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Shenyang International Exhibition Center

Address:A, No.19, Yingpan West Street, Dongling District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province
Area:450000 M²
Location:China-Liaoning Province-Shenyang City


Shenyang (International) Exhibition Center, with its unique architectural style and overall magnificent momentum, is located in Shenyang, the economic center of Northeast China. Located in the beautiful Hunnan New District, south end of the Youth Street, Jingguan Road, three five-star foreign-related hotels - "Royal Marriott Hotel", "Lido Sheraton" and "Green Island Forest Park" are nearby. It is the intersection of Shenyang Second Ring Road, ring expressway, airport expressway, Shenyang Dalian Expressway, Shenyang Benxi Expressway and other major traffic roads. The traffic conditions are extremely convenient and the geographical location is superior. The driving time from the Convention and Exhibition Center to the railway station, express passenger station, Taoxian International Airport, high, middle and low-grade hotels and other major areas in the city is no more than 30 minutes. It is an ideal place for holding large-scale international business conferences, economic negotiations and trade exhibitions.

Shenyang (International) Exhibition Center is the first modern exhibition hall with high standard, large scale and multi-function in Northeast China. The main body covers an area of 450000 square meters, with a building area of 103000 square meters. The exhibition area of the exhibition center is divided into indoor and outdoor parts, which can meet different exhibition needs. The indoor and outdoor exhibition areas are 50000 square meters of high standard exhibition area and 30000 square meters of large parking lot.

Shenyang (International) Convention and Exhibition Center, the main building adopts the international popular light steel structure, with a span of 50m and a lifting frame of 17m, a large area of daylighting belt on the top, a central air conditioning and advanced automatic fire alarm system inside, with complete functions and reasonable layout, which can undertake large-scale exhibitions, economic and trade negotiations, commodity transactions, information exchanges and E-commerce and other industries and categories of exhibitions have become an important window for cooperation and exchange between Shenyang region and the international community.  

Shenyang (International) Exhibition Center, with complete facilities, VIP room, conference hall of various styles, business center, catering and leisure center, multi-functional hall, bank, etc. Its completion has ended the history of Shenyang's inability to host large-scale international and domestic exhibitions due to its lack of modern exhibition venues, "2001 National Plastic doors and windows and related products exhibition", "87th China cultural goods fair", "Shenyang 2nd International Automobile Industry Fair", "3rd Shenyang Commodity Fair", "National Agricultural Machinery Fair", "22nd National Pharmaceutical Machinery Fair" The Expo, the 9th National Furniture Exhibition, China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo and other large exhibition conferences have been held here.

Exhibition hall scale
Shenyang (International) Convention and Exhibition Center has a usable area of 40000 square meters, 2000 standard booths, the main body of which is an internationally popular light steel structure, with a span of 50 meters and a lifting frame of 17 meters. It is equipped with a large area of daylighting belt on the top and a central air conditioning system, with complete functions and reasonable layout. It can undertake large-scale exhibitions, economic and trade negotiations held by the state and local governments Trade fair, information exchange and e-commerce.




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