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Cangzhou International Exhibition Center

Address:No. 88, Shanghai Road, Yunhe District, Cangzhou City
Area:66000 M²
Location:China-Hebei Province-Cangzhou City-Canal area


Cangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center is the most modern, beautiful and practical exhibition hall in Hebei Province with the overall shape of "roc wings". The exhibition center is planned to cover an area of 271 mu, with a total estimated investment of 684 million yuan and a total construction area of 66000 square meters. It is currently one of the most powerful professional organizations and international exhibitions in Hebei Province.
The exhibition center project is undertaken by Beijing Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. The engineering design unit is the Australian Jackson architectural design company. They use modernism in their design, highlighting the sense of the times. The overall use of "Dapeng show wings" shape, and the stadium and the lion city park form a pattern of mutual echo.
The exhibition center consists of five parts: exhibition hall, conference hall, air view gallery, south area and north area of outdoor exhibition hall. With a building area of 29000 square meters and a practical area of 18000 square meters, the exhibition hall can provide 1000 international standard booths. The conference hall has a building area of 36000 square meters and an outdoor exhibition area of 94000 square meters, which can be used for parking, outdoor commodity display, large equipment display, large entertainment facilities and other activities.
The completion of Cangzhou Convention and Exhibition Center is an important achievement of "three years of great changes" in Cangzhou, adding a lot of color to the urban construction of Cangzhou, and becoming a new beautiful scenery and an important window to display the image of lion city. This magnificent building with the largest scale, largest investment and epoch-making significance in Cangzhou's urban construction history will play an outstanding role in improving urban functions, upgrading urban taste, enhancing urban competitiveness and influence, and building a strong coastal economic and social city.

Conference Room
The conference center is 189m long from south to north, 72m wide from east to west, with a building area of 36000 square meters. It has 1500 auditoriums (which can meet the needs of various large conferences, speeches, large forums, art performances, film screenings and other activities), 500 small auditoriums (which can meet the needs of various conferences, speeches, forums, art performances, film screenings and other activities, and has simultaneous interpretation , voting function), press release center (which can hold 300 people for news release, speech, academic report, large-scale signing, video conference and other activities, and has simultaneous interpretation function), as well as one video conference hall, one signing hall, four VIP halls, 21 county (city, district) conference rooms, two conference rooms reserved, four waiting reception halls and 14 negotiation rooms.




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