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Zhejiang science and Technology Museum

Address:No.1, block a, West Lake Cultural Plaza, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou
Area:30452 M²
Location:China-Zhejiang Province-Hangzhou City-Xiacheng District


Zhejiang science and Technology Museum is located in block a, West Lake Cultural Square, Hangzhou. The overall building is marked by a giant sphere at the southwest corner, with a total construction area of 30452 square meters. Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Museum is a science popularization education institution that carries out science popularization exhibitions, science and technology training, youth science and technology competitions and other activities for the public. It is a national science popularization education base and National Youth Science and technology education base.

Zhejiang science and Technology Museum has 10 permanent exhibition areas, including space travel, earth exploration, undersea tour, material world, information Vientiane, life wonders, energy light, intelligent crystallization (robot), basic science and children's science and Technology Park, with more than 100 exhibition items and more than 300 exhibits, including several basic scientific principles, such as physics, chemistry, nature, earth and biology, which are involved Knowledge in more than ten disciplines including life science, environmental science, material science, aerospace technology, energy technology, information technology, etc. Among them, the exhibition of traditional Chinese medicine and chemistry is the first in the domestic science and Technology Museum.

In addition to the top ten permanent exhibition areas, Zhejiang science and technology museum also has public science popularization facilities, such as science popularization report hall, academic exchange hall, science popularization studio, Zhejiang academician hall, youth science and technology training laboratory, with "science Zhejiang" as the main line.

There are two characteristic cinemas in Zhejiang science and Technology Museum, among which the immersive cinema with a diameter of 30 meters in a giant ball, as a landmark building, is introduced from the United States with a full set of equipment. The special screen completely covers the audience's vision. 4D special effect cinema is equipped with the most advanced digital projection equipment and control system with more than ten special effect functions.

Zhejiang science and Technology Museum will continue to enrich the content, expand the means and improve the service level, so that Zhejiang science and Technology Museum will truly become an important position to carry forward scientific spirit, advocate scientific methods, spread scientific ideas and popularize scientific knowledge!

Conference Room
The new hall is equipped with large-scale lecture hall (400 square meters, 330 seats), international academic exchange hall (254 square meters, 3-way simultaneous interpretation equipment, 90 seats), multi-functional hall, VIP reception room and conference room. It is an ideal place for you to hold all kinds of small and medium-sized meetings, business negotiations, academic exchanges and lectures 。 Welcome to inquire about conference business.    




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