, and other high-performance and ultra-high performance materials and products used in aerospace, aviation, high-speed rail, marine engineering, shipbuilding, weapons, nuclear power, electronics, automobiles and other fields.

(4) Exhibition area for testing and testing equipment, instruments and meters

Non destructive testing, physical and chemical inspection, material testing and environmental testing boxes, various environmental testing equipment, mechanical testing equipment, virtual testing, simulation testing, testing and measurement software and hardware, shock absorbers, vibration tables, inertial navigation equipment, testing turntables, positioning and orientation, inclination sensors, acceleration, pressure and other sensors, encoders, transmitters, sensitive components, instruments, etc.

(5) Intelligent Terminal and Industrial Digitalization Exhibition Area

Intelligent terminal industry chain, information security, data security, information storage, carrier destruction equipment, industrial control security, secure and reliable software, chip design and manufacturing, domestic basic software, operating systems, servers, industrial software, office software, security and confidentiality software, intelligent office equipment, output and output equipment, big data, cloud computing, etc.

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the exhibition organizer for implementation before participating in the exhibition.

2024 China (Xi'an) Advanced Manufacturing and Digital Industry Expo July 18-20 - www.globalomp.com


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