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2021 15th Kunming New Spring Shopping Expo
Industry: Comprehensive / Cross-industry
Cycle: Once a year
Time: 2021/01/25 - 02/09 (Mon To Tues Total 16 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Yunnan Kunming Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center ChinaYunnanKunming 289 Chuncheng Road, Kunming City, Yunnan Province
Sponsor:Yunnan Branch of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
Organizer:Yunnan World Expo International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Co-organizer:China International Chamber of Commerce Yunnan Chamber of Commerce, Kunming Business Bureau, Kunming Agricultural Bureau, Guandu District Economic Trade and Investment Promotion Bureau
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The Spring Festival, as the most consuming and longest lasting market peak in China, Kunming New Spring Shopping Expo builds a one-stop trading platform for domestic and foreign enterprises.

Pavilion Settings
Hall: International Food Exhibition Area;
Pavilion 2: National Famous and Excellent Food Exhibition Area;
Exhibition Hall: National Famous and Excellent Food Exhibition Area;
Hall 5: Famous Special Food Museum;
Hall 6: Non-food comprehensive exhibition area;
Exhibition Hall: Kunming Agricultural Bureau Plateau Agricultural Products Exhibition Area;
South Square: local delicacies, fresh, fruit exhibition area;
Central Plaza: Temple Fair Spring Festival Exhibition Area.

Exhibition activities
Agricultural enterprise brand food promotion and marketing;
New Year Custom Show with Chinese Characteristics;
Food tasting activities throughout the country.

Exhibition audience
Purchasers, wholesalers, retailers and local citizens of Yunnan.

Fair Promotion
Press conference, industry media, traditional media, network media, new media, etc.

Exhibition features
1. Set up a platform for the sale of agricultural products with Yunnan plateau characteristics, improve the market docking, and help the local economy.
2. Fully integrate all resources and organize superior brand enterprises to bring more than 10,000 kinds of high-quality characteristic commodities to the exhibition.
3. Focus on excavating traditional folk custom activities to enrich the content and cultural connotation of the exhibition.


International commodities, famous food, agricultural and sideline specialties, beverages, candies and cakes, leisure food, tea and coffee, fresh seafood, grain and oil condiments, leather bags, arts and crafts, jewelry, furniture and household furniture, bedding, clothing, cosmetics and skin care, etc.

Costs & Precautions

2Exhibition Hall:AClass booth, single9000Yuan, double open9500Yuan;BClass booth, single8000Yuan, double open8500Yuan.

4Exhibition Hall:AClass booth, single8000Yuan, double open8500Yuan;BClass booth, single7500Yuan, double open8000Yuan.

5Exhibition Hall:AClass booth,1300Yuan/square metre,BClass booth1200Yuan/square metre,CClass booth1100Yuan/square metre,DClass booth1000Yuan/square metre.

6Exhibition Hall:AClass booth, single7000 yuanYes, double open.8000Yuan/unit;BClass booth, single6000Dollar/unit, double open7000Yuan/piece.

7Exhibition Hall: Single9000Dollar/unit, double open9500Yuan/piece, special dress1000Yuan/square metre.

South Square: Single900Yuan/square metre, double open1000Yuan/square metre.

matters needing attention
1. Exhibitors must pass the relevant quality certification and product certification. If there are any problems with the exhibited products, the exhibitors should take full responsibility.
2. When confirming the exhibition booth, the exhibitor shall carry a copy of the industrial and commercial license and relevant quality certification and sign the exhibition agreement.
the measure of area55000 square metersScaleHall 1, Hall 2, Hall 4, Hall 5, Hall 6, Hall 7, South Square


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  • Address:Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center, 289 Chuncheng Road, Guandu District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province


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