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Tangshan International Exhibition Center

Address:Jianshe North Road, Lubei District, Tangshan City
Area:30498 M²
Location:China-Hebei Province-Tangshan City-Lubei District


Tangshan International Convention and Exhibition Center is located in the east side of the north end of Jianshe Road, the main traffic road of Tangshan city. It covers an area of 183 mu, with a total construction area of 30902 square meters and a total investment of 170 million yuan. Including exhibition hall, power center (3144 square meters) and fire station (404 square meters). The exhibition hall is 27354 square meters, with 1060 international standard booths, and the power center is the equipment and office area.  

The exhibition center straddles the north and south sides of Longfu South Road, and the north side is the exhibition hall and multi-functional hall. The hall is equipped with a large screen display system (6m × 9m), which is not only the exhibition hall, but also for performance and demonstration. In the north of the multi-functional hall, there are large-scale activity doors, which are connected with the large-scale exhibition Square Park to form a whole, with elegant environment and natural integration. South of Longfu south road is a large-span exhibition space of nearly 18000 square meters. This space can be self-contained, can also be started together with the North Pavilion, can also be temporarily separated as required, and there is a separate negotiation room in the pavilion, which can be used for negotiation between exhibitors and customers. The large conference area is located in the southwest of the area, including the press release hall, large conference room, medium-sized conference room, small conference room and VIP room, and the specialized 5-way simple HTML DOM voku plus simultaneous interpretation system is set inside. The part of the North-South jump is provided with a overpass with the same height as the second floor. In addition, the huge reinforced concrete frame on the front (West) of the exhibition hall organically integrates the South and North exhibition halls and longfu South Road, which makes the exhibition center and the exhibition Square Park in the north, the five-star hotel in the south, as well as the green space and flowing water form a solemn, fashionable and environmental friendly human landscape. Let all business activities also have a comfortable and comfortable.

In order to facilitate transportation and storage, there are motor vehicle ramps on the ground and at the open stand on the second floor, which can be used for medium and small trucks and forklifts. There are two or three floors of permanent exhibition hall on the exhibition stand. There are nearly 3500 square meters of goods yards in the east outside the North Hall for the storage of exhibits arriving in advance. There are about 18000 square meters of reserved land for exhibition hall on the east side of the South Hall for future development. The parking lot is located in the southeast side of the exhibition hall, which can park more than 500 small and medium-sized cars, and has a parking space for 1300 bicycles. The vehicle access is convenient, accessible and orderly.

Tangshan International Convention and Exhibition Center is the only professional exhibition venue with complete facilities and advanced equipment in Tangshan area and even in Hebei Province. PDS integrated wiring system, the need to support multimedia services such as telephone, data, graphics and images, advanced intelligent control and management system, ensure the efficient, safe, convenient and all-round safety monitoring system and alarm system, large-scale water cannon fire control system, enhance safety and comfort, professional 5 \\ M ﹣ voku ﹣ plus ﹣ 1 simultaneous interpretation system ensures that it can undertake the organic cooperation of various meetings, building automation system, central air conditioning and other systems, and ensures the application of intelligent control system. The advanced hardware configuration provides convenience and guarantee for the Convention and Exhibition Center to hold large-scale celebrations, large-scale professional or comprehensive exhibitions at home and abroad, and various business activities, gatherings and performances around the clock. It also provides an ideal platform for businesses to display, trade and exchange.  

Exhibition hall scale
Tangshan International Convention and Exhibition Center has a total building area of 30498 ㎡, usable exhibition area of 22000 ㎡, 1045 international standard booths, a net height of 20 m exhibition hall, a sequence Hall of 4.5 m, and a ground bearing capacity of 3t / ㎡.

Conference Room
There are four large, medium and small conference rooms, which can accommodate 500 people to attend the meeting at the same time; there is also a press release hall, a luxury VIP room and multiple negotiation rooms and offices.




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