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Dalian Modern Museum

Address:No. 10 Huizhan Road, Shahekou District, Dalian
Area:30400 M²
Location:China-Liaoning Province-Dalian-Shahekou District


Dalian Modern Museum is located in Xinghai Bay in the south of the city. It is a large cultural facility built by the Dalian Municipal Government at the turn of the century. Construction began in November 1999 and opened to the public in March 2002. The main building has four floors above ground and one underground, with a construction area of 30,400 square meters and a display area of 15,000 square meters. Now it is "National Second-level Museum", "National 4A-level Tourist Scenic Spot", "National Science Education Base", "Provincial and City Patriotism Education Base" and "Provincial and City Science Education Base".

        At the beginning of the opening of the museum, the basic display in the museum was divided into four major themes: "urban style", "flying economy", "romantic capital" and "century look back", showing the achievements of Dalian's urban construction and social development .

        In order to adapt to the new situation, the city government decided in 2007 to modify the modern museum. On April 28, 2013, the basic exhibition "Modern Dalian", which took 6 years to prepare, was open to the public. The entire exhibition area is more than 3,000 square meters, and the tour line is 500 meters long. The entire exhibition is based on the theme of presenting the history of Dalian from 1840 to 1949. The contents are divided into "the development of the Dalian University and the construction of coastal defense", "the University of China during the Sino-Japanese Sino-Japanese War", "the lease of Russian universities and the formation of port cities", The seven units of "Japanese-Russian War and Japanese Colonial Rule", "Multicultural Communication and Fusion", "Rebellion of the Dalian People in Modern Times" and "Dalian Liberation and Establishment of the People's Power" exhibited more than 1,300 cultural relics and historical photos More than 800 charts. "Modern Dalian" is a comprehensive exhibition that comprehensively displays the century-old history of the city, and is a window for audiences at home and abroad to understand the history and culture of modern Dalian.

        In addition to the basic display, the museum also opened a number of special exhibition halls and temporary exhibition halls on the first and fourth floors to undertake various scale themed cultural relics exhibitions and art treasure exhibitions at home and abroad. Since 2007, the museum has successively held "The Relics of the Qing Palace", "Eternal Chang'an", "The Jin Dynasty's Heroes", "The Peninsula's Ancient Charm", "The Thousand Worlds", and "The National Major Historical Theme Art Creation Works Dalian Tour Exhibition". , "Silk Road", "Celebrities and Famous Guns", "East Wind and West", "Ambilight", "Central Plains and Shangzhou Civilization", "Crossing the West", "Contemporary American Realistic Oil Painting", "Khitan Fenghua", Large-scale exhibitions such as "Zero Painting as a Whole", "Three Gorges Qinyun" and "Wonderland Sanskrit". At the same time, there are also art exhibitions in Japan, the United States, Russia, Croatia, Belgium and other countries. 6 million Dalian citizens can enjoy high-level art exhibitions without leaving home.

        The Dalian Modern Museum is a window for understanding the history and culture of the city since the opening of modern Dalian. Welcome friends at home and abroad to enter the Dalian Modern Museum.

Pavilion size

        It covers an area of 21,600 square meters, with a construction area of 30,400 square meters, an exhibition area of 15,000 square meters, and a basement floor with 1,700 square meters of parking lot, storage room, equipment room and office. Four floors above the ground, for the lobby and exhibition hall. There are exhibition facilities, academic lecture halls, multimedia retrieval rooms, cafes and shopping malls in the museum. There is a temporary exhibition hall of 1000 square meters on the fourth floor.




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