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The 12th Wuhan International Machine Tool Exhibition in 2024

Industrial / Mechanical / Processing


2024/09/11 - 09/14 (Wed To Sat Total 4 Days)    Error Correction


Hubei Province Wuhan International Expo Center ChinaHubei provinceWuhan CityHanyang District 619 Yingwu Avenue, Hanyang District, Wuhan City


Organizing Committee of the 12th Wuhan International Machine Tool Exhibition in 2024


Organizing Committee of the 12th Wuhan International Machine Tool Exhibition in 2024

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The 12th Wuhan International Machine Tool Exhibition in 2024 - www.globalomp.com

The 12th Wuhan International Machine Tool Exhibition in 2024

Time: September 11-14, 2024 Location: Wuhan International Expo Center (Hanyang)

Exhibition background

The 24th China International Electromechanical Products Expo and the 12th Wuhan International Machine Tool Exhibition will be held from September 11-14, 2024 at the Wuhan International Expo Center. The theme of this exhibition is "Green Intelligent Manufacturing, Digital Empowerment", which will fully leverage Hubei's role in supporting, serving, connecting, and leading the rise of the central region.

Hubei, a thoroughfare of nine provinces, has a strong market space and advantages in scientific and educational resources, and a strong industrial foundation. Focusing on key industrial chains such as automobiles, intelligent equipment, integrated circuits, optical communication, modern chemical engineering, energy conservation and environmental protection, textiles, food, new materials, biopharmaceuticals, big data, artificial intelligence, software and information services, industrial internet, shipbuilding and marine engineering equipment, aerospace, etc., to promote the integration of relevant industrial chains and supply chains, and to help the development of the manufacturing industry usher in a new pattern.

This exhibition will collaborate with participating enterprises to promote the deep integration of advanced manufacturing, productive service, digital economy, and real economy through industrial clustering, high-end, digital, integrated, and green development based on market demand. During this period, rich and diversified themed exchange activities will also be held around automobiles and components, new energy vehicles, automation and robots, molds, sheet metal processing, green remanufacturing, school enterprise cooperation, Jiajihui, etc., to deeply explore more new products, technologies, and materials in the industry, and to create an industrial exhibition platform that integrates brand display, technical exchange, trade cooperation, and market development for participating enterprises around the "three new", Welcome all participating companies to bring new products to the exhibition.

Expected 800 exhibiting companies with an exhibition area of 60000 square meters and 30000 professional visitors


Exhibition setup time: September 8-9, 2024 AM08:30-PM18:00

September 10, 2023 AM08:30-PM21:00

Exhibition time: September 11-13, 2023 AM09:00-PM16:30

September 14, 2023 AM09:00-PM14:00

Dismantling time: September 14, 2023, starting at PM14:00

Conference activities

The 3rd Hubei Automotive Parts Production and Supply Chain Conference

Time: September 10, 2024 Location: Hotels surrounding Wuhan International Expo Center Scale: 400 people

In order to accelerate the deep integration of the automotive industry in Hubei and promote the rapid development of the automotive parts industry chain in Hubei, more than 20 industry associations represented by Wuhan, Shiyan, Xiangyang, Jingzhou, Suizhou, Huanggang, Huangshi, Macheng, etc., have joined hands to exchange ideas on the theme of "precise docking and innovative development", share new products, new technologies, and new materials in the automotive parts processing industry, and help promote the high-quality development of Hubei's automotive manufacturing industry.

2024 China (Wuhan) New Energy Vehicle Industry Innovation and Development Summit Forum (Main Forum)

Time: September 11, 2024 Location: Intercontinental Hotel Wuhan Scale: 400 people

Based in Hubei and radiating to the central region, the automobile manufacturing industry is taking advantage of this opportunity to develop. In order to accelerate the deep integration of the new energy vehicle industry and promote the development of the "four new and one large" industries, the forum focuses on new energy vehicles with the theme of "green, low-carbon, intelligent, and connected", sharing around intelligent connected and electric drive, and monitoring the development trends of the industry.

Meeting agenda:

1. Research on the Future Development Trends of Automobiles and Corresponding Strategies

2. Analysis of the Current Situation and Development Trends of the Intelligent Connected Vehicle Industry

3. Key manufacturing technologies and development trends of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

4. The Technical Route and Planning of Passenger Cars under the Background of "Dual Carbon"

5. The Application of Automotive Digitalization in New Energy Vehicles

Sub forum 1: Forum on Innovative Applications of Automotive Lightweight Technology and Related Materials

Time: September 11, 2024 Location: Forum Area of Wuhan International Expo Center Size: 200 People

Meeting agenda:

1. Development trends and applications of lightweight new materials and manufacturing technologies for new energy vehicles;

2. Research on Key Technologies of Lightweight Chassis for New Energy Vehicles;

3. Integrated die-casting technology and precision forming technology

4. A solution for improving the quality and efficiency of key automotive components

Sub forum 2: New Energy Vehicle Power Engineering and Manufacturing Technology Forum

Time: September 11, 2024 Location: Forum Area of Wuhan International Expo Center Size: 200 People

Meeting agenda:

1. Advanced Drive Assembly and Key Component Technology

2. Power battery manufacturing technology under the dual carbon background

3. Digital solutions help the automotive manufacturing industry

4. Solution for machining technology of new energy vehicle electric drive system housing

Forum 3: Smart Testing and Quality Control Technology Exchange Conference

Time: September 12, 2024 Location: Forum Area of Wuhan International Expo Center Size: 200 People

Meeting agenda:

1. Precision control of maximum intelligent manufacturing dimensions for power batteries

2. Case sharing of inspection and quality control during machining process

3. Advanced detection technology helps upgrade intelligent detection of new energy vehicles

4. High precision online detection technology and its application

Sub forum 4: Intelligent Connected Vehicles

Time: September 12, 2024 Location: Forum Area of Wuhan International Expo Center Size: 200 People

Meeting agenda:

1. Intelligent Connected Vehicle Decision and Control

2. The "Core" Era of New Energy Vehicles

3. Intelligent car human-computer interaction technology

4. Generative AI and Autonomous Driving

The 2nd Hubei Robot Industry High Quality Development Summit Forum

2024 Forum on Intelligent Warehousing and Industrial Flexible Logistics Technology

The Second Advanced Cutting Technology Application Exchange Conference

The 7th Hubei Mold Industry Development Summit Forum

The 2nd Advanced Laser Processing Technology Exchange Conference

The 2nd Hubei Province Green Remanufacturing and Maintenance Forum

2024 Hubei Electronic Intelligent Manufacturing Summit Forum

Jiajihui - Expert Consultation

Promotion and publicity

(1) A professional exhibition team strives to create a high-quality industry event

Professional exhibition planning elites, comprehensive and three-dimensional promotion, and professional buyers actively invite, aiming to create the most effective professional event in the industry. Various associations form groups to participate, making the exhibition scale and effect even higher.

(2) Comprehensive media promotion and multi-channel professional audience invitation

Multi media focus and comprehensive promotion and reporting - With the full participation of the media, the exhibition will spread more widely, achieve more prominent results, have more diverse highlights, and have a deeper impact through pre reporting, mid-term concentrated promotion, and continuous attention in the later stage. Conduct comprehensive publicity and promotion through television stations, print media, online media, new media, offline media, etc.

(3) Exhibition services

Building bridges between enterprises and users, and building industry B2B

Audience invitation: 10 years of accumulation, 100000 precise databases, invitation for joint exhibitions in three locations;

Community marketing: Building industry communities, covering automobiles, optoelectronics, mechanical manufacturing, home appliances, aerospace, biopharmaceuticals, healthcare, energy conservation and environmental protection, national defense and military industry, communication, shipbuilding, etc., calling on industries to push forward with millions of hands;

Customized promotion: Based on the needs of the enterprise, customize personalized promotional texts, advertising pages, H5 electronic invitation letters, etc;

Event planning: Provide packaging, reporting, and other services for large-scale events such as anniversaries, press conferences, and technical exchanges for participating enterprises;

Conference activities: Regularly initiate conference activities in various cities, such as visiting factories, sharing technical exchanges, etc;

Extension activities: Assist enterprises in conducting product promotion meetings, new product launches, procurement conferences, and other activities during the exhibition period;

Media special appointment: Engage in exclusive interviews with cooperating media to facilitate real-time exposure of the exhibition situation for enterprises.


Display content

Metal Cutting Machine Tool Exhibition:

·Metal cutting machine tools, tool fixtures, machine tool functional components, machine tool accessories, testing instruments and measuring tools

Metal Forming Machine Tool Exhibition:

·Sheet metal processing equipment, laser processing equipment, stamping machine tools, welding equipment and technology

·Other new mechanical processing technologies and equipment

Robotics and Automation Exhibition:

·Industrial robots and systems, industrial control automation, machine vision, intelligent warehousing and logistics

·Functional components and components

Exhibition of Automotive Engineering Technology and Equipment:

·New Energy Vehicle Power System · Battery, Motor, Electronic Control · Chassis Components · Lightweight Components · Automotive Interior and Exterior Decoration

·Automotive Electronics · Internet of Vehicles | Intelligent Driving · Intelligent Production Line · Charging Station, Battery Exchange Technology Equipment · Automotive Vehicle

Rubber and Packaging Industry Exhibition:

·Injection molding machines, plastic packaging machinery, auxiliary equipment and molds, raw materials, recycling and regeneration technology

Hubei Equipment Exhibition:

·High end intelligent manufacturing enterprises, green chemical enterprises, clothing and textile enterprises, home appliance enterprises, and agricultural machinery enterprises

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the exhibition organizer for implementation before participating in the exhibition.

The 12th Wuhan International Machine Tool Exhibition in 2024 - www.globalomp.com


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