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Changshu International Convention and Exhibition Center

Address:1 Kaiyuan Avenue, Changshu, Suzhou
Area:53600 M²
Location:China-Jiangsu Province-Suzhou City-Changshou City


Changshu is located in the southeast of Jiangsu Province, in the Yangtze River Delta economic developed area. Shanghai to the East, Suzhou to the south, Wuxi to the west, Yangtze River to the north, and Nantong across the river. The exhibition center is located in Changshu cultural area, at the junction of New Century Avenue and Kaiyuan Avenue. It was founded in 2004, covering an area of 72.7 mu, with a building area of 53600 square meters. The main structure is steel structure;

Changshu International Exhibition Center is divided into three floors with six exhibition halls.  
(I) the underground exhibition hall is divided into two exhibition halls in the East and the west, with an area of 1500 square meters, which can be divided into 65 standard booths. There are large underground parking garage in the East and the west, which can accommodate 177 cars at the same time, and equipped with fast food department and open coffee shop.  
(two) the first floor exhibition hall, the first floor, the East and west two exhibition halls, with an area of 4300 square meters, can respectively arrange 260 standard booths, and there are more than 10 offices and reception rooms on the north and south sides.  
(3) exhibition hall on the second floor: two exhibition halls on the second floor, East and West, with an area of 4500 square meters, can respectively arrange 262 standard booths.  

There are 8 escalators, 1 sightseeing elevator and 4 freight elevators in the central hall, and the main operation equipment is all installed in the basement, including 3 oil and gas boilers imported from Germany, 3 refrigerators produced in the United States, 1 generator set, with a total distribution variable of 5200kva; the security, fire fighting and broadcasting in the center adopt intelligent management, with a monitoring center; 6 The total electric power (including lighting and central air conditioning) of the exhibition hall is 3069 kW. The design load of the first floor is 800 kg / m2, and that of the second floor is 350 kg / m2.  
The ground floor is the main exhibition area, and the whole exhibition center can provide standard booths with power supply, gas and communication in place. The clothing fair and economic and Trade Fair hosted by the people's Government of Jiangsu Province and the first Changshu real estate exhibition fair were held here.  
We warmly welcome the arrival of people from all walks of life and wholeheartedly provide you with professional services. Ensure the success of every activity!  

Exhibition hall scale
Changshu International Exhibition Center is a multi-functional large-scale intelligent exhibition place. At present, there are six special exhibition halls in the center. With spacious lobby space, the total usable exhibition area is 17000 square meters. Nearly 1000 international standard exhibition spaces can be set up. The whole exhibition area can be used relatively independently, connected together, flexible and convenient, and has enough people and objects The transport capacity of the stream. The exhibition hall can not only cooperate with the conference to hold special exhibitions, but also independently rent various types of exhibitions, trade fairs, art exhibitions, etc.  




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