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Yancheng International Exhibition Center

Address:Huangshan Road 9, Tinghu District, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province
Area:50000 M²
Location:China-Jiangsu Province-yancheng-Ting Hu District
Tel:0515-8996 7982


Yancheng International Exhibition Center is located in the east area of Yancheng Economic Development Zone on the Yellow Sea. It is a landmark building in Yancheng city with beautiful shape, modern facilities, magnificent volume and complete functions. It integrates exhibition, conference, information, tourism and entertainment, and is a large-scale intelligent exhibition hall built according to the functions of contemporary international exhibitions. With complete supporting facilities, it has the ability to host single international expositions and national fairs.  

Yancheng International Exhibition Center has convenient transportation, about 3km to the East, to the Coastal Expressway intersection, and to the north, to Yancheng Nanyang Airport. It is only 6km away from Yancheng railway station and bus station, adjacent to China Merchants Building of national economic and Technological Development Zone, Tinghu district government, Yancheng International Software Park, across the road from Yueda Kia company, surrounded by many well-known enterprises at home and abroad, It has perfect supporting facilities and unique regional location. There are BRT lines nearby to connect the national exhibition center with the city center.  

Yancheng International Convention and Exhibition Center covers an area of 219 mu, with a total construction area of 50000 square meters. It is distributed according to three pavilions a, B and C, which are relatively independent and integrated. It is equipped with exhibition, conference, business activities and other functional areas. The largest single exhibition area is 14000 square meters, with 1000 international standard booths; there are 3600 square meters of small exhibition halls, all of which are large-span steel structure buildings (net height of 11 meters). In addition, there are two outdoor exhibition halls in the West and south of the building, and platforms are set at the main entrances in the East, West and south to hold various etiquette activities. The west square covers an area of about 100000 square meters and is suitable for holding all kinds of major festivals and events.  

The supporting facilities of the booth are complete and designed according to the international practice, which can be independently opened to the outside world. Through PDS integrated wiring, strong current, weak current, information, communication, water supply, drainage, compressed air, etc. will arrive at each booth through the underground pipe ditch, with complete facilities and thoughtful service, which is enough to meet the needs of various types of exhibitions.  

Yancheng International Convention and Exhibition Center is a multi-functional and large-scale intelligent exhibition place. It has a large 3000 square meters pillar free multi-functional hall in Jiangsu Province, which has international first-class conference functions. It can hold large-scale international seminars, exchanges, lectures and conferences with 1300 people, equipped with high-end video, professional stage lighting system, sound system and other facilities, and equipped with 20 people's VI P VIP lounge, successfully held 2009-2012 China Yancheng Red Crowned Crane International Wetland Ecotourism Festival and coastal development economic and trade fair, 2010 Lang Xianping Economic Forum, the second national software and service outsourcing annual meeting, 2012 China Eastern Coastal (Yancheng) First International Auto Expo Summit Forum and other series of activities.  

Yancheng International Convention and Exhibition Center is an important platform for Yancheng City to build a modern automobile city in the east coast of China, accelerate the construction of the core area of the modern city, and actively develop the exhibition economy and exhibition culture. Yancheng city's important window to connect with Shanghai and undertake the radiation of Shanghai will play an active role in the common development and promotion of Jiangsu coastal development in the Yangtze River Delta region.

Conference Room
The conference hall (the second floor of hall a) covers an area of nearly 2350 square meters. It can hold 1500 people's large-scale international seminars, exchanges, lectures and conferences. It is currently a large pillar free multi-functional hall in Jiangsu Province.  




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