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Zhengzhou Museum

Address:No. 168, Songshan South Road, Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou (near the green city square)
Area:8337 M²
Location:China-Henan Province-Zhengzhou City-Zhongyuan District


Zhengzhou museum was founded on July 1, 1957. Formerly known as Zhengzhou Museum of cultural relics, it was renamed as Zhengzhou Museum in 1962 with the approval of the people's Committee of Zhengzhou City, which is subordinate to the Culture Bureau of Zhengzhou city. It is the earliest Municipal Museum in Henan Province, located in bishagang Park, Jianshe East Road, Zhengzhou city. The site of Zhengzhou museum was originally the martyr's shrine of the cemetery of the Northern Expedition soldiers, which was built by Feng Yuxiang in August 1928. Zhengzhou museum is a collection, display, exhibition, publicity, education and scientific research institution of cultural relics in Zhengzhou. The museum is rich in cultural relics, with a total collection of more than 20000 pieces of various cultural relics. Among them, there are animal fossils such as ancient images, which are four and a half million years ago; Neolithic production and living utensils that can represent a cultural type unearthed from sites such as Dahe village and dianjuntai; exquisite and simple bronzes, jades, and primitive porcelain unearthed from the site of Zhengzhou mall; various patterns of Han Dynasty portrait bricks unearthed in Zhengzhou area; high artistic value of Wei, Tang, Tang, and so on There are more than 10000 kinds of precious cultural relics, such as the stone carvings of Song Dynasty, Sushi's cursive script the story of drunken man Pavilion, colorful porcelain, Ming and Qing Dynasties and modern celebrities' calligraphy and painting. The collection has been exhibited in Japan, France and other countries for many times and achieved good results. With the development of the society, the change of the city and the need of the construction of spiritual civilization, Zhengzhou municipal government decided to choose a new location. The new museum was founded on December 18, 1997 and opened on December 28, 1999. It covers an area of 14.8 Mu and a building area of 14206 square meters. The main exhibition hall has a construction area of 8337 square meters, a height of 23.3 meters, and a total investment of 30 million yuan. Its construction is based on the bronze square tripod of Shang Dynasty unearthed in Zhengzhou, with a round saucer shaped roof, taking the meaning of "the sky is round and the place is in the center", integrating the national culture and the spirit of the times, with unique characteristics. Zhengzhou museum is a modern museum, which integrates cultural relics collection, exhibition, publicity, education, scientific research and other functions. It is equipped with advanced computer network system, multimedia touch screen system, digital voice navigation system, and a multi-functional hall for simultaneous translation. It can receive multi-level academic conferences and multi language visiting groups.   

The basic exhibition hall of Zhengzhou Museum consists of three parts: the dawn of Zhengzhou civilization, the style of Zhengzhou ancient capital and the charm of ancient culture. The exhibition, along the track of Zhengzhou's historical development and based on the precious relics unearthed in Zhengzhou, highlights the essence of Zhengzhou's brilliant history and historical culture.

Exhibition hall scale
Zhengzhou New Museum covers an area of 8337 square meters, with one floor underground, three floors above the ground and 23.3 meters high. The new museum takes the idea of "asking for the best of the Central Plains".
Conference Room
168 Songshan South Road, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province




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