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China Taiyuan Coal Trading Center (International Convention and Exhibition Center)

Address:Shanxi International Exhibition Center, Guangbo Street, Wanberin District, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province
Area:52000 M²
Location:China-Shanxi Province-Taiyuan City-Wan Berlin District
Tel:0351-6866666 / 6829903 / 6829955


Shanxi International Exhibition Center is a subsidiary of China (Taiyuan) Coal Trading Center, located in the middle of the site. The "UFO" (also similar to the ancient "Jade") architectural shape of the exhibition center represents the new concept of the development of the convention and exhibition industry under the background of modern technology and the good meaning of "raising up to 90,000 miles." It has a distinctive urban landmark. The complex and exquisite "double-layer intersecting pipe truss steel structure system" is the first application in Shanxi, and the "glass curtain cable dome structure" in the central exhibition hall is also rare in the country, which contains the Shanxi Good vision.

        Shanxi International Exhibition Center integrates various functions such as exhibition, conference, information exchange, business negotiation, etc., and can provide customers with one-stop business, advertising, decoration, catering, leisure, entertainment, tourism, parking, transportation, storage, office, etc. service.

Pavilion size

        The appearance of the building is a dish-shaped hostel-shaped plane, with a construction area of 52,000 square meters and a use area of 36,300 square meters. The clear height of the center of the exhibition hall is 25 meters and the clear height of the edges is 12 meters. The entire exhibition hall can be divided into six independent exhibition areas and a central exhibition area. Each exhibition area is connected to the registration hall through an 18-meter public corridor surrounding the central exhibition area. The circular central exhibition area is 50 meters in diameter. The remaining six exhibition areas and registration halls are fan-shaped. Expand. The interior of the exhibition hall can be divided by activity partitions, and independent exhibition areas with different areas can be provided according to the needs of the exhibitors. The ground floor load of the exhibition area is 5 tons / square meter, and there are negotiation rooms, bathrooms and equipment rooms in the surrounding area. The registration hall covers an area of 3600 square meters and serves as the opening etiquette service hall. It also takes care of ticket sales and other registration facilities. The wide hall space is equipped with a 21-meter-wide by 12-meter-high (252-square-meter) LED LCD screen (the largest indoor LED in the country). LCD screen), is an important information release platform during the exhibition, 48 temporary standard booths can be set in the registration hall. The east side of the registration hall is the 1 # exhibition area. The remaining exhibition areas are sorted counterclockwise. The central exhibition area is located in the center of the exhibition hall. 1 # and 6 # are multi-functional exhibition areas with an area of 6380 square meters, and 220 standard booths can be arranged; 2 #, 3 #, 4 # and 5 # are standard zones with an area of 4580 square meters each. There can be 152 standard booths in the exhibition area. The central exhibition area is a circular area surrounded by aluminum alloy. The roof is equipped with a cable dome glass screen roof (the most distinctive hall roof structure in Shanxi) with a shading system. It covers an area of 1,660 square meters and can accommodate 80 standard booths.

meeting room

        The 6 # exhibition area has 2 negotiation rooms, and the other exhibition area has 1 negotiation room, both of which are 35 square meters. There are 6 conference rooms ranging from 50 square meters to 90 square meters in the second floor of the login hall. There are two VIP rooms of 50 square meters, and there are 6 VIP rooms of 50 square meters to 90 square meters on the second floor.




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