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Wuhu International Convention and Exhibition Center

Address:No. 187 Jiuhua South Road, Oujiang District, Wuhu City
Area:31000 M²
Location:China-Anhui Province-Wuhu-Qujiang District


Wuhu International Conference and Exhibition Center is located in Wuhu County, Wuhu City, Anhui Province. It is another key project of Wuhu city construction in 2006 and the leading project of the comprehensive development project of Wuhu Conference and Exhibition Center. The project has a construction area of 40,000 square meters and an investment of 200 million yuan. The total construction area of the comprehensive development project of the exhibition center is 1.3 million square meters, covering the convention and exhibition center, five-star hotels, high-end office buildings, large commercial buildings and large residential buildings of 1 million square meters. District, the total investment is expected to be 2 billion yuan. This project is jointly developed, developed and constructed by Wuhu Municipal Government and Anhui Anxing Jiecheng Real Estate Co., Ltd. It integrates comprehensive functions such as large-scale exhibitions, exhibitions, conferences, business, office, tourism, leisure, and residence. It is an area within Anhui Province. One of the largest, the most advanced facilities and the most complete functions of the convention and exhibition center, will also become a new landmark building in the future central urban area of Wuhu. And it uses a glass curtain wall of up to 7000 square meters, which is second to none in the province. It is worth mentioning that this type of vacuum low-e glass curtain wall called LOW-E not only has a good perspective effect, but also has the characteristics of energy saving, making this convention center a modern building with scientific and technological content.

        Since the venue was officially put into use in 2004, the Convention and Exhibition Center has successively hosted Chuangfu Fair, Travel Fair, Construction Fair, Science Fair, Youth Fair, Housing Fair, Medical Fair, etc.

Welcome to Wuhu Exhibition!

——Quality service

● Soft environment support: assist the agency in the approval and declaration procedures. During the exhibition, assist in contacting relevant government departments (such as: transportation, city appearance, industry and commerce, fire protection, etc.) for support and cooperation;

● Cooperate with the organizer to do a good job in the reception of exhibitors, and provide accommodation, catering, tourism, shopping, transportation, ticket and other services consulting and agency;

● Assist in coordinating various local industry associations and assist in inviting some guests for the opening ceremony;

● Assist in contacting the investment promotion office;

● Various forms of cooperation, soliciting exhibitions and jointly hosting exhibitions

● Free trial of some advertising spaces inside and outside the exhibition hall (must be installed and constructed in accordance with the advertising management regulations in the exhibition hall);

● The rental fee of the exhibition hall can be given different levels of discounts according to the area booked by the organizer. Specific preferential policies can be negotiated.

Pavilion size

The exhibition hall has a total of three venues A, B, and C (two floors), with an exhibition area of 31,000 square meters and a shared hall. In addition, there are a variety of supporting services such as large parking lots, conference rooms, business negotiation rooms and so on. It is located in the south of Wuhu City, with convenient transportation and beautiful environment.

The Wuhu International Convention and Exhibition Center is not only a large-scale exhibition center after the provincial capital Hefei, but also uses a glass curtain wall of up to 7,000 square meters. This type of vacuum low-e glass curtain wall, called LOW-E, not only has good perspective effects, but also has energy-saving features, making this convention center a modern building with scientific and technological content.

Hall parameters

meeting room

Conference area Capacity (load) Remarks

Lecture hall 500㎡ 320 people

International Conference Hall 452㎡ 186 people

Multifunctional Hall on the second floor 1647㎡ 720 people




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