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Wenzhou Museum

Address:491, Shifu Road, Lucheng District, Wenzhou City
Area:26000 M²
Location:China-Zhejiang Province-Wenzhou City-Lucheng District
Tel:0577-56988280 / 56988683


Wenzhou museum is a comprehensive local museum, founded in 1958, the original site in jiangxinyu. In 2003, the new building on the west side of century square was completed and officially opened to the public.

The architectural design of Wenzhou museum is inspired by the unique peaks and green mountains of Yandang Mountain and pursues the artistic charm of vigorous and simple. The gate is decorated with banyan stone, which means Wenzhou People's diligent labor and indomitable spirit of development and innovation. On the wall of the granite in the middle hall, nine Chinese traditional mythological murals are hung, which are about Pangu Kaitian, Nuwa mending the sky, Kua Fu chasing the sun, Jingwei reclamation, Houyi chasing the sun, Chang'e running to the moon, Shennong Fuxi, Suiren taking fire, Dayu controlling the water, trying to show the profundity and profundity of Chinese civilization.

The museum has more than 20000 cultural relics, including 20 categories such as ceramics, bronzes, colored sculptures, brick carvings, lacquerware, calligraphy and painting, etc., and is especially characterized by ceramics, colored sculptures, calligraphy and painting. The main boutiques are as follows: the land purchase certificate of Xue, the wife of Zhu man in the Eastern Jin Dynasty unearthed in Yishan, the scriptures of Tang Dynasty unearthed in Jinsha tower, the colored sculptures of Northern Song Dynasty unearthed in Baixiang tower, and the Celadon of Northern Song Dynasty unearthed in Xishan.

The building area of the museum is about 26000 square meters, and the total exhibition area is 8000 square meters. With an area of 2100 square meters, the museum displays the 5000 year historical footprints of "Wenzhou people". It also has six special exhibitions, including calligraphy and painting Museum, Ceramic Museum, nature museum and Craft Museum. The exhibition makes full use of space combination to make a breakthrough and innovation in content design and art form, so that a large number of cultural treasures can be fully displayed and cultural relics connotation can be further explored, so that more audiences love traditional culture and are familiar with Wenzhou history.

Wenzhou Museum in progress takes the implementation of fine exhibition as the entry point, actively carries out various functions such as cultural relics collection and protection, academic research and social education, and strives to integrate modern, scientific and professional management with advanced museums at home and abroad, and create a beautiful tomorrow together!  

Exhibition hall scale
The building area of the museum is about 26000 square meters, and the total exhibition area is 8000 square meters.




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