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2022 the 18th China Zhengzhou hardware electromechanical Expo

Industrial / Mechanical / Processing


2022/05/20 - 05/22 (Fri To Sun Total 3 Days)    Error Correction


Zhengzhou · Henan Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center ChinaHenanZhengzhou No. 1, Central Park, business inner ring road, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou, China


Haiming Exhibition


Zhengzhou haiminghuibo exhibition planning Co., Ltd



Since its establishment in 2014, China Zhengzhou hardware and electromechanical Expo (czhe) has relied on the advantages of Zhengzhou transportation hub and the strong momentum of economic development. Through professional, standardized and brand operation, the exhibition scale has increased for eight consecutive years. It has developed into a hardware and electromechanical brand exhibition in central and Western regions, radiating Henan, Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Hubei Hardware and electromechanical channel dealers / retailers and end users in equipment manufacturing, construction sites, decoration and other counties in 123 cities and 794 counties in 9 provinces, including Hunan, form a Midwest industry circle integrating exhibitions, DM magazines, training / conferences, online platforms and alliance chambers of Commerce, realize 3-day exhibitions and 365 day services, and build a comprehensive business service platform for the hardware and electromechanical industry.
In recent years, with the ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin becoming a national strategy, under the pattern of domestic circulation and domestic and international double circulation, the regional transportation advantages and domestic demand potential have been fully released, and the level of urbanization has been further improved; Under the guidance of the "fourteen, five" policy, the central and western regions will usher in a series of important opportunities for the development of manufacturing facilities, and strive to create a new development base for the central and western regions. At the same time, under the guidance of the "five open" policy, the central and western regions will continue to build advanced manufacturing facilities, and maintain the development capacity of the central and western regions.
The 2022 China Zhengzhou hardware and electromechanical Expo has seized the opportunity, focused on the "heart", joined hands with Zhenwei exhibition, hosted by authority, and supported by strong and strong joint resources. The exhibition scale has exceeded 70000 square meters (the whole museum). 13 exhibition halls on the first, second and third floors of Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center have been opened at the same time, forming a full category exhibition of industrial products in five exhibition areas, including hardware tools, electromechanical, welding, water pump and labor protection, Online new media + offline traditional channels continue to double investment, services continue to upgrade, and a series of measures such as market information manual, dealer lecture hall, wechat groups in various cities and online live broadcasting make it more convenient and efficient to serve the trade supply and demand docking of F-end (manufacturer), large b-end (agent / dealer), small b-end (secondary and tertiary dealers / retailers) and C-end (manufacturing factory and Construction Engineering), Build the most valuable trade platform for industrial products in the central and western regions.
[the flagship of industrial products in central and Western China has been greatly renewed and upgraded]
 sponsored by the authority and participated by the origin Association
China Machinery Industry Federation and Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd. will jointly act as the organizers of 2022 Zhengzhou hardware and electromechanical Expo, with the full support of nearly 30 hardware tools, electromechanical, welding, water pump and labor protection industry associations across the country. In the year of industry reform, Haiming exhibition will cooperate with authoritative sponsors, origin associations and other industry top forces to highly integrate resources and plan the exhibition from the perspective of the whole industry, so as to build an industry brand exhibition with greater investment, Hold the annual conference of the industry, show the whole category of the industry, invite industry brand manufacturers, invite national channel dealers, discuss the new online and offline models, collect the new products, resources, contacts, pain points, trends and ideas of the industry, and lead the development of the industry from the dimensions of products, trade, trends and models!
 focus on the whole category of industrial products, and brand manufacturers have settled in Rio Tinto's central and Western markets
The Expo uses 13 pavilions on the first floor, the second floor and the corridor on the third floor of Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, 70000 ㎡ super large-scale, five theme sub pavilions, forming five exhibition areas of hardware tools, electromechanical, welding, water pump and labor protection, covering hand tools, automobile protection tools, electric tools, pneumatic tools, generators, cleaning machines, electric welding machines, gardens, small agricultural machinery, abrasives, slings, wires and cables, standard parts, industrial and mining lighting Hardware products, pumps and motors, labor protection and other 20 categories are intensively displayed, focusing on the whole category of industrial products. It is expected that more than 1000 high-quality enterprises in the industry will participate in the exhibition, with nearly 10000 exhibits. The exhibits are more vertically subdivided to open up the closed-loop trade connection in circulation.
 segment the audience, upgrade the service and open up the trade gap in the central and Western markets
Relying on the advantages of Shanxi Province, Zhengzhou City and Hunan Province, the hardware and electrical resources distribution team of 792, Hubei Province and Shengeng city in 2024 will continue to cover more than 100 hardware and electrical resource distribution centers, relying on the advantages of Shanxi Province, Zhengzhou City and Hubei Province; Focus on inviting Henan and its surrounding industrial and mining manufacturing factories, construction projects, decoration and other end users to hold Zhengzhou Industry Expo at the same time to share huge end-user procurement decision-makers' resources.
Haiming Convention and exhibition has deeply cultivated the front-line market, established a perfect publisher network and webmaster system, returned first-hand market information in real time, and updated and improved the market analysis report and supplier manual in channel and terminal versions in real time, so as to provide a reference basis for developing the central and Western markets, understanding the central and Western markets and business decisions. It has been continuously provided to more than 3000 enterprises in the past two years.
 integrate precision marketing and improve the input-output ratio of enterprises participating in the exhibition
2022 Zhengzhou hardware and electromechanical Expo will adopt the dual integration mode of traditional and "digital and new exhibition", and carry out precise digital marketing through digital exhibition hall, online live broadcasting room and online community circle; Offline through the promotion of place of origin and diversified magazine advertising, outdoor advertising cooperate with each other. Tiktok Kwai will also share the promotional resources of its own matrix, and open up all kinds of information flow publicity for all participating enterprises through Baidu, Sohu, 360 search engines, new media platforms such as jitter, fast hand, friends circle, official account, etc. While publicizing the exhibition, pay more attention to the communication effect of exhibitors, carry out all-round accurate promotion of corporate brands and displayed products, pre exhibition publicity and promotion, accurate docking during the exhibition, post exhibition data report, visualize the communication effect, and improve the input and output of enterprises' exhibition expenses.

 the "fair" and "exhibition" are deeply integrated, gathering industry authorities and leading the development of the industry
2022 hardware and electromechanical industry innovation and development conference will focus on the hottest topic of the industry, gather the industry's most powerful leaders, and focus on: the road of online and offline transformation and integration of hardware and electromechanical industry; The way for dealers to survive in the future under the trend of channel circulation reform; Under the general trend of high-quality development, the road of upgrading industrial products and other multi-dimensional and deep-seated collision and exchange, talk about the innovation and development of the industry, guide the business direction of enterprises and find the right track; Kwai tiktok will also focus on the practical cases of "fast track platform" such as "shaking, fast, and live broadcasting", and decrypt the new marketing under the new media to help thousands of hardware people to see the future. The eighth session will focus on the new marketing of the fast flow platform.


■ hand tools: traditional hand tools, combined tools, automobile maintenance tools, tool kit, measuring tools and cutting tools;

■ electric tools: traditional electric tools, electric tool accessories;

■ pneumatic appliances, traditional accessories;

■ abrasive tools: grinding wheel blade, cutting blade, diamond saw blade, thousand blade wheel, abrasive cloth, sandpaper, cutting tools, etc;

■ garden tools: garden tools, garden machinery and accessories;

■ mechanical equipment: woodworking, cleaning equipment, cleaning equipment, packaging equipment, lifting slings, spraying equipment, hydraulic equipment and storage equipment;

■ hardware products: building hardware, decoration hardware, door and window hardware, plumbing hardware, bathroom hardware, standard fasteners;
■ mechanical and electrical products: pump valve fittings, air compressor, motor, generator, bearing, diesel engine;

■ welding equipment: electric welding equipment and equipment, gas welding and gas cutting equipment, welding materials and welding accessories;

■ labor protection: personal protection, safety production detection instruments and equipment, occupational clothing and materials;

■ other products: lubricating oil, rust remover, electrical materials, wires and cables, fire fighting equipment, etc.

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