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2020 Shanghai Building Hardware Exhibition Shanghai fastener Exhibition
Industry: Construction / Decoration / Hardware
Time: 2020/10/22 - 10/24 (Thur To Sat Total 3 Days)    Error Correction
Address: Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) 333 Songze Avenue, Qingpu District, Shanghai (North Gate of the exhibition hall)
Sponsor:China Hardware Association
Organizer:China Hardware Association


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Two thousand and twentyChina International Building hardware and fastener ExhibitionCIHS

"Cologne International Hardware Exhibition" strongly promoted;

scale160,000m2, hardware industry "Asia Pacific NoOneExhibition ";

International and domestic hardware buyers preferred professional procurement platform;

Special exhibition features distinctive features, special fastener exhibition area, lock exhibition area, trolley exhibition area, etc;

"Main channel" of domestic and foreign trade of Chinese hardware products

Time  between2020yearTenmonth

land  Point: Songze Avenue, Qingpu District, ShanghaiThree hundred and thirty-threeNational Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)-Hongqiao)

Organizer: China Hardware Association  

All China Federation of industry and Commerce  Light Industry Branch of China Council for the promotion of international trade

Support unit: International Federation of hardware and household products associations(IHA) EuropeDIYAssociation of product retailers(EDRA)       

About Shanghai building hardware and fastener Exhibition

China International Building hardware and fastener ExhibitionCIHSFounded inTwo thousand and oneYear. For more than ten years,CIHSIn line with the market and service industry, it has rapidly developed into the second largest hardware fastener exhibition in the world, known as "the barometer of hardware market and the vane of industry development".

"Asia Pacific first"OneExhibition gathering industry elites

Help Chinese enterprises "go out, go in, go up"

CIHS"TwentyIt will continue to help Chinese hardware enterprises "go out, go in and go up", promote Chinese high-quality hardware products and brands to go out of the country and into the homes of consumers, promote the improvement of product quality and grade, and finally achieve industrial upgrading.CIHS"TwentyWe will continue to adhere to the principle of developing both domestic and international markets in a balanced way. Driven by the overall development of the exhibition and the introduction of new visitor organization channels and means, it is expected that the number of visitors will exceed20%The number of overseas visitors will increase10%Above, while maintaining the advantages of traditional European and American market channels, emerging market visitors will become the main growth point; the exhibition will increase the development of second and third tier cities in the domestic market, and it is expected that the number of domestic basic level hardware product dealers and agents will have a breakthrough growth.

Subdivide categories, operate professionally, and promote innovation

      2020China international construction hardware and fastener exhibition expects the total number of exhibitors will exceedOne thousand and two hundredOccupyCIHS"Twenty30% of the total number of exhibitors. Around innovation“BOCThe three innovation activities of "hardware world", "golden hook Award" bathroom hardware (faucet, shower) innovation design competition "and" China kitchen and bathroom innovation design competition ", product marketing activities such as" fastener product purchase conference "and" national lock dealer conference ", and technical discussion activities such as" cutting, grinding and throwing Application Technology Forum "will continue to be held. 

       In recent years, China International Building hardware and fastener exhibition has been stable inTenThe exhibition scale of over 10000 square meters is recognized as the second largest in the world and the second largest in Asia PacificOneMajor hardware exhibition. "TwentyThe exhibition area of China International Hardware Exhibition is close toOne hundred and sixty thousandSquare meters, exhibitorsTwo thousand nine hundred and fiftyHome.90%The above are first-line manufacturers, which is the highest proportion of manufacturers in similar exhibitions in ChinaTwo hundredMore overseas exhibitors come from nearTwentyCountries and regions. Exhibits include tools, building hardware, fasteners, locks and security products, as well as cabinets, kitchen and bathroom products and accessories.

        Almost all famous enterprises in the industry participated in the exhibition. China's hardware industry bases, Hebei Anping and Huanghua, Zhejiang Jinhua, Wenzhou, Pujiang and Haiyan, as well as Guangdong Shunde and Zhongshan Xiaolan, also appeared in the exhibition.

        In terms of professional audience, there are designers, purchasers, import and export traders from hardware dealers, building materials dealers, construction engineering and real estate hardcover projects, as well as upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and end usersForty-six thousand three hundred and sixty-eightProfessional visitors attended the exhibition, including overseas visitorsFour thousand one hundred and forty-fivePeople. Including Wal Mart, Carrefour, home depot, Cuifeng group, Lloyd's, Lehua Meilan, Saint Gobain, Metro, etcNinetyMultinational retailers in countries and regions have determined to purchase in the association.

         In order to make the enterprises go out steadily, it is understood that this year, the organizers of the exhibition have further defined the orientation of the exhibition, that is to say, both domestic and international markets should be developed simultaneously, and "two legs" should be developed in a balanced way. On the premise of continuously consolidating the export channel advantages of European and American markets, the growth of buyers in emerging markets such as the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, Russia and India has been realized15%Our goal is to help the exhibitors and exporters to stabilize their profits and optimize their channels; on the basis of stabilizing their regular customers, the organizers will continue to work with the Federation of international hardware and household products associations and EuropeDIYIn addition to in-depth cooperation between the association of product retailers, the American Housing Construction Association and other overseas foreign businessmen (associations), the association has strengthened close ties with the newly added farabela group in Chile this year, and has organized professional procurement giants of global influential hardware products to attend the meeting.

        The organizer takes expanding domestic demand as an important promotion strategy, increases the development of domestic market, and links with the distribution of domestic hardware and building materials, decoration engineering and retail, etcOne hundredMore than large enterprises, domestic second and third tier marketTwo hundredKey purchasers have signed in-depth cooperation agreements, and it is expected that the number of domestic basic level hardware dealers and agents will have a breakthrough growth. All China Federation of industry and Commerce Chamber of Commerce of hardware, machinery and electronics increased the publicity of investment promotion; investment promotion units sent multiple personnel to each hardware market and visited the doorFiveLarge industrial baseThree hundredKey enterprisesTwentyHardware and building materials marketTwenty thousandMore than professional dealers, in-depth listening to the opinions and suggestions of all parties, one-to-one, face-to-face invitation to attend the meeting.

        The organizer has made great efforts to strengthen the exhibition service, further refine and carefully arrange, and strive to improve the service quality. In particular, we have improved the method of audience registration, and for the first time, we have used mobile Internet technology in the audience registration system to improve the speed of audience admission20%

Professional exhibition focuses on Innovation  


Hand tools, electric tools, pneumatic tools, labor protection products, abrasives and abrasives, garden and gardening tools, construction hardware, nail wire mesh, decoration hardware, raw material belt, furniture hardware, door and window hardware, building materials and accessories, pipe connectors, etc., fasteners, screws, nuts, studs, rivets, throat hoops, washers, surface treatment products, connection accessories, fastener manufacturing equipment Equipment, trolleys, all kinds of single wheel trolleys, double wheel trolleys, flat cars, folding cars, warehouse cars and all kinds of casters, rubber wheel accessories, locks, security equipment and accessories: electronic locks, mechanical locks, vehicle traffic locks, safes (cabinets), security equipment and systems, lock making technology and equipment, key and lock matching (accessories), hardware products, bathroom hardware, construction hardware , wire mesh, nail, caster universal wheel, brush, ladder, daily hardware, chain, rubber and plastic products, storage, logistics equipment, toolbox cabinet, shelf, workbench, cabinet, trolley, carrier, small forklift, turnover box, electrical materials, fire equipment, safety protection, labor protection products, decoration hardware, furniture hardware, door and window hardware, fastener, wire nail net, pipeline connection Connector, fastener manufacturing equipment, building materials and accessories, welding equipment, small machinery, pumps, valves, electrical appliances, relevant departments, accessories, metal processing equipment, motor production equipment, testing equipment, surface treatment equipment, heat treatment equipment, packaging, logistics equipment

Costs & Precautions

Please contact the organizer of the exhibition for implementation before participation.


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