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Shanghai sannoah Business Conference Center

Address:F1, square 118, Boshi Road, Putuo District, Shanghai
Area:1400 M²
Location:China-Shanghai City-Putuo District


[exhibition hall scale]

The largest venue area is nearly 1400, which can accommodate thousands of people. The smallest venue is a small conference room with 16 people. There is also a film and television lecture hall with excellent audio-visual effect and a luxurious circular board room.

[technical parameters]

Podium, lectern, left and right LCD (with remote control), screen selection room, mixing room, computer spotlight, computer head light, astigmatism light, imaging light, snowflake machine, spotlight, cigarette sprayer, bubble machine, 7000 resolution projector.

[conference room situation]

M1 conference room has a 10.8-meter space, the main venue is 1200 square meters, with 105 square meters of large VIP lounge and luxury stage lighting, all kinds of instruments required for performance.

It can be used for meeting or stage performance by thousands of people.




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