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Ninghai International Convention and Exhibition Center

Address:299 Jinshui Road, Taoyuan Street, Taoyuan Street, Ninghai County, Ningbo (near Jinshui Road)
Area:73604 M²
Location:China-Zhejiang Province-Ningbo City-Ninghai County


Ninghai International Convention and Exhibition Center is a modern, multi-functional and comprehensive convention and exhibition center integrating exhibition, exhibition, business, office, conference training, catering and entertainment, and physical fitness. The project covers an area of 78.5 mu, with a total planned building area of about 73604 square meters. It is divided into two phases of project construction. The first phase of the project is divided into five floors above ground and one floor underground, of which the above ground construction area is 39480 square meters and the underground area is 15898 square meters; the second phase of the project is divided into two floors, with the construction area of 18226 square meters. The square area is about 30000 square meters, and the square green area is 8474 square meters.
The exhibition area of the exhibition center is about 13494 square meters, of which the exhibition area of the first phase project is about 2624 square meters, 130 standard booths can be set; the exhibition hall area of the first floor of the second phase project is about 5435 square meters, 270 standard booths can be set, the construction area of the second floor exhibition hall is about 5435 square meters, 200 standard booths can be set. There are 600 standard booths in total. At the same time, temporary booths can be set up in the square to meet the needs of the exhibition.
The conference center covers an area of about 3500 square meters, of which the multifunctional hall covers an area of about 1176 square meters, which can accommodate 600-1000 people to attend the conference; there are 13-16 other conference rooms, each of which can accommodate 40-100 people.  

Conference Room
The conference center has a large, medium and small multi-functional conference hall and conference room with complete facilities, and the international conference hall with international standard configuration has 8 × simple × HTML × DOM × voku × plus × 1 simultaneous interpretation system, multimedia projection and other conference standardized equipment, as well as a reception room. Perfect meeting facilities meet different types of meeting needs, which is the first choice of the industry!  


Bus Line

Take Ninghai No.111, Ninghai No.123 to Xinggong No.2, get off and walk 102 meters
Take Ninghai No.111, Ninghai No.123 to Jinqiao primary school, get off and walk 129 meters
Take No.101 Ninghai Road to No.3 Xinggong Road, get off and walk 187m
Take No.101 Ninghai No.111 Ninghai to No.1 Xinggong Road, get off and walk 190m
Take Ninghai 102, Ninghai 107, Ninghai 109, Ninghai 111, Ninghai 115, Ninghai 116, Ninghai 121, Ninghai 128, get off at shangxiaqiao and walk 374 meters



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