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Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center

Address:7575 Boyuan Road, Anting Town, Jiading District, Shanghai
Area:39890 M²
Location:China-Shanghai City-Jiading District


Shanghai Auto Exhibition Center is located in the Auto Expo Park in the core area of Shanghai International Auto City. It is jointly invested by Shanghai World Expo (Group) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai International Auto City Development Co., Ltd. with a total construction area of 60000 square meters. It is the first modern venue designed and built according to the characteristics of the auto industry in China. It is a strategy for Shanghai to build an auto industry center There are more than 1200 standard booths (3m × 3M).
Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center is a modern exhibition center with the overall architectural design provided by IFB, a famous German architectural design company. The center takes the relationship between "natural environment and sports" as the design concept, and integrates it with the Auto City Expo Park and the whole auto city. It will rely on the automobile industry and integrate exhibition, exhibition, conference, business, advertisement, catering and other services and facilities. It will not only provide a platform for domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers and parts manufacturers to display and exchange business, but also drive the development of related industries in the automobile city and realize the strategic goal of Shanghai becoming the center of China's automobile industry.  
Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center gathers various services and facilities such as exhibition, activity, meeting, office, advertisement, catering, etc. it can not only undertake large-scale automobile and parts exhibition and various professional exhibitions, but also hold various specifications of business conference, annual meeting of the company, new product conference, seminar, etc.

Exhibition hall scale
Covering an area of 39890 square meters, with a total construction area of more than 60000 square meters, it is composed of two 12000 square meters large space exhibition halls in the north and south, and a six floor above ground and one floor underground conference complex building in the middle, with all-round service functions of exhibition, conference, business office, catering, etc. The exhibition hall has 1628 standard booths of 3M × 3M and 500 parking spaces for motor vehicles.

The total construction area of Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center is 61510m2, including 24023m2 twin pavilions on both sides of the north and the south. It is a 55m span single-layer pillar free large space exhibition hall with a height of 11m. The plane layout of incomplete symmetry and the smooth arc design seek movement in the static, which well reflects the theme of movement; the walls inclined from the inside to the outside are all glass curtain walls and metal curtain walls. The silver gray aluminum panel has a full sense of future. The large area of glass curtain wall allows the external landscape to integrate into the internal display space to the maximum extent. The whole building moves in the "changing", organically combined with the surrounding buildings, vegetation, water and other landscapes.




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