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SEMl-e2024 6th Shenzhen International Semiconductor Technology and Application Exhibition

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2024/06/26 - 06/28 (Wed To Fri Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Guangdong Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (New Hall) ChinaGuangdong ProvinceShenzhen CityBao'an District No.1 Zhancheng Road, Fuhai Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen


China Communications Industry Association


China Communications Industry Association

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SEMl-e2024 6th Shenzhen International Semiconductor Technology and Application Exhibition - www.globalomp.com

SEMl-e2024 6th Shenzhen International Semiconductor Technology and Application Exhibition

Exhibition time: June 26-28, 2024 Exhibition location: Hall 4/6/8, New Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center


China Communications Industry Association

Jiangsu Semiconductor Industry Association

Zhejiang Semiconductor Industry Association

Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association

Chengdu Integrated Circuit Industry Association

Organizer: Shenzhen Zhongxin Materials Exhibition Co., Ltd

Organizer: Shanghai Yingdu Exhibition Co., Ltd

SEMI-e Exhibition Introduction:

The 6th Shenzhen International Semiconductor Technology and Application Exhibition (SEMI-e) in 2024 is jointly organized by China Communications Industry Association, Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association, Shenzhen Zhongxin Materials Exhibition Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Semiconductor Industry Association, Zhejiang Semiconductor Industry Association, Chengdu Integrated Circuit Industry Association, and other units. The 6th SEMI-el is dedicated to "computing" in "chips" and "enjoying the future with intelligence" As the theme, with an exhibition area of 60000 square meters and over 800 exhibitors, it is expected to have an audience of over 60000. This exhibition showcases various latest application solutions, including AI computing power, algorithms, storage, industrial control, automotive intelligence, Internet of Things, AI healthcare, education, and smart energy control, in addition to chip design and manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, packaging and testing, materials and equipment, components and testing.

Previous Review:

The SEMI-e exhibition covers an area of over 40000 meters and gathers 643 exhibitors. The exhibits cover seven major fields: electronic components, IC design&chips, wafer manufacturing and packaging, Mini/Micro LED, semiconductor equipment, semiconductor materials, and third-generation semiconductors. During the same period, more than 40 themed events were held, attracting 40757 people from the semiconductor industry, automotive new energy, consumer electronics, healthcare, and industrial control to visit and exchange, with a total of 73646 visitors. Changdian Technology, Huatian Technology, Tongfu Microelectronics, Huajin Semiconductor, Jiejie Microelectronics, Jiangbolong, BYD, Sanhuan Group, Shi Creativity, Jintaike, Duntai Technology, Heketai, Peidun, Wuxi Xinxiang, InnoTech, Basic Semiconductor, Gallium Future, Tianyu Semiconductor, Shuo Ke Crystal, Hantiancheng, Hebei Puxing, Senguoke, Gallium Future, Jiangsu Nenghuawei, Juneng Chuangxin, Shengguang Silicon Research, Shanghai Microelectronics Equipment Huagong Laser, Kaige Precision Machinery, Xinyichang Kaijiu, Jintuo/Silikon, Yuhuan CNC, Liande Semiconductor, Keenshi, High Vision, Vision Technology, Hunting Intelligence, Zhengye Technology, Aisin, Hanhong Precision, Nashe Intelligence, Sitek, Ennaki, Meiji Sensors, THK, Huazhuo Jingke, Senmei Xier and other enterprises all comprehensively showcased the new technologies, products, highlights, and trends of the semiconductor industry at this exhibition, Build a new ecosystem of communication and integration in the semiconductor industry.

Among them, companies such as Ansei Semiconductor, BYD Semiconductor, Foxconn, Huawei, Jiade New Energy, Yake Electronics, ZTE Communication, and Changan New Technology visited the site, as well as Yangjie Technology, Dongwei Semiconductor, Star Semiconductor, SMIC, Infineon, CRRC Times, Tianke Heda, Changjiang Storage, China Resources Micro, GAC Group, Intel, Microsoft China, Tencent, BYD, Ansemy, Donglong Automobile, and Xiaomi Automobile FAW Toyota, Cambrian, Ziguang Zhanrui, Zhongxin Microelectronics, Horizon, Zhongkexin (the 58th Research Institute of China Electronics Corporation), Zhaoyi Innovation, CR Microelectronics, Huahong, Shengbang Microelectronics, New Jieneng, Jichuang North, TCL Huaxing, Sanan Optoelectronics, CRRC Times, Tianke Heda, Shilan Microelectronics, Riyuguang, Pingtouge, Yifa Semiconductor, Volkswagen, Sony, OPPO, China Electric Construction Group Jiangxi Electric Construction, and Tianyue Advanced Representatives of professional buyers from Time Electric and others attended this exhibition to explore the charm of technology from zero distance and assist in the innovative development of the semiconductor industry.

SEMI-e Simultaneous Summit:

1. The 5th 5G&Semiconductor Industry Technology Summit in 2023

Inviting industry experts and enterprise representatives from various links such as semiconductor manufacturing materials and raw materials to exchange and share ideas on the diversified development and technological innovation of the semiconductor materials industry chain.

2. The 4th Third Generation Semiconductor Industry Development Summit Forum

Gathering experts and outstanding enterprise representatives from the third-generation semiconductor industry, showcasing the current status, development path, future trends, and capital trends of the third-generation semiconductor industry around hot topics such as hot applications, technological research and development, key products, and opportunities and challenges.

3. Artificial Intelligence Chip Development Conference

Invite experts and scholars from academia, industry, and government agencies to explore the latest developments and future trends in the field of artificial intelligence chips, promote innovation and development of artificial intelligence chip technology, and enhance the competitiveness and innovation of the artificial intelligence chip industry.

4. 2023 International Power Technology Industry Summit Forum

Focusing on the latest technologies, high-end and key scientific research achievements, new technologies and products in China's power supply industry, we aim to assist exhibitors and professional visitors in learning more about power supply technology related information and the latest trends.

4. 2023TWS Headphone Industry Summit Technology Forum

Focusing on the intelligent audio industry, showcasing the latest technologies and industry trends in intelligent headphones and digital audio, focusing on headphone product solutions and development directions, and promoting the healthy development of the audio industry chain.

Highlights of the 6th SEMI-e Exhibition in 2024:

1. Annual Industry Event

As the most influential semiconductor exhibition in South China, this year's exhibition is expected to attract more than 800 companies to participate, showcasing the semiconductor industry chain that integrates integrated circuits, electronic components, third-generation semiconductors, and industrial chain materials and equipment. The exhibition empowers enterprises to achieve trade cooperation and market development, strengthens the interaction between production, research and development, and sales, and provides comprehensive services and references for participating enterprises and visitors to gain a deeper understanding of the new trends in the future development of the semiconductor market.

2. Summit Forum Leading Industry Trends

Multiple forums were held simultaneously, covering topics such as integrated circuit chip design, semiconductor materials, 5G applications, intelligent consumer electronics, automotive electronics, wireless charging, etc. Experts and experts were gathered to discuss industry development trends, share information, and interact with hot topics.

3. Business pairing

The exhibition platform docking service has been upgraded. The organizer contacts VIP special invited buyers with clear procurement needs and supplier reserve needs before the exhibition to quickly identify exhibitors and improve your social accuracy by exploring clear procurement needs. Sincerely invite procurement leaders from both online and offline semiconductor industry users to meet and discuss one-on-one.

4. 100 media outlets promoting and reporting

SEMI-e focuses on shaping and promoting the brand of exhibitors. The full media matrix in consumer electronics, intelligent manufacturing, Internet of Things, automotive electronics, mobile phones, digital products, LED lighting, integrated circuits, 5G+, semiconductors, and other fields will be continuously promoted and reported in a comprehensive, multi angle, and three-dimensional manner before, during, and after the exhibition.


1. Design, chip, wafer manufacturing and packaging: Integrated circuit design and chip, wafer manufacturing, SiP advanced packaging, power device packaging and testing, MEMS packaging and testing, silicon wafer and IC packaging carrier board, packaging substrate and application manufacturing and testing, EDA, MCU, packaging substrate semiconductor materials and equipment and components, etc

2. Advanced materials: silicon wafers and silicon-based materials, photomask templates, electronic gases, photoresists and their supporting reagents, CMP polishing materials, target materials, packaging substrates, lead frames, bonding wires, ceramic substrates, chip bonding materials, etc

3. IC carrier board/ceramic substrate: IC carrier board and packaging process (substrate, copper and other structural materials, dry film, gold salt and other chemicals/consumables) Chiplet packaging technology, storage, MEMS and chip applications, materials and equipment. Ceramic substrates, packaging materials and equipment, etc

4. Semiconductor Display/Mini/Micro LED: OLED, AMOLED, Mini/Micro LED Display, Flexible Display and Materials and Equipment, etc

5. Semiconductor specific equipment and components: thinning machine, single product furnace, grinder, heat treatment equipment, lithography machine, etching machine, ion implantation equipment, CVD/PVD equipment, cleaning equipment, cutting machine, loading machine, bonding machine, testing machine, sorting machine, probe table and components, etc

6. Third generation semiconductors: nitride (GaN) and silicon carbide (SiC), zinc oxide (Zn0), diamond, wafer, substrate and epitaxy, power devices, IGBT packaging materials, RF devices and processing equipment, etc

7. Components: passive devices, semiconductor discrete devices/IGBT, 5G core components, special electronics, and components. Power management, sensors, storage devices, connector relays, cables, plug-in devices, crystal oscillators, resistors, display components, two tube and three tube filtering components, switches and component materials and equipment, etc

8. Machine vision and sensors: various sensing components, actuators, intelligent sensors, industrial sensors, sensor chips, sensor production and manufacturing equipment, accessories, etc

9: Power&Energy Storage Technology: Energy storage power supplies and sensors, battery management chips, power semiconductor devices and materials, related equipment, instruments and components, etc

10. Millimeter wave communication/laser communication/autonomous driving: products in various links of the automotive sensor supply chain, including millimeter wave communication modules, RF chips, antennas and high-frequency PCBs, high-frequency materials, production and assembly equipment, etc

11. Microelectronics Integrated Intelligent Manufacturing Zone: Electronic Automation, Machine Automation, Visual Inspection, Environmental Protection, Cleaning Equipment, Testing Equipment, Testing Instruments, Accessories, etc

12. AI and computing power, algorithms, storage, CPO co packaging: artificial intelligence chips, solutions, computing power chips and solutions, algorithm data storage, optoelectronic co packaging and technology and equipment, etc

13. Advanced packaging technology for automotive semiconductors/automotive specifications: automotive semiconductor control/computing chips, power semiconductors (IGBT and MOSFET), automotive SiC, power management chips, automotive electronic micro assembly and power devices, packaging and testing equipment, automation equipment, international semiconductor material suppliers, well-known equipment manufacturers, well-known packaging and testing, manufacturing, and OEM manufacturers, etc

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the exhibition organizer for implementation before participating in the exhibition.

SEMl-e2024 6th Shenzhen International Semiconductor Technology and Application Exhibition - www.globalomp.com


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