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Shijiazhuang International Exhibition Center (Zhengding New Museum)

Address:No.9, Heyang Road, Zhengding New District, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province
Area:360000 M²
Location:China-Hebei Province-Shijiazhuang City-Zhengding County


Shijiazhuang International Exhibition Center is located in the core area of Zhengding new area, adjacent to Hutuo River and riverside green land in the south, adjacent to Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport, high-speed railway station of Zhengding airport, Shijiazhuang railway station and other important transportation hubs. With the opening of Rail Transit Line 1 and line 4 in the future, it will build a convenient three-dimensional transportation network to realize the high-rise with the main urban area and surrounding cities Effective connection.

Shijiazhuang International Exhibition Center covers a total area of 644000 square meters, with a total construction area of 360000 square meters. The project construction includes the central hall, sightseeing tower, conference center, seven standard exhibition halls (each exhibition hall includes 428 booths), a large multi-functional exhibition hall (including 792 booths). The Central Hall connects seven standard exhibition halls, one multi-functional hall and one multi-functional hall Conference Center, including performance hall, banquet hall, conference hall and other functions, can accommodate tens of thousands of people at the same time, hold many large-scale exhibitions and conferences. At the same time, a food Square is set up to serve the catering needs of people who are watching and meeting. Shijiazhuang International Exhibition Center is under intense construction and is expected to be completed as soon as the end of March next year, according to the person in charge.

It is understood that there are 9 exhibition venues in Shijiazhuang, nearly 50000 square meters of professional pavilions and 3 pavilions under construction, with the largest scale of Shijiazhuang International Exhibition Center in Zhengding new area. Shijiazhuang International Exhibition Center is a landmark project in Hebei Province, with a total investment of 4.5 billion yuan. It is a key construction project in Hebei Province and Shijiazhuang city. After completion, it will become the largest exhibition center in Hebei Province.

Exhibition hall characteristics

1. Bishuihong Bridge

The design concept of Shijiazhuang International Exhibition Center takes the meaning of "Bishui Hongqiao", with unique shape. In terms of creation and layout, it not only draws on the architectural elements of the ancient city of Zhengding for thousands of years, absorbs the characteristics of Zhaozhou Bridge Arch with rich regional cultural characteristics and the main hall of Longxing Temple in Zhengding, but also uses the architectural skin of modern materials to arrange the overall design layout in the center of the site with the general layout of "one bridge in the middle, two pieces of water". From a long view of the whole building, the central hall looks like a flying bridge across the water waves connected by the roof of the exhibition hall, which is very distinctive.

2. Suspension structure

Shijiazhuang International Exhibition Center is one of the largest suspension structure exhibition buildings in the world. Its beautiful suspension structure, combined with traditional cultural elements, makes the building itself an important background label in the region. The design service life of the project is 50 years, and the seismic fortification intensity is 7 degrees. The exhibition hall is on the first floor above the ground. The roof adopts the form of suspended hill and two-way suspension system to maximize the release of exhibition space and ensure the effective exhibition area of a single exhibition hall and the connectivity of the overall space. The steel frame structure system is adopted in the central hub area to meet the needs of meeting, performance and other functions, in combination with the multi area metal roof setting.

3. intellectualization

The project introduces advanced intelligent unit system, from "public service, property management, information security management, exhibition management, intelligent information integration (platform), mobile communication indoor signal coverage, wireless intercom, cable TV, conference, elevator five party communication, passenger flow statistics, monitoring, building energy efficiency supervision, electronic patrol, parking garage (yard) management" Nearly 30 sub-systems such as "Li" have been developed throughout the design, operation, management, full effect and intelligent scheme. At the same time, through the intelligent distribution management system, it monitors the operation of all low-voltage outgoing circuits in the power transformation and distribution rooms, and realizes the comprehensive management of power reliability, availability, power quality, energy use and power assets in a modular way.

4. Sustainable development

Based on the concept of sustainable development, the project actively carries out the three-star standard identification of green building, taking "material saving, water saving, energy saving and land saving" as the basic requirements, controls the design from all aspects of the building, reduces the cost of system maintenance, reduces environmental pollution while realizing energy saving, and makes the project itself a model of high-quality green building.

Project meaning

Shijiazhuang International Exhibition Center project is planned to be put into use in 2018, when a large number of large-scale, high-quality and influential domestic and international exhibition projects will be carried out here, and a large number of new exhibition supporting services will gather here. Shijiazhuang International Exhibition Center will become an accelerator of economic construction in Shijiazhuang and even the whole northern region, and a stage of exchanges and cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win situation at home and abroad.




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