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Zhengzhou Zhongyuan International Expo Center

Address:No. 96 Zhengye Road, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province
Area:53000 M²
Location:China-Henan Province-Zhengzhou City-Jinshui District


The Central Plains International Expo Center was one of the top ten key infrastructure projects during the Eighth Five-Year Plan period in Henan Province. It was completed and put into use in 1993. The center covers an area of 140,000 square meters, with an exhibition area of 53,000 square meters, including an indoor area of 23,000 square meters and an outdoor square of 30,000 square meters. The facilities of the exhibition hall are well-equipped, including dual-circuit power supply, central air-conditioning, automatic fire protection, program control, broadband network telecommunications, and complete conference service system, which can basically meet the needs of different exhibitions. Since its operation, the Expo Center has successfully held "Henan Province International Investment and Trade Fair", "Zhengzhou National Commodity Fair", "China Midwest Economic and Technical Cooperation Fair" and national agricultural machinery, medical equipment, pharmaceutical machinery, building materials , Furniture, communication equipment, sugar and wine trade fairs and hundreds of large-scale exhibition activities. Due to the good effect of the exhibition, it is welcomed by all sectors of society.

        Zhengzhou is located in the Central Plains, with convenient transportation and unique geographical advantages, which makes it occupy the important position of "continuing east to west, connecting south to north" in the country's commodity circulation. The Zhongyuan International Expo Center, which is supporting the development strategy of Zhengzhou Trade City, currently holds more than 20 large-scale trade exhibition activities including the "Zhengzhou National Commodity Fair" and "Zhengzhou Agricultural Expo" each year, which is open to the outside world of Henan. And commodity market circulation played an irreplaceable role.

Pavilion size

The center covers an area of 14 square meters and has an exhibition area of 53,000 square meters, of which 23,000 square meters are indoors and 30,000 square meters are outdoor squares. The exhibition facilities are well-equipped, with dual-circuit power supply, central air-conditioning, passenger and freight elevators, automatic fire protection, heartbreak monitoring, program-controlled telecommunications, as well as international standard exhibition equipment and complete conference service systems.




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