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Shanxi Provincial Exhibition Hall

Address:No. 12, xinjinci Road, Wanbailin District, Taiyuan City
Area:300000 M²
Location:China-Shanxi Province-Taiyuan City-Wanbailin District


Shanxi Provincial Exhibition Hall is a window unit to display the achievements of politics, economy, culture and science and technology in Shanxi Province, a platform to publicize the achievements of transformation and development in Shanxi Province, and the earliest comprehensive exhibition base in Shanxi Province.
Shanxi Provincial Exhibition Hall is located at No. 12, xinjinci Road, Wanbailin District, Taiyuan City, covering an area of about 200000 m2. It is a full-time institution under the department level and subordinate to the economic and Information Commission of Shanxi Province. Currently, there are 12 departments, namely, office; Party Engineering Department; personnel department; finance department; development and cooperation department; administration department; retirement management department; security department; Landscape Architecture Department; exhibition business department; exhibition operation Department; exhibition reception department.
After the merger of the two pavilions in 1983, with the support of the provincial government and the provincial Economic Committee, we invested 20 million yuan to build an indoor exhibition hall with an area of 26000 m2, which can accommodate 700 international standard booths. In 2007, on the basis of the original main exhibition hall, two new light steel structure exhibition halls with an area of 3000 m2 and 8000 M2 were built in the north and south of the museum, and the outdoor square with an area of nearly 30000 m2 was hardened and beautified. In 2011, 15000 M2 auxiliary exhibition hall was built in the north square of our museum, which can provide catering, accommodation and other supporting services for the exhibition. In 2012, on the basis of 8000 m2 of North exhibition hall, the new building area of our museum was 6000 m2 through additional storey reconstruction. At present, our museum can provide 40000 M2 indoor exhibition area and 2000 standard booths. There are 20 exhibition halls, 2 VIP rooms and 3 reception rooms. In addition, there is a report hall for 150 people, 2 restaurants with a total of 3000 m2 and a hotel. The exhibition hall has complete water, electricity, gas, broadcasting, communication, fire fighting and security inspection equipment, and complete supporting facilities. The outdoor exhibition hall can display large-scale mechanical equipment. After years of continuous transformation, the exhibition facilities of our museum are becoming more and more perfect in various functions, fully equipped to undertake large-scale domestic and international exhibition activities.
Since its establishment, our museum has become the largest exhibition base and important window for promoting and serving the economic, political and cultural construction of Shanxi Province. At the same time, the professional exhibition design and production team of our museum has undertaken a large number of design tasks for exhibition in Shanxi Province, made outstanding contributions to the exhibition economy of Shanxi Province, and promoted the economic development of Shanxi Province.

Since 1984, as the exhibition base of Shanxi Province, the exhibition hall has undertaken a large number of exhibitions, including "one session for one" and "two sessions for one session" sponsored by the Shanxi provincial government, famous, special and new commodity fair, Yingchun commodity fair, Shanxi commodity fair, National Medical Equipment Fair, Textile Fair, cultural goods fair, teaching equipment order Fairs and other large-scale exhibitions. At the same time, it also undertook the exhibition tasks of participating in and arranging exhibitions in other provinces, participated in the 99 Kunming Horticultural Exposition, the 50 year achievement exhibition of the founding of the people's Republic of China, the achievement exhibition of the reform and development of state-owned enterprises, the achievement exhibition of utilizing foreign capital in the 20 years of reform and opening up, China International Agricultural Exposition, China International High and new technology achievement fair, East and West Trade Fair, Jinci Museum Cultural Relics Exhibition, 2004 China domestic tourism Tourism fair, the first China International Service Industry Conference and exhibition, China international agricultural products deep processing and food agriculture exhibition, China International Tourism Fair, national safety production exhibition, National Energy Saving Society exhibition, China domestic tourism fair, 2007, 2008, 2010 China (Dayuan) International Coal and energy new industry exposition and other large-scale exhibitions.

Exhibition hall scale
Covering an area of 300000 m2, the museum is located at the first section of Jinci Road, Taiyuan City, on the west side of Fenhe River, 3km from Yingze street, 17km from Jinci tourist attraction, 8km from Taiyuan railway station and 18km from Taiyuan airport. There is a new exhibition place with complete functions, complete facilities, covering an area of 50000 m2 and a building area of 26000 m2. The indoor exhibition hall and the basement are divided into three floors and 18 pavilions, which can accommodate 700 international standard booths of 3 × 3M2. The outdoor exhibition hall has an area of 15000 M2, which can provide exhibition of large-scale mechanical equipment.  




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