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Kaohsiung exhibition hall

Address:806 No.39, Chenggong Second Road, qianzhen District, Kaohsiung City
Area:17900 M²
Location:China-Taiwan Province
Tel:886 7 213 1188


Kaohsiung Exhibition Center (KEC), located at the 13th largest port in the world, is the first multi-functional exhibition center in Taiwan. All exhibitions, international conferences, societies, annual meetings, banquets, concerts, product publishing and outdoor activities, Kaohsiung exhibition hall provides perfect venue selection.


Kaohsiung exhibition hall is located in the center of the new bay area of Asia, with superior transportation position and pleasant climate. With the planning and development of the surrounding key construction, Kaohsiung is rapidly transforming into a modern and convenient, vibrant and charming Ocean City in the subtropical region, providing the best business and leisure experience.


Kaohsiung exhibition hall is a green concept landmark exhibition hall built by an international green building team and operated by a professional exhibition group. It is expected to combine commerce, recreation, leisure and food to build Kaohsiung exhibition hall into a new tourist attraction in Asia and create a new exhibition experience.


The Kaohsiung Exhibition Center (KEC) is invested and built by the Ministry of economy and operated by Anyi International Exhibition Group. It is committed to building an international business and trade platform, promoting the sustainable development of industrial settlements and leading the exhibition city economy to another peak. Multi functional indoor, outdoor and waterfront activity space can stimulate creativity and fully meet the needs of exhibition!


The exhibition space includes indoor and outdoor exhibition areas, which can accommodate about 1500 standard stalls. The indoor exhibition hall is divided into two pavilions in the South and the north by the central street, which can be divided into two independent spaces elastically. It is suitable for flexible use of various types of exhibitions and activities. The outdoor exhibition hall also has the professional exhibition function. The unique harbor atmosphere connects the central street and the indoor exhibition hall, providing diversified and rich new exhibition experience!


Central street is an open public space, through which people can enter the exhibition hall directly to the water bank. In the street, select commercial beauty and international brands, set up interactive technology and art in the air corridor, match with the geometric changes of the natural projection of the roof, and perform the magic dance of light and shadow regularly. The conference space of the whole hall is designed with no column and high height, equipped with the latest audio-visual and banquet equipment, so as to enhance the sense of participation of participants, and the efficiency is 100%!


Meeting space is available for up to 4000 people, which can meet the flexible use of various types of meetings, including international conferences, seminars, conferences, corporate meetings, art and culture performances, wedding banquets and other activities.


Top conference facilities


  1. High tech sound insulation system to block noise and ensure high quality meeting

  2. Complete audio-visual equipment and lighting boom system

  3. International simultaneous translation support equipment (8 languages)

  4. The tables and chairs in the conference hall are in line with international standards, with non fixed settings, which can meet the needs of different activities

  5. Equipped with audio control room, VIP room, lecturer lounge, media center, etc., for meeting activities


Venue features


  1. The high-speed wireless network of the whole library can quickly attract unlimited business opportunities.

  2. The exhibition booth can be designed in a variety of ways.

  3. The floor of the exhibition hall bears 5 tons per square meter, which is suitable for large machinery and machinery exhibition.

  4. The eye-catching led billboard improves the best advertising effect of exhibitions and activities.

  5. Experienced international operation team provides excellent customer-oriented service.




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