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Fujian economic and Trade Exhibition Center

Address:No. 166, Hualin Road, Gulou District, Fuzhou
Area:4500 M²
Location:China-Fujian Province-Fuzhou City-Gulou District
Tel:0591-7844337 7842218


Fujian economic and Trade Exhibition Center (the former Fujian Industrial and Trade Exhibition Building), a direct subordinate unit of Fujian economic and Trade Commission, is the executive director's office of China Exhibition Association. It enjoys the qualification of organizing foreign economic and technological exhibitions in China approved by the Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation, and enjoys a high reputation in the exhibition industry of China. This Convention and Exhibition Center is located in the first level area of Fuzhou City at the intersection of Hualin road and Wusi Road in Fuzhou City. It is adjacent to the railway station in the East, the provincial government in the west, the second ring road in the north and the bustling business district of Wusi Road in the South. It has superior geographical location and convenient transportation. It is located in the hot spring area, which brings great convenience to the staff and leisure shopping of the exhibitors. The supporting hotel is decorated according to the "three star" standard, with 140 guest rooms, 11 large, medium and small meeting rooms. The hotel is equipped with luxury restaurant, music teahouse, sauna, beauty salon, travel agency, business center, civil aviation ticket office, shopping mall, parking lot and warehouse, as well as modern comprehensive services such as central air conditioning, computer center, program-controlled telephone, group control telephone, satellite closed-circuit television system, escalator, automatic fire control, international direct dial telephone, telex, telefax, etc Facilities, is a set of exhibitions, exhibitions, meetings, guest rooms, catering, entertainment, tourism in one of the ideal place for multi-functional services. Based in Fujian Province, facing Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and radiating the mainland, this exhibition center is dedicated to providing satisfactory services for business and exhibition, business negotiation, investment and factory building, trade exchanges, tourism, accommodation, scientific and cultural exchanges, and economic cooperation of domestic and foreign business colleagues in Fujian.

Exhibition hall scale
The exhibition center has a high-grade medium-sized exhibition hall with an area of 4500m2, which can be equipped with 220 international standard booths.




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