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Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall

Address:20 Qianmen East st, Beijing (east side of old Beijing Railway Station)
Area:16000 M²
Location:China-Beijing City-Dongcheng District


Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall is located in the east side of the old Beijing railway station in Qianmen. It was rebuilt from Qianmen commercial building which was once popular. After reconstruction, the exhibition hall is divided into four floors, with a building area of about 16000 square meters and a display area of about 8000 square meters. Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall mainly displays the past, present and future of Beijing, a great metropolis. It has become a stage for experts and scholars at home and abroad to carry out academic exchanges. It has become a patriotism education base to show the new Beijing style, a base for ideological and moral education of minors, and a base to inspire the people to understand, love and participate in the construction of Beijing.  

The exhibition contents of the exhibition hall include: Beijing ancient city change exhibition area, Beijing historical and cultural city protection exhibition area, Beijing's previous master plan introduction, business center area, Olympic center area and other functional areas planning and construction exhibition area. There are about 1200 pictures and 100000 words in the whole planning exhibition. There are more than 20 promotional videos reflecting the contents of each part and 44 touch screens for inquiry. In order to fully show the history of Beijing's 3000 years of urban construction and 850 years of capital construction, Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall has used the latest means of expression. The reliefs of the old city of Beijing hanging on the wall are made of traditional tin bronze materials, of which the imperial city is made of gold plating. The relief is 10 meters high and 9 meters wide, recording the overall pattern and characteristics of Beijing in 1949, including 118000 houses, 60000 trees and a large number of alleys and lakes. The exhibition area of Beijing ancient city changes in the west of the third floor shows the historical evolution and development process of Beijing city from the stone age to modern times through a large number of photos and historical maps, Han Dynasty well circles, Ming and Qing City bricks, Wang Zhu tou and other physical objects, as well as standard quadrangles, various types of gatehouses and other models.  

On the fourth floor, there is a future home designed by Zaha hartid, a famous British architect. She subverted the sense of hierarchy in traditional buildings with exquisite curves and other factors. Traditional factors such as floors, walls and doors disappeared in the building structure. The four-layer stereoscopic image playing hall can play the city simulation film and wide screen film realized by virtual reality technology. At present, it plays the immortal city, which is a brief history of Beijing's capital construction in 850 years. The screen height is 5.8 meters, and the arc length is 20 meters. This model is located in the urban model planning exhibition area of 1300 square meters on the third floor, and is made at a ratio of 1 to 750. The 302 square meter model made in the first phase took more than 200 people 6 months to complete. In order to facilitate the viewing, the exhibition hall also specially set up a dozen telescopes. This model records the urban planning of Beijing with zhongaxial road and Chang'an Street as the two axes, CBD CBD CBD, Zhongguancun and Olympic Park as the core. The surrounding area of the model is covered with toughened glass floor made of aerial photos of Beijing city features.

On the second floor of the planned exhibition hall, there are 18 District and county exhibition areas, respectively displaying the future planning of 18 districts and counties in Beijing. Each district and county has its own booth, which is also arranged according to the characteristics of the district. In the exhibition room of Chongwen District, there is a virtual simulation system. The audience can operate the car steering wheel and visit 28 streets in Chongwen District. There are pedestrians and vehicles on the street, and the building is also designed according to the real shape, which really shows the scenery of Chongwen. The audience can also pull up the steering wheel and have a bird's-eye view of Chongwen from the air. Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall not only records Beijing's urban construction and academic exchanges, but also serves as an important medium for the public to participate in urban planning and promote "Sunshine Planning" There are four ways to involve the public in the planning process of a city. First of all, a computer touch screen will be set up in the planning exhibition hall, so that the masses can timely understand the dynamic information of project planning approval and urban planning. Secondly, some major planning changes will be announced in time in some regions to be supervised by the masses. Third, the mass appraisal of the bidding for the planning and design of major urban construction projects will be held here. Fourth, there will also be reserved areas for students to carry out simulation planning and construction, integrating learning and participation functions.

Exhibition hall scale
The exhibition hall has four floors, with a building area of 16000 square meters and a display area of 8000 square meters, including the temporary exhibition area on the first and second floors (2100 square meters), VIP conference room and 3D multimedia hall; the temporary exhibition area on the first floor: 1000 square meters; the temporary exhibition area on the second floor: 1100 square meters; 180 seats in the 3D multimedia Hall


Bus Line

Take bus 9, 729, 110, 673, 608, TE2 and te4 to Qianmen station.

Opening time: 9:00-17:00 (closed on Monday)



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