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Beijing Badaling International Convention and Exhibition Center

Address:65 Qingyuan street, Yanqing Town, Yanqing District, Beijing
Area:41000 M²
Location:China-Beijing City-Yanqing District
Tel:010-56766309 / 010-56766312 / 010-56766309


Badaling International Convention and Exhibition Center has successfully held 2014 Beijing Yanqing International Wine Expo since it was officially put into use in June 2014. During the 2015 World Potato Congress, the 17th China Potato Congress, 2015 Beijing World Potato Congress, the 6th China International Potato Industry Expo, and the international seminar on potato staple products and industrial development of the Ministry of agriculture were successfully held, presenting the grand occasion of "four in one" of the world potato conferences for the first time. At the same time, I also successfully held the third and fourth Beijing Bicycle Culture Festival. Through the holding of world-class international exhibitions, Badaling International Convention and Exhibition Center has accumulated rich experience in exhibition security, conference operation, peripheral services and other aspects. Both software and hardware facilities have been tested by large-scale exhibitions and have the conditions for holding international exhibitions.

Badaling International Convention and Exhibition Center is located at No. 63, Qingyuan street, Yanqing District, covering an area of 330 Mu and a building area of 41000 square meters. It is composed of conference center and three exhibition halls a, B and C. The internal service flow lines such as move in and move out are portable and orderly, and trucks can enter all exhibition halls.

The conference center has four floors and a total construction area of 11000 square meters. The first floor is the reception hall, which can hold press conference, product promotion meeting, opening and closing ceremony, award ceremony, wedding banquet and other activities. 2、 The third floor is the conference hall, which can provide 11 conference rooms for 20-500 people,. The banquet hall on the fourth floor can be used by 230 people.

The total construction area of three pavilions a, B and C is 30000 square meters, the total exhibition area is 18000 square meters, and 768 standard booths can be arranged. Among them, a and B management committee have no column type professional exhibition hall, and C hall is divided into six exhibition areas C1-C6 according to different positions.

Badaling International Convention and Exhibition Center has convenient transportation, hotels, parks and other service and leisure places.

By holding a series of world-class and national high-level exhibition activities, Badaling International Convention and Exhibition Center has the strength to hold all kinds of exhibitions, conference services and training activities in terms of software and hardware. In the future, Badaling International Convention and Exhibition Center will increase cooperation with Rome Convention and Exhibition Center and adhere to the principles of internationalization, branding and specialization. We will further promote the sustainable use of venue resources, develop in line with the world horticultural exposition, Winter Olympic Games and other green development events, extend the industrial chain, and create international high-end and professional exhibitions for gardening, flowers and snow; make bigger and stronger brand exhibitions such as bicycle Expo, potato Expo, grape wine Expo, etc.; and actively use Yanqing's industrial advantages to cultivate equestrian skills Expo, pollution-free green food expo, new energy industry expo and other professional exhibitions.

Badaling International Convention and Exhibition Center will rely on good geographical conditions, rich tourism resources and prosperous ecological culture, take advantage of the opportunity of coordinated development of Beijing's "Asian Convention and Exhibition Capital" and Beijing Tianjin Hebei integration, increase the comprehensive benefits of the Convention and exhibition industry, drive the regional economic development, and add a lot of color to the vigorous development of China's Convention and exhibition industry.




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