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Yangzhou International Exhibition Center

Address:420 Wenchang West Road, Hanjiang District, Yangzhou City
Area:27000 M²
Location:China-Jiangsu Province-Yangzhou City-Hanjiang District
Tel:0514-87698111 / 87698333


Yangzhou International Exhibition Center is located in the north side of Wenchang West Road, West District of new city, Yangzhou City, west side of new campus of Yangzhou Polytechnic University (RTVU), facing Yangzhou Museum, China engraving and Printing Museum, Yangzhou sports center and the whole life square of Beijing central city around the lake. The National Exhibition Center is adjacent to Yangzhou railway station, 3km from the city center, about 10km from Yangzhou port and Runyang Yangtze River Bridge , convenient transportation.

Yangzhou International Exhibition Center covers an area of 250 mu, with a construction area of 15000 square meters in phase I and 12000 square meters in phase II. With a large-span steel structure without columns, 900 international standard booths can be built in total; there is a lakeside square outdoors, which can hold grand celebrations or arrange outdoor booths. All supporting facilities are designed in accordance with international practices, such as PDS integrated wiring, computer network system, public address system, telephone automatic switching system, etc., which can meet various types of exhibition needs. In addition, the center also has office, business, leisure and other supporting facilities.

Since October 24, 2002, the center has successfully held the Jiangsu Agricultural International Cooperation Seminar and project negotiation meeting, successively hosted China International Printing Machinery Exhibition, poultry fair of six provinces and cities in East China, Jiangsu agricultural machinery and automobile products exhibition and ordering meeting, China Machine Tool Exhibition, Jiangsu famous and excellent agricultural products exhibition, China youth entrepreneurship project negotiation and scientific and technological entrepreneurship achievements Expo, Jiangsu Province anti-corruption achievements exhibition Yangzhou tour exhibition, China Yangzhou machine tool (tool) boutique exhibition, Yangzhou boutique · investment environment exhibition, Yangzhou science and technology achievements fair and national 863 achievements plan exhibition, Yangzhou City won the large-scale picture exhibition of UN Habitat Award, real estate exhibition and trade conference, China Yangzhou (Hanjiang) clothing festival, Jiangsu Province college entrance examination voluntary filling consultation There will be large exhibitions such as Yangzhou Branch Court, world Chinese basketball match, Carnival activities in Europe and America. So far, Yangzhou Auto Expo has been successfully held for 12 times, Yangzhou building materials and Home Furnishings Exhibition for 18 times, Yangzhou electric vehicle and bicycle exhibition and Trade Fair for 6 times, which has driven the development of Yangzhou logistics, conference, tourism, transportation and other industries, and enriched the spiritual and cultural life of the citizens; 2008 National Arts and crafts tourism and Home Furnishings Exhibition, 2009 19th session China chef's day promotes the economic and cultural exchanges between Yangzhou and other places. In addition, since March 2007, the National Exhibition Center has successively held more than 50 large-scale comprehensive talent recruitment fairs, summer college enrollment consultation meetings, talent exchange meetings, etc., providing a platform for talent training and mobility. Yangzhou International Exhibition Center has become a window to show Yangzhou's spiritual civilization.

Civilized Yangzhou, refined Yangzhou, innovative Yangzhou, happy Yangzhou, sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to visit Yangzhou International Exhibition Center. We will provide you with first-class environment, fast operation, thoughtful service and comfortable life.

Yangzhou has obvious location advantages. It takes about one hour, two hours and eight hours to get to Nanjing, Shanghai and Beijing by car. In recent years, with the opening of Beijing Shanghai, Ningtong, Huning Expressway, Ningqi railway and the completion of Runyang Bridge, Yangzhou has formed an all-round, multi-level and wide-ranging opening pattern, and gradually developed into one of the central cities with strong comprehensive strength in the Yangtze River Delta.




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