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The 2024 Beijing Catering Ingredients and Prefabricated Dishes Exhibition will be held from May 25th to 27th in China

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The 2024 Beijing Catering Ingredients and Prefabricated Dishes Exhibition will be held from May 25th to 27th...


The BCFE 2024 China (Beijing) Catering Ingredients and Prefabricated Dishes Exhibition was grandly opened from May 25th to 27th, 2024 at the Beijing China International Exhibition CenterAt that time, it will attract various regions and major food ingredient production areas around the world, including seafood, pre made dishes, clean vegetable ingredients, meat and poultry ingredients, fruit and vegetable foods, seasoning and meal preparation, noodle ingredients, seasonings, fast food, salt products, fresh e-commerce, covering multiple projects such as catering ingredient raw materials, hotel supplies, ingredient machinery and equipment, supply chain services, catering chain franchising, and more than 1000 catering ingredient industry chain brand enterprises to participate in the exhibition. Beijing Food and Beverage Exhibition invites you to come and eat and drink!

The 27th BCFE 2024 China (Beijing) Food and Beverage Ingredients and Prefabricated Dishes Exhibition will grandly open from May 25th to 27th, 2024 at the Beijing China International Exhibition Center. It will attract over 1000 food and beverage industry chain brand enterprises from various regions and major food production areas around the world, including seafood, frozen products, pre made dishes, clean vegetable ingredients, hot pot ingredients, meat products, meal seasonings, fast food, salt products, fresh e-commerce, supply chain services, and catering chain franchises. Beijing Food Expo is coming soon, BCFE Food Expo looks forward to visiting: 18610288013

BCFE 2024 China (Beijing) Prefabricated Food and Beverage Expo

Prefabricated dishes | Seafood and seafood | Hot pot ingredients | Meat products | Pairing seasonings | Convenient foods

Annual Banquet of China's Catering Industry, Building a One Stop Procurement System for the Catering Industry

Time: May 25-27, 2024 Location: Beijing China International Exhibition Center

Organizer: Beijing Baiwei Exhibition Co., Ltd

Exhibition Introduction

The 2024 China (Beijing) Prefabricated Food and Beverage Expo will be held from May 25th to 27th at the Beijing China International Exhibition Center. As an international consumer city, Beijing's catering industry has significant internationalization characteristics, forming a distinctive catering ecosystem through continuous competition, development, and integration among various brands. It is truly a "food stage". The exhibition relies on the characteristics of Beijing's diversified, high-quality, and internationalized catering industry, gathering popular sub sectors such as pre made dishes, seafood, hot pot ingredients, and meat products. With the goal of "strengthening economic and trade cooperation and connecting international resources," the exhibition actively plays the role of organizational guidance and platform resource aggregation, providing opportunities for domestic and foreign producers, distributors, consumers, and other groups to negotiate distribution and trade cooperation, Rio Tinto expands the domestic and foreign catering consumer markets, helps various parties to increase marketing revenue, win-win industry dividends, and creates an international industry event that is efficient in attracting investment, interesting to visit, and high-end in thinking. It injects new ideas and formats into the development of the catering industry, wholeheartedly showcasing the beautiful international catering business card of "BCFE Beijing Meal Fair"!

Exhibition scale

The exhibition covers an area of over 50000 square meters and will feature over 1000 companies and 10 exhibition groups from 20 countries and regions, with an audience of over 60000.

【 Multiple buyers 】

1. Distributors, agents, distributors, retailers, chain franchisees, catering ingredient supply centers, catering ingredient e-commerce sales website platforms with strength and sales network terminals.

2. National large hotels and various chain hotels, trading companies, food traders, food purchasers, food wholesalers, food merchants, Chinese restaurants, Western restaurants, fast food restaurants, group meals, hot pot restaurants, tourist attractions, resorts, entertainment venues, central kitchens, large catering institutions, hotel investment management institutions, catering service enterprises, etc.

3. We sincerely invite the procurement principals of the top 100 domestic chain supermarkets to participate in this order meeting, which attracted hundreds of supermarket purchasers, including Wal Mart, Carrefour, Prescmart, RT Mart, Metro AG, Hualian, Wumart, Century Lianhua, Jingkelong, Auchan, Bufeng Lianhua, TESCO Group, and thousands of merchants in more than 100 large wholesale markets and agricultural and sideline products trading centers across the country, to be included in our key invitation list. Catering ingredient distribution chain stores and counters, community chain supermarkets and convenience stores, professional markets, etc.

4. Senior procurement personnel from hospitals, universities, military forces, aviation, railways, ships, cruise companies, government agencies and enterprises, and large enterprise groups; Financial institutions, commercial real estate developers, property owners, property management companies, hotel operators, training institutions, hotel design firms, etc. enter the venue for visits and procurement, helping exhibitors establish high-end industry networks, improve business expansion efficiency, and reduce cooperation transaction costs.

5. Various countries stationed in China and through cooperation with various industry associations, domestic and foreign food deep processing production enterprises, food production and processing bases, technical personnel and senior managers of enterprises, and professional buyers who assist in organizing exhibitions.

6. To build a display platform and effective trading environment for the catering ingredient industry, and assist exhibitors in expanding the booming Chinese catering market.

[Exhibition Scope]

Meat ingredients: frozen/frozen fresh meat, meat rolls, Rice-meat dumplings, ham, sausage, conditioning food and ready to eat products;

Fast food: fast food such as rice, soup, fast food, convenient Congee, prepared western food, rice dumpling, etc;

Self heating food: self heating hot pot, self heating barbecue, self heating rice, self heating rice noodles, self heating Rice noodles, self heating hot and sour noodles, self heating chaos, etc;

Instant food: cooked meat (braised products, ham sausages, lunch meat, hot dog sausages, etc.), substitute food (milkshakes, chicken breasts, energy bars, substitute sausages, etc.);

Salt products: Green low sodium salt, natural sea salt, low sodium deep well salt, deep well salt, low sodium bamboo salt, natural crystal salt, iodized refined salt, iodized bamboo salt, seaweed iodized salt, low sodium salt, and other various salt products.

Aquatic seafood: seafood frozen products, dried products, live products, seafood seasoned foods, and deep processed products, etc;

Poultry food: frozen poultry, divided poultry, poultry meat conditioning food, poultry meat deep processing food, egg products, etc;

Hot pot ingredients: soup, hot pot base, seasoning, dipping, hot pot seasoning products and fish paste products, frozen rice noodle products, wrapped noodle products, dish products, fruit and vegetable products, barbecue products, etc;

Vegetable mushroom: quick-frozen vegetables, conditioning dishes, Pickled vegetables, pickles, vegetable products and various edible mushroom dishes;

Other ingredients: alcoholic beverages, dairy products, soy products, rice/flour soup, Western food seasoning, hot pot seasoning, etc;

Prefabricated ingredients: aquatic products, meat and poultry, pastries, fruits and vegetables;

Food seasoning: edible oil, soy sauce, vinegar, Fermented bean curd chicken essence, chicken powder, chicken juice, monosodium glutamate, sauce, canned compound seasoning, etc;

Mechanical equipment: cooking equipment, food production and processing machinery, kitchen supplies, catering furniture, sterilization equipment, quick freezing equipment, packaging equipment, frozen and refrigerated fresh-keeping cabinets, low-temperature cold storage and food cold chain logistics services, etc;

Fresh food e-commerce: Internet plus catering materials supply chain B2B, fresh O2O procurement platform, group meal suppliers, agricultural and sideline products e-commerce and logistics distribution services;

Chain franchise: Chinese main course/Chinese fast food, Western main course/Western fast food, hot pot, coffee shop/snack food/beverage, etc;

BCFE Beijing Meal Club Registration Contact Office:

Beijing Baiwei Exhibition Co., Ltd

Address: No. 6 North Third Ring East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing - China International Exhibition Center

Contact information: 010-85377300 Fax: 010-86393178

Contact person: Chen Yan (Ms.) 18610288013 (VX synchronization)

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