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Taizhou International Expo Center (China Medical City Convention and Exhibition Center)

Address:No.388 Taizhou Avenue, Hailing District, Taizhou City
Location:China-Jiangsu Province-Taizhou-Hailing District
Tel:0523-86201999 / 18036789802


        China Medical City Convention and Exhibition Center is located in China's first national pharmaceutical high-tech zone, the eastern core area of China Medical City (Convention and Trade Zone). It is a modern venue with advanced facilities and complete functions. Cathay Pacific Convention and Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. operates.

         The shape of the China Medical City Convention and Exhibition Center is inspired by the structure of human cells, which highlights a distinct medical theme. The venue has four functions: exhibition display, professional transaction, international conference and comprehensive supporting facilities. The total construction area of the Expo Center is 166,600 square meters, the total indoor exhibition area is 67,488 square meters, and the net outdoor exhibition area is 10,000 square meters. The first phase of the Expo Center has a construction area of 61,000 square meters and a total exhibition area of 24,488 square meters. The main stadium is 11,880 square meters (the front hall is 2,100 square meters, the back hall is 8,400 square meters, and the second floor is 1,380 square meters. The column-free design has a net height of 16.2 meters); The 3rd floor of Hall 3B is 3850m2 and the second floor is 4098m2 (with 192m2 LED display, which can also meet the meeting needs of 2,500 people); the 8th floor is 2330m2 and the second floor is 2330m2. The Expo Center Phase II has a construction area of 105,400 square meters and a total exhibition area of 43,000 square meters.


Very large scale

        The indoor exhibition area is 67,000 square meters, which can accommodate 4,500 standard booths. The 16-meter-high pillar-free main exhibition hall can meet the needs of various special installations and displays. There are 42 meeting rooms and dozens of negotiation rooms, of which the main meeting room can meet the meeting needs of 2,500 people. The catering center has a 3000 m2 hall and 8 private rooms.

Advanced facilities

        The central square adopts DESFINE DS97 outdoor all-weather long-range sound, and DE, DR, DQ series audio is used in meeting rooms, multi-function halls and banquet halls, which meets the first-class standard for both voice and music. Thousands of people's main conference hall has a large LED display of 192 square meters. In addition, modern, intelligent, and humanized supporting facilities such as access control, security inspection, fire protection, and monitoring provide a powerful guarantee for comfortable and efficient convention and exhibition business activities.

professional team

        An efficient and dynamic professional team, composed of high-quality leaders, experienced exhibition planners, professional project personnel who understand the professional market and exhibition organization process, professional designers and skilled professional and technical workers. With rich practical experience and rigorous management system, we provide comprehensive, thoughtful and meticulous services to our customers and exhibitors.




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