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2021 Shenzhen International Film and tape Exhibition
Industry: Other Industry
Time: 2021/10/19 - 10/21 (Tues To Thur Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Shenzhen · Guangdong Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center ChinaGuangdongShenzhen 8 Jianguo Road, Fuhua 3rd road, Futian Central District, Shenzhen
Sponsor:Shanghai Lichuan Exhibition Co., Ltd
Organizer:Shanghai Lichuan Exhibition Co., Ltd
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Film & amp; tape Expo is a professional exhibition of functional film and adhesive products and related equipment and materials for high value-added application industries. After 14 years of development, it has accumulated more than 200000 high-quality buyers in the industry. In 2021, it is expected to attract 40000 R & D purchasing personnel and enterprise managers from die-cutting, touch / display panel, mobile phone / tablet computer, backlight module, flexible circuit board, home appliances, automobile assembly, medical beauty, photovoltaic / lithium and other industries at home and abroad, as well as more online professional visitors from the second space of the exhibition. Through the unique tap "special buyer plan, full business matching and all-round brand promotion service, Reed Exhibitions provides face-to-face communication and trade platform for enterprises to promote new products, establish brand image, expand new customers and conclude transactions.


Functional film
BOPET / BOPP / OPP / PET film, optical film, protective film, release film, release paper, OCA optical adhesive, hardening film, polyimide film, quantum dot film, OLED film, car clothing film, polarizer, new energy / lithium film, energy-saving window film, packaging film, water treatment film, decorative film, laser film, aluminum coating, pre coating, printing composite film, antibacterial film, graphene film, etc

Adhesive tape
Adhesive tape of various film, paper, cloth, foam, metal foil, composite materials, foam tape, double-sided tape, polyimide tape, Teflon tape, PVC tape, high temperature tape, butyl tape, insulating tape, stationery tape, medical tape, packaging tape, electrical tape, automobile harness tape, degradable tape, fiber tape, etc

Die cutting material
Shielding / insulation / heat conduction / conductive / dustproof / shockproof materials; foam / rubber / metal foil (copper and aluminum) materials; heat conduction interface materials, conductive adhesives, absorbing materials, AB glue, light guide plate, black-and-white glue, mesh, heat dissipation graphite fin

Chemical raw materials
Plastic masterbatch, polymer materials, silicone, fluorosilicone, hot melt adhesive, adhesive, release agent, polyurethane, silica gel, epoxy resin, defoamer, ink, coating, additives and other raw and auxiliary materials

Production equipment and accessories
Precision coating equipment, coating head, die-cutting machine, rewinder, stretching machine, laminating machine, slitting machine, slitting machine, UV curing drying, coating cots, filtering device, corona treatment, deviation correction system, defect detection, side thickness measurement, gravure printing machine, clutch, mold, roller, blade, molding machine, automatic cutting table, slicer, screen printing machine, wire drawing machine, surface printing machine Treatment equipment, dust-free workshop, protection system, cleaning equipment, waste gas treatment, factory treatment upgrade, etc

Costs & Precautions

Please contact with the organizer before the exhibition.


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  • E-mail:info@reedkuozhan.com
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